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It is really quite straight forward and doesn't take much time at all, great for getting kids involved too. 1) Separate the egg whites from the yolk (the yolk is not needed), and beat the whites so that they are frothy but not stiff.
3) Separate the paste into 'mouse size' portions (I got 8 out of mine), and roll each into an oval shape, pinching the narrower end to form a nose.
5) Leave them to set (keep an eye on them to make sure they don't start misbehaving!) and then enjoy! Thread a needle with black thread, then just pass it through the felt nose a couple of times.
In the past when I’ve used these as ornaments for the Christmas tree, I used real candy canes. When placing your little mouse on a gift, just tape the candy cane onto the present underneath the felt where it won’t show.
These are so cute, my little boy came home with this mouse from his Christmas party and next year I'm going to copy it and make more! Pretty cute Susan, I don't think I have told you lately how much I appreciate the real work you go through to produce this blog. My mother-in-law and I just finished cutting out 600 of these for her church to pass out to a local elementary school.
Make an easy Christmas tree garland from cardboard with the directions at The Sewn Natural Studio. The Long Thread shares a template and a tutorial for making these cute stacked felt tree ornaments. This fun paper mouse project comes complete with its own piece of cheese to cut out and make! Glue the two front parts of the body together starting from one end and working your way round. Glue the front and rear of the body together carefully lining up the edge of the front with the edge of the grey area to make a slightly arched body.

Finish off the mouse by gluing the completed head and the tail in the appropriate places on the body.
You can either make these mouse toys stuffed with catnip or, if you have a cat like Peanut who can't stand the stuff, fill them with cotton batting and a jingle bell.
MarcioWilges writes: Now that looks like a really fun home project that I could see myself getting into.
RubyKitty writes: These catnip mice would be a great present for a new cat owner, or half a dozen would be a good donation to a local animal shelter.
I ran across those little candy canes so many years ago, I’m having trouble remembering where now.
They look beautiful made from sheet music but you can experiment with other papers as well.
After I made the first guy on the left, I was inspired to make him a little tweed wool friend.
Actually, her real name is Kitty Carlisle, but that proved to be a long and awkward name so we all call her Peanut. Since they pretty much treat her like one of their kids and I am obviously another one of their kids, Peanut has learned to see me as the enemy.
I think it's old age: Maybe she just doesn't care enough to hate me and has settled on indifference. Cut a piece of dark brown embroidery floss, and thread all six strands into an embroidery needle. Take the outer and inner ear pieces together as shown and cut a slit halfway up both pieces. Take your embroidery needle threaded with the light brown floss and sew the ear to one side of the mouse as shown.
After I made the first guy on the right, I was inspired to make him a little tweed wool friend. My Aunt has a number of kitties at her place and I could totally see me putting in a little motor so the mouse toy can zip around the living room!

Hope next year I can fix my daughter's room and you will be my inspiration, like so much this almost past year.
That’s where I normally look for craft things since those stores are close to my home. Tie a knot at one end of the yarn piece, and sandwich the other end in between the two side pieces. Overlap the cut pieces slightly so the ear looks more dimensional, and tack in place with one or two stitches. Now if that isn't gonna get the pussy cats moving and getting some exercise then I really don't know what will haha! I will keep my eye out this year and let you know if I run across any when I’m out shopping.
When that is finished, continue whipstitching around to the other side, leaving a couple inches open for stuffing. Real candy canes work great and are perfect for present toppers since they are an extra goody for the recipient of the present. I was just out of college and between boyfriends and I had moved into my parents' tiny, tiny one-half bedroom in their one and one-half bedroom house. My mom had a new dog, and Peanut was traumatized so she lived with me, kitty litter and all.
We were very close that year but it had to come to an end: The dog went back to the animal shelter (he bit people) and Peanut went back to hating me.

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