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In this series, I'll be exploring electromagnetic weapons, how to build them, their function and application to the future, and the amazing possibilities electromagnetism has to offer. CapacitorsThere are many kinds of capacitors, but I'll categorize them in "electrolyte" and "non-electrolyte". Nice Article!I'm trying to do something similar to this for a project I have going, i already have a low voltage cap bank (around 1-2 Farads) which i used for testing different sizes of coil. Last week we caught wind of a piece from the Today Show that shows very technically minded thieves stealing cars with a small device. You can easily light a neon lamp using an electrical field, otherwise neon lamps would not work. The energy flowing through the coil induces a voltage somewhere in the coin acceptor’s circuitry.
I’ll repeat here my theory (comment 230 on the original story) that they are not breaking in.
I believe that when the owner takes the keys into the house they are still near enough to the car to make the alarm think the person trying the door handle is the keyholder and thus it opens for them.
The reason why they don’t drive off with the car is because it will go out of range of the keyfob and stop,this is why they only go for the contents of the glovebox. The title is misleading, the criminals in the original piece never drove off with a stolen vehicle and I don’t remember anyone saying you could steal a car with their theory only that it may open the door. If a current could be induced in the coil of a simple solenoid actuated lock, that could cause it to retract.
Perhaps someone has discovered a specific RF signal spread that can scramble some car alarms into NOT going off. Some friends of mine did this with a Renault (Megane I think), they managed to get the driver (a friend too) out of his running car, and drove the car a few blocks away. The solenoid, or whatever is used in cars would need to have a driver board, which has constant power running to it. These type of devices have shown to send output that will travel through copper wires, traveling to circuit boards, and affecting the boards in a number of different ways, HOWEVER I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THIS CAN BE USED to activate a solenoid or its “driver” board whatever that may be. I would place an inductor in series with the collector an the positive, this could prevent battery depletion. Think jeweller’s screwdriver versus sledgehammer, both work but the former does less collateral damage. The main problem with these devices is poor EMI control, i have had this problem with some homemade circuits where they pick up unexpected signals and trigger when they are not supposed to. In the old days of coin-op arcade games, some people used piezo gas barbeque-lighters against the coin door to generate high voltage spikes that would make noise on the coin inputs to the board and gain credits.

With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. To make a EMP generator you will need: A disposibul camera alot of copper wire (the thiner the better) A switch.
You need to make a coil of wire about 10cm wide, you can do this by wrapping the wire around a circal object like a drink bottle.
Attach one of the wires coming off the coil to the switch and the other to one of the wires going into the capacitor.
Dude can u do this with more defined steps if the precise components from the camera and wiring and the switch??? I read in another article that a thick wire is better than a thin wire and to wrap round a thin iron tube. These types are represented by symbols: In a way, capacitors are quite similar to batteries.
Amazingly even when charged to 24 Volts (stored potential around 300 Joules) when the circuit was closed it did nothing to the calculator which was right next to the coil. He emailed us under a condition of anonymity, but he says it’s highly unlikely a mini EMP device would be able to activate the solenoid on a car door. I did that in the mid 70s putting a 6 watts neon tube pulled from a portable lamp near my CB rtx antenna. Car alarms are designed to go off when the lock is opened with the alarm armed, and the lock wasn’t opened using a key or the remote fob.
If the driver board had a mosfet to act as a switch, and someone was able to find a spot of entry that wasnt surrounded by ground… MAYBE, and thats a HUGE MAYBE this would work. You’re not trying to activate a solenoid directly, just fudging a switch-press for a low-current signal. Looking at the schematic, says that you would actually shortcircuit the battery with the transistor. While I was reading the post I realized that you were talking about 400 v capacitors; but the microwave's transformer ouputs 2000 v !So, shall I use other type of capacitors or I rather change the transformer?Thankyou for everithing. I am currently making one and it works well in short range.Can you suggest a way to increase the range of the Magnetron ? Meaning some sort of barrier between the door handle and the actual door, or the lock and the door. And even if it were powerful enough it would probably stick to the door before it ever got to the coil. With extreme good luck, voltages leak all over the place, and some of the current ends up activating a transistor somewhere that would normally be triggered by a coin input.

When testing with power check circuits controlled by relays or component by activating them manual. This, when triggered, would produce an intense magnetic field for a brief period, similar to a coil gun (see this article for more info). In a battery, a chemical reaction between two terminals and an acidic solution PRODUCES electrons. Inside the capacitor, the terminals connect to two metal plates separated by a non-conducting substance, or dielectric. On a small scale, this would be enough to reset a calculator or electronic clock, but not enough to be of any use.
Its quite easy to make a capacitor from two pieces of aluminium foil and a piece of paper or plastic, like a leyden jar (see this article on how to make a simple leyden jar shocker). A transformer turns electricity into a magnetic field with a coil of copper, then back into electricity again using another coil. 3 miles could take out anything not in a faraday cage or anything that isn't properly grounded device. However, it is quite easy to make a more effective one (at close range), with a few more components, and time.
Depending on the voltage rating and capacitance rating, capacitors can be a small as a grain of rice, or as large as a garbage can and bigger.
You'll need a fairly powerful high voltage transformer to fill your capacitor bank quickly, a MOT (microwave transformer) or ZVS flyback transformer would work nicely, if properly used (these are VERY DANGEROUS and can KILL YOU INSTANTLY).
For a practical DIY EMP, a simple 5000uf 400V capacitor (or capacitor bank) would be legitimate.
Of course, you'll need a DC voltage source to charge your capacitor bank, so ensure you have a diode (or similar rectification device).
The circuit symbol for a transformer looks like this: The two outside "humps" or coils represent inductors, and the center portion represents a core. Most (all) flyback transformers have a ferrite core, and most MOTs have a steel or similar metal core.
For more information about transformers, see here. In part two, I'll be covering switches and coils. For example, if you had six capacitors at 650uf 400V each in parallel, your final capacitance and voltage would be 3900uf 400V.

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