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Moby Dick Restaurant, located way out on a pier in Santa Barbara, boasts on its website of "fresh food" and "big waves." This weekend, diners got to sample a bit of both as a huge ocean wave crashed through a window, possibly bringing with it a school of still-flapping mackerel. The wait for a window table at Moby Dick Restaurant on Stearns Wharf was nearly 30 minutes longer on Saturday, with locals hoping to view the high tides of the winter storm up close. Through contests and public exhibits, children around the world use drawings to say what they think about disasters. Shown at the World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, a 1994 United Nations conference in Yokohama, Japan.
In April 1994, government officials of Petropavlosky (a city in eastern Russia) announced that Koryacksky Volcano, 25 km away, was about to erupt. In Australia in 1992, children drew pictures about how to keep themselves safe in case of fire. Ask your teacher to show your pictures in a library, market, shop window, town square - or any place where your parents, friends and neighbours can see and talk about them.
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Today, I watched a large, sweaty woman stick a hairbrush down her shirt to scratch a rash on her back, before putting it back on the shelf. Today, my wife is treating me like I'm the devil, all because I refused to go on medication that'll kill my sex drive, just so she won't have to deal with me actually wanting to make love more than once a year. Hongyi Xu, Jernej Barbic We enrich character animations with secondary soft-tissue Finite Element Method (FEM) dynamics computed under arbitrary rigged or skeletal motion.
Menglei Chai, Changxi Zheng and Kun Zhou Reduced hair models have proven successful for interactively simulating a full head of hair strands, building upon a fundamental assumption that only a small set of guide hairs are needed for explicit simulation, and the rest of the hair move coherently and thus can be interpolated using guide hairs. Fang Da, David Hahn, Christopher Batty, Chris Wojtan, Eitan Grinspun We propose a novel surface-only technique for simulating incompressible, inviscid and uniform-density liquids with surface tension in three dimensions. Click the download button below which can suit with your resolution that you like at Food Web Diagram pictures .

Here are examples of how children are communicating through art, and some ideas for you and your friends.
Below are some paintings drawn by children from Petropavlosky, 10 days after the announcement. The pictures were part of a contest for the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction, called for by the United Nations.
Now draw a picture of what you could do to keep your house, yourself and your family safe from the disaster. We think Elizabeth Taylor probably had one of the best sets of brows, and of course, Hollywood makeup artists probably tweaked them even a tiny bit more.
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Kim, Danny Kaufman, Nicholas Vining, Floraine Berthouzoz Designers frequently reuse existing designs as a starting point forA creating new garments. Unfortunately, hair-solid interactions is a pathological case for traditional reduced hair models, as the motion coherence between hair strands can be arbitrarily broken by interacting with solids. Kaufman, C.Karen Liu, Jovan PopoviA‡ Animation artists enjoy the benefits of simulation but do not want to be held back by its constraints.
The liquid surface is captured by a triangle mesh on which a Lagrangian velocity field is stored. You can also find more wallpapers with Food Web Diagram pictures by selecting one of the related wallpapers in any category below.
Each year, on the second Wednesday of October, many schools hold art contests to raise public awareness about disasters.
It runs at milliseconds per frame for complex characters, and fits directly into standard character animation pipelines. In this paper, we propose an adaptive hair skinning method for interactive hair simulation with hair-solid collisions. Artist-directed dynamics seeks to resolve this need with a unified method that combines simulation with classical keyframing techniques. Because advection of the velocity field may violate the incompressibility condition, we devise an orthogonal projection technique to remove the divergence while requiring the evaluation of only two boundary integrals.

Our simulation method does not require any skin data capture; hence, it can be applied to humans, animals, and arbitrary (real-world or fictional) characters. We precompute many eligible sets of guide hairs and the corresponding interpolation relationships that are represented using a compact strand-based hair skinning model. The combination of these approaches improves upon both extremes: simulation becomes more customizable and keyframing becomes more automatic.
The forces of surface tension, gravity, and solid contact are all treated by a boundary element solve, allowing us to perform detailed simulations of a wide range of liquid phenomena, including waterbells, droplet and jet collisions, fluid chains, and crown splashes.
In standard model reduction of three-dimensional nonlinear solid elastic models, one builds a reduced model around a single pose, typically the rest configuration. At runtime, we simulate only guide hairs; for interpolating every other hair, we adaptively choose its guide hairs, taking into account motion coherence and potential hair-solid collisions.
Examining our system in the context of the twelve fundamental animation principles reveals that it stands out for its treatment of exaggeration and appeal.
We demonstrate how to perform multi-model reduction of Finite Element Method (FEM) nonlinear elasticity, where separate reduced models are precomputed around a representative set of object poses, and then combined at runtime into a single fast dynamic system, using subspace interpolation. Further, we introduce a two-way collision correction algorithm to allow sparsely sampled guide hairs to resolve collisions with solids that can have small geometric features. Our system accommodates abrupt jumps, large plastic deformations, and makes it easy to reuse carefully crafted animations. While time-varying reduction has been demonstrated before for offline applications, our method is fast and suitable for hard real-time applications in games and virtual reality.
Our method enables interactive simulation of more than 150K hair strands interacting with complex solid objects, using 400 guide hairs.
Our method supports self-contact, which we achieve by computing linear modes and derivatives under contact constraints.
We demonstrate the efficiency and robustness of the method with various hairstyles and user-controlled arbitrary hair-solid interactions.

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