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The second dog has a high carriage in his tail, most likely he will go and mark over where the current dog is going. What we do know is that marking is a way of “chemical communication” and therefore your dog does not understand why it upsets you so much.
So, now that you know your poor dog is just trying to communicate, try not to get upset when you find him marking.
Kristina has owned everything from horses and goats to guinea pigs and birds and of course, dogs and cats. DE-STRESS WITH DOGS: DOWNLOADABLE 10 PAGE COLORING BOOK FOR ADULTS WHO LOVE DOGS - PRINT INSTANTLY!
If she never did well at the townhouse I wonder if the carpet cleaning was sufficient enough to remove the old stains, a dog instinctively will pee over another dog or cats urine (called scent posting) from puppyhood, if an enzymatic cleaner wasn’t used or urine has soaked into the carpet padding, it may still be there triggering her.
Another thing that can be tricky for some dogs is the combo of crate training and pad training, some dogs totally get it and can transition from crate to pad and some dogs don’t connect that the pad is the only acceptable place to go.
It’s good that you have a hard time getting upset with her because that is hard to do and of course we know, getting upset won’t help her get trained.
I just posted an article called How to Housebreak a Puppy that I think will have some useful info for you, some of it won’t apply but if you substitute the outdoor parts with the pad instead, I hope it will give you some helpful tips. Here is what I suggest: Pick up a waterproof blanket (called a whelping pad) and use that in conjunction with a training gate. A free standing gate is the best choice, you can customize the shape,  fold it down and move it around easily. I hope this helps, I think she needs some repetitive training to unlearn her current pattern and it may take some time, but I think she will get it. Anybody else out there been through something similar and have any advice to share with Kathy? We have a 4 month old border collie who we could not house train and after seeking advice we decided the puppy pads, which were initially a great idea but now we cannoot get her to go out side and use the grass despite having a huge garden and 2 other dogs of the same sex. I have a 10yr Pek who has been trained to go on a pee pad never have a problem,I also have a 4yr Pek trained the same way, now she just started to go on the carpet.I am totally confused, she knows the difference. Hi Clair, Jack Russell’s are a very high energy breed and she is also a puppy, I hate to tell you but you have a long road of this ahead. Last week I went on holiday so she stayed with a lady who boards dogs.we chose her because it was a normal family environment she is acustomed too. However since she came back home after her weeks stay my dog has been going potty in the night. She has always slept on my bed and never had accidents but this past week she has started to jump off the bed and pee and poop in the middle of the night. The first thing to understand is that physical contact with a puppy or dog is never going to help. I would just add to Chelsea’s statement to remember that you are dealing with a baby.
Hi Sal: If this is a sudden change in behavior I would definitely rule out a medical issue first.
It can definitely be frustrating if you have to clean up urine spots all over your house several times a day.

I have a dog trainer friend who got a young puppy, already neutered, from a rescue; he was a terrible marker.
We believe it has something to do with territory and new studies show that how often and where a dog marks (for example over marking another dog’s scent) has something to do with that dog’s position in his pack or territory. Amanda Cornell, CPDT-KA and owner of Accomplished Canines,  is the friend I mentioned above. Cornell decided to not use one because she did not want to bath her dog all the time (remember, the pee will be touching your dog, so he is going to need cleaning frequently). Lotz is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and works as a full time trainer. Her mom used to say “Kristina loves all animals and they all love her.” It was this special connection with pets that made her decide to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).
If you have a pet care or dog behavior question, send it to Ask the Expert and we may feature it on the Water Bowl. First I’m wondering – when you mention she was doing well for the 1st year, did she have a relapse when you moved into the townhouse or was she doing well at the townhouse then relapsed?
Carpet is really tough, you can check your carpet for spots with a special blacklight to see what is there and where and see if you spot a pattern of her marking over these spots. The crate (her den) is instinctively off limits, but dogs that do great in the crate may not make the distinction that your whole house is her den too.
Start off in small sections of your house, the idea is that she realizes your house is her den, little by little, the blanket will protect your carpet and she will be in a small enough area so you can correct her when she pees on the blanket, when she’s in mid pee – that is really the only time to correct her and have her make the association. Also, smaller dogs have to go more frequently than larger dogs, I talk about that in the article too.
I think the root of this dog behavior problem is the den thing, but you know, all dogs are different. She is the greatest however she is not taking care of her business during our walks and waits until she gets home and immediately runs to the bathroom and pees and her #2 as well.
Even if you are skeptical, follow all the steps and I’m sure you will see an improvement!
She wants to please you, but it is up to you to teach her how, by being consistent and clear in your directions. And, if you have multiple dogs, if one starts to mark, the others may mark or go to the bathroom in the house because the “scent” is there. Do not quickly think “dominance!” The studies relate to the carriage of the male dog’s tail (high vs. All you will get is a dog that tries and hide it from you, which in some ways is worse because you will smell it before you see it to clean up. She also owns her own custom pet products company, A Fairytail House, where she makes personalized collars, leashes, beds, keepsake pillows and blankets, and anything else your imagine can think up. She trains using only positive reinforcement methods and is an advocate for ending correction training and the use of harsh training tools on our best friends. She is a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Dog Writers Association of America. Tell her no, bring her to the pad, praise her and give her treats if she goes on the pad.  You can wash and reuse the blanket so no stress there.

I take him out side every 45min to the same place, he gets a treat for peeing and pooping outside. If there is nothing physically wrong with him I would consult a professional, a trainer or a behaviorist. If you take the time now to instill these behaviors, I am sure she will pay you back by being a great, well-behaved dog. Make sure you first clean all the spots of prior accidents so that he doesn’t equate those spots as his bathroom on an ongoing basis. In fact, they can be detrimental because your dog “gets” to go anywhere it pleases with the band on.
In her spare time, she trains and competes in herding, agility, obedience, rally, and conformation with her Shetland Sheepdogs. She smartly married a vet technician and groomer, who keeps all of her fur kids (even those with hooves!) happy and heathy. We often recommend people adopt older dogs if they are not willing to put in the work it takes to raise a puppy. Our thought is whenever your dog is having accidents, you must start actively training again. She smartly married a Veterinary Technician, who helps keep the fur kids happy and healthy, and provides a quick resource for articles. Kristina has written for the pet industry since 2009, writing about everything from training and behavior to DIY projects. Please any tips, she gets long walks but she can really hold her waste and I’m stuck. The issue is we moved this weekend from a very small cabin to a very large double wide (without any carpet). Well recently in our carpeted apartment, I scrubbed the floor with the resolve pet cleaner and brush (as I do occasionally) and placed new pads down (which I do daily) and she would pee on the pads but she is pooping on the carpet. Some dogs refuse to pee while wearing it which can be helpful when used with other training techniques. Is it possible he is peeing in the crate because he doesn’t want to be in there alone? I’ve place two pads down (one on each side of the house) but he has refused to use them, instead going potty on the hardwood floor. The first time I did pop her and placed her in her crate and tell her “bad dog,” but when she did it again I almost felt bad, like what is going on?!
The second time she peed, she peed on the carpet and the second time she pooped she pooped on the carpet near the kitchen (two rooms away from the puppy pads). I was extremely upset but I did not pop or hit her, I did not yell but I’m sure she could tell in my voice I was upset and confused.
I am an extremely clean person so I am getting to the point where I want to give her away because I love, I do, but I am growing really frustrated and don’t want to continue on this path.

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