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Please note: I recommend keeping the lid on the entire time you work with the bottle to prevent paint chips, soap or chemicals from getting inside. This looks like it would be a little frustrating, but at the cost of glass tile, it might be worth the trouble. If you are thinking about improving the beauty of your home, the best idea you should consider is how to make stained glass windows on your own. To create stunning and appealing stained glass windows, your primary materials are window glass and your favorite glass paint colors. Glassware can get pretty expensive especially if you’re in college and always getting sh*t faced and breaking your glasses. Step 4 – After you hear the crack, pour cold water on the string and the top of the bottle will fall off. This entry was posted in Articles, College Pro Tips, MiscellENVYous, MiscellENVYous and tagged beer bottle cup by Nick.
Check to be sure you removed all the paint and re-scrape problem areas if needed and then re-wash.
Using a glass cutter, you can apparently cut out convex tiles that you can reuse in other projects.

You also need a window cleaner or rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, liquid leading, paint brushes, and a design. The best way to work on the windows is to take and lay them down individually on a flat surface. Since this is your first time, you can start with simple designs like flowers and leaves, flower vases, the sun, a half-moon shape, and mug or cup designs.
However, the details we have discussed on how to make stained glass windows can guide any beginner. Remember that when you start, your working area must be brightly-lit so you can see all the details of your project.
Thoroughly clean each glass window to remove old paint residue, stains, and the dirt that has been accumulating on it.
Trace carefully because the lines will serve as your guide once you start painting the glass. The most important thing to remember once you start painting is to use one brush with one color unless you wash it out thoroughly. You can get them individually at your local grocery store or buy a case from Amazon to save money - this is a great option if you want to make these for gifts as the cost per-bottle goes down to less than $3 this way!

Just take note that to make your design fit into your window, you might need to minimize or maximize the design on your copier machine.
I picked up a large bottle at Natural Grocers and used adhesive silkscreens and glass etching cream to transform the bottle into a beautiful work of art as a gift for my sister. Many homeowners would appreciate stained glass windows, and admittedly, you can do much better if you have painting skills, but you can still do a good job by simply following the steps below. After completely cleaning both the frames and the windows, wipe them with a clean cloth so no more dirt remains.
Once you?re done painting, allow your glass windows to dry out fully before you attempt to re-hang them individually.

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