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You are in mobile-friendly mode, which is recommended for all devices, especially mobile devices. I made mine too big on purpose and then ran fishing line through the middle of it all so they wouldn't be stretched or squished.
This tutorial will teach you how to make a Hello Kitty cuff kandi bracelet, and in the process you will also learn how to follow patterns, and how to make multi-stitch kandi cuffs in general.
Supplies you'll need: scissors, elastic string, 6x9mm pony beads in the colors shown below.
Click the image to the left to download a printable PDF of the pattern, bead rows, and bead counts. Then, take the long end of the string, and pull it through the first bead at the end of the short end - the hot pink one. Pull the long end of the string tightly until the beads come together to form a single stranded bracelet.

In the picture on the left, and future pictures, the bead highlighted in yellow is where our string is coming from, the green one is the new bead, and the blue one is the bead we're pulling through.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. If you really want to learn how to follow kandi patterns, you will need to keep referring back to the pattern to understand why we start at the bead we do. I strongly recommend you print this out and follow along if you want to fully understand how to read patterns.
Note that you shouldn't rely entirely on this chart, because it may not work for every single pattern, and it definitely doesn't work if you make the cuff in a different way, e.g. Be careful not to pull too tight, especially if you are using plastic string rather than elasticated string. You'll notice that the first two rows of the pattern are both labeled "1." That's because when you start making your cuff, the first layer (which will just be a single stranded bracelet) will be composed of both of the "1" rows.

Then string 30 beads in the order shown above, and move the long end of the string to the right hand side.
It has to be this way so the single stranded kandi bracelet will be 30 beads around, not 15. However, as you work your way up the rows, you will not always start at the first bead in the row.

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