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Just when you thought LEGOs couldn’t get any better, somebody comes along and creates a recipe for edible homemade gummy LEGO pieces that you can actually build with! The best part is that there are only 2 ingredients – gelatin and water (though you can use flavored gelatin or Vitamin C, too).
The cherry on top is how Thompson closes his mold so that you can actually build with these gummies!
The table was made out of lego bricks in the same old fashioned way we made pirate ships as kids.
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I've been following your blog for the week now and i should say we are starting to like a person's post. Being such a versatile toy we found it pretty easy to think of ways to incorporate the little blocks into our DIY invitations.
Take a look at some ideas and tutorials for making your own invitations as well as a free printable invitation that you can print for your party celebration.
This invitation is perfect for the child who loves Lego so much you find you have a million pieces in the toy box. Make a printable invite on your computer - Create an invitation on your computer word processing program with lego clipart. It appears to be the LEGO is negotiating with 20th Century Fox to produce sets based on the TV show The Simpsons. If it happens to be that we get LEGO The Simpsons sets then we are most likely to see them hit the shelves at the begging of 2014.
There are enough Simpsons collectors and fans out here including those with children and grandchildren that collecting them or giving them as gifts is guaranteed! ABOUT USGroove Bricks is your ultimate source of LEGO News, Entertainment, MOCs, Brickfilms and more! Meet Forbidden Lego, a wonderfully cool paperback, lets you toss those dumb old rules right out of the window.

A lightweight sportscar renown for its performance and handling, the Caterham 7 is a beauty that most of us will never actually get to drive.
The Lego kit is currently under development and is one of those projects brick brainiacs build and propose for the company’s future sets. Here, the company allows designers to submit their own ideas for future kits and, if it will get enough votes from supporters, Lego will actually consider refining the design and manufacturing an official set. The color and the final scheme of the model ultimately depends on price point and part count, but will be discussed further once the project is backed. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
There are also separate links for creating a silicone LEGO candy mold, which is also relatively simple.
After seeing this stunning boardroom masterpiece built by ABGC Architecture and Design, we think we might just strike up a collection!
They snapped them together without glue, created a relief of the company’s logo in white, assembled a platform on a hollow stainless steel base and topped it all off with a four foot by nine foot slab of glass. Lego toys have been around forever, my daughter cannot believe that I also used to play with lego when I was a child (oh so many years ago) Much to my surprise Lego is just as much a favored toy as it ever was and lego parties are in the top 20 party themes for kids.
You can use any type of bag you wish - we like the clear cellophane bags used for candy or the greeting card bags found in the card-making area of your craft store. I honestly don’t look forward to the sets but I know many of you do so let us know below what you think of having LEGO Simpsons sets. As the company has long claimed, it may indeed be impossible to run out of model ideas that can be created with Lego bricks.
This is the kind of building those fuddy duddy Lego people do in a dark back room when no ones looking.
But there is a version of the famous open top roadster that is even lighter and possibly even cooler.
Built by Lego enthusiast who goes under the nickname brictrix_Carl, the great design for the Caterham Seven was submitted on Lego’s Ideas website.

In other words, with a little help from supporters there’s quite a good chance for this kit to hit the production line.
Its lego maaaaan, leggggoooo.The freaken lego isnt going to tell you to eat its shorts, is it? If you would like to be notified about this updates you could follow us on Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr! Of course, you do have to follow as few very boring rules that were designated years ago by the suits at the Lego Corporation.
For instance, how about a fully automated food catapult, utilizing a plastic spoon and a couple of dozen strategically aligned official Lego blocks?  Or a gun that shoots Lego plates, and an almost completely useless but endlessly amusing (especially when used on others) continuous fire ping pong ball launcher? Then let me tell you that Mad Kipper, LEGO Marketing Director, has confirmed that LEGO is indeed negotiating to licence the possible Simpsons sets though he doesn’t know when the agreement will take place or if it even will.
Do not cut blocks, do not use non standard parts with any official Lego product, and do not even consider building anything that shoots projectiles of any kind.
Sounds like fun, no?  The men behind this informational tome must have had a fairly twisted childhood, but the reader benefits from that fact. Or perhaps their jobs just drove them a little cuckoo, as they are both former Lego design team employees. Guaranteed to spice up any boring business meeting (although chances are you may find yourself out of a job, the bright side being though that would free you up a lot more building time) and only took me an hour or so to build, a great improvement over the time it took me to construct SpongeBob’s pineapple house with my niece’s “conventional” Lego set. Lots of lovely full color diagrams and step by step instructions, that can actually be understood without a degree in advanced physics, should have even the most creatively useless souls building all kinds of deviant but delightful Lego models in no time. The ideas in Forbidden Lego are just a starting point though, once the mischievous littler Lego builder inside you is unleashed; doubtless you will have no problem coming up with more than a  few “forbidden” designs of your very own.

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