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Every home and business owner should have a disaster preparation and recovery plan in place. Experts urge home and business owners to create disaster preparation and recovery plans that cover several crucial points. If a flood strikes, mold buildups are often hazardous byproducts, and remediation services must be engaged to fix them. Professional Restoration serves clients in Littleton and Denver communities throughout Colorado’s Front Range, Eastern Plains and High Country regions with 24-hour emergency service. The whole idea of preparing a 72 hour kit for each member of your family is in case disaster comes, evacuation is eminent, or any other emergency situation happens in an instant, you’re ready. There have been real situations that have happened to real people I know of that have required them to leave their home without a minute’s warning.
If 72 hour kits are new to you the idea is simple: pack the most basic essentials you would need to survive on for 72 hours or three days.

Adult 72 hour kits look exactly like the kid’s kits without the toys and with extras like these below. I sincerely hope this helps you begin something with your family in the direction of being prepared.  Yes, it may take some hours of planning, shopping, and assembling, but imagine how much more peace, calm, and security you would feel if you had to leave your home for any reason, knowing that your family would be able to manage for a few days. I hope this space will inspire you to live life passionately, eat healthier, and live colorfully. Home EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - are you ready for 72 hours? When an emergency or disaster occurs, it may be days before you are rescued and services become available. There’s just no telling when vandalism, fires, floods or severe summer or winter weather might cause property damage. Our mold remediation professionals will identify the source of the spores and apply special disinfecting products that will remove them.

Offering a complete range of damage control, prevention and restoration services for times when the unexpected strikes.
Every person we dealt with was wonderful and professional, thorough and made me feel so much better about the entire process. If the situation isn’t handled properly, complications can result, leading to a more expensive cleanup job.
Businesses should take time to instruct employees on safety procedures to follow in the event of an unexpected situation and practice safe evacuation procedures.
I will hopefully not need your services again, but I wouldn’t hesitate to call if needed and I will of course recommend your company.

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