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Studio Exec A: (snorts cocaine off of a $10,000 hooker’s stomach) Hey, you know what? For his depiction of a not-so-clever policeman, Cage got nominated for a whole pile of Razzie awards, including Worst Actor and Worst Couple (for Cage and his bearsuit, natch.) Try to watch this clip and NOT laugh. He actually said this: So expect another Wicker Man remake in a couple of years with a Sixth Sense twist at the end.
Cage plays the ludicrously named Behmen von Bleibruck, a knight who abandons his fellow soldiers during the crusades after witnessing a brutal massacre of innocent townsfolk.
Nic Cage as a noble knight is about as believable as Nic Cage as the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola.
Sequels are always worse than the originals, but Nic Cage himself is actually worse, which makes no sense. You’re looking at a prototype of the costume that Cage was going to wear for a mid 1990s Superman flick, to be directed by Tim Burton. The only good thing about this movie is that Nic Cage kills himself in the end, in a pretty spectacular fashion.
The Tim Lebbon short story this is based on is excellent and could make for a disturbing film.
As a digital artifact, Jon Favreau's new adaptation of The Jungle Book plays it nearly straight.
This weekend I was visiting the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam, and one of the films I saw was Oshii Mamoru's Nowhere Girl.
This week, Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room premieres wide, and is getting rave reviews (like the one by our Ryland Aldrich).
In playing Michael Williams, an ex-Marine looking for a job in a dusty Wyoming town, Cage creates an uncommonly sympathetic character. Since he accepted the cash, Michael gives it a go, but changes his mind when he gets an eyeful of the raven-haired, fine-boned Suzanne – a flinty, ferocious femme fatale – and hears her side of the story, including a chapter in which she wants Michael to kill Wayne.

Michael hits the road but comes to a screeching halt as he nearly drives over a body, who, it turns out, is Suzanne’s ex-lover. At 98 minutes, “Red Rock West” is a taut, sexy, funny story that lingers at the right spots and lurches forward just when you were getting cozy. Director John Dahl, who co-wrote the script with his brother Rick, taps 1940s film noir roots with their exploration of shifting identities, appearance vs.
Natives of Billings, Montana, the Dahls set the film not in a claustrophobic or hostile big city but in sunny Western climes, which work well to highlight Cage’s isolation and desperation. After 1989’s “Kill Me Again” and “Red Rock,” John Dahl made “The Last Seduction” in 1994 as well as “Rounders” in 1998 and “You Kill Me” in 2007. I should add that I’m not that technical, so a solution that is easy to use would be more appropriate of the two. In addition to probably being a vampire, he’s the most unpredictable talent in Hollywood.
Together with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies), he will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery and find their son--and, in doing so, he unearths a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past.
And it stars the great, GREAT Patrick Stewart as the evil leader of a right-wing organization.
Rejected for a spot on an oil-drilling crew because of his bad leg, Michael figures he’s got nothing to lose by stopping into the Red Rock West tavern, the hub of a bustling metropolis of 200 people. Walsh) mistakes Michael for a hitman known as Lyle from Dallas (damn those Texas license plates). Actually make that three – pre-Red Rock, he and Suzanne robbed a bank in Illinois for about $2 million. The scene in the graveyard where the four principals dig up bills and duke it out, then plug and pierce the night away is stellar. Country singer and actor Dwight Yoakam plays a grimy a truck driver who gives Cage a lift and Yoakam’s mournful “Thousand Miles From Nowhere” is a fitting conclusion to the film’s score.

He’s also worked on many high-profile TV shows like “Breaking Bad,” “True Blood” and “Dexter.” We hope he and Nic Cage can hook up again – a slick thriller, or a jet-black TV series, perhaps? Even though the movie takes place in 14th century Europe, Nic Cage just runs around talking in a very flat, undeniably Californian accent.
He had time to reflect on the character, make adjustments to his performance…so why does he look so clueless in every shot of the film where something isn’t on fire? Suzanne don’t take kindly to anybody messin’ with her haul from the robbery so, with Michael in tow, she sets out to stake her claim, then vamoose South of the Border. As they go through bullets, blades, a sword and chains, Hopper snarls, Cage seethes, and Boyle shows prowess with a pistol. Cage’s disillusioned dreamer recalls the laconic sadness of a young Robert Mitchum, though Cage’s part doesn’t quite allow him to plumb the depths of darkness. And because America is a country where we love mocking the wealthy, we like Nic Cage best when he’s floundering around on screen like a cat chasing a laser pointer. But once Cage got his hands on the project, the badass hitman became just another stereotypical Hollywood killer. Before Michael’s picked up a buzz, he stumbles into a quagmire of serpentine deception and murder for hire. But, in the end, Michael isn’t quite the slave to cash that she is and when she finally heads out of town, it’s not quite in the style she’d been planning. If this is possible would I also be able to add a charging mechanism for the ads using Joomla or WordPress..

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