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Here’s the first public look at the NASCAR roll cage for 2013, built to comply with rules changes for next year intended to improve driver safety.
Mac’s Motor City Garage is indebted to ace fabricator Kevin Bryde of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, who provided these photos and supplied the technical briefing. Next, note another new tube (red arrow) that starts at the rear join of the Earnhardt bar and runs diagonally down to the right front (passenger) foot well area, adding an additional element of triangulation in the cage structure.
For the clarification of us non-NASCAR folk, the Earnhardt bar (white arrows below) is the vertical tube at the front center of the roll cage that runs down through the dash area just behind the windshield. Kevin explains that the new diagonal down tube has been carefully positioned so that the driver’s vision is in no way obstructed. In the most superficial way, the roll cage in a NASCAR race car hasn’t changed in decades.
For a story and video about the aerodynamic body design of the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion, including CFD studies, click here. For a story on the most recent testing of the new-look 2013 cars at Talladega, including a large photo gallery of all the 2013 body designs, click here.
Thanks Kevin, I’m not that familiar with these vehicles, but I know there are anti-flip flaps on the rear of the roof, it occured to me that this lack of symetry was to accomodate one of these. Many take the view that unless chrome-moly is normalized after welding, it is no stronger than mild steel and a hell of a lot more expensive. First, the main halo bar does go continuously from left to right, it’s the ADDED bar that is in two pieces. Second, car were never intended to carry a passenger, so it would seem that there would be no need for that archaic rule. Third, as a former inspector in a series where cars also run at 200 mph at times, I can tell you from experience, there is NO such thing as over the top! Chromoly is not used because of the cost and procedures involved with normalising it, like someone said. I was under the impression that the teams were TIG welding everything these days because it actually saves 30 or 40 pounds accross the whole car, which, even though they all run the same weight would mean quite a bit because that’s weight that they can add to other areas of the car to help it handle the way they want it. While I can understand the need for tubes on the lower right of the structure for side impacts, I fail to see the benefit of extending the upper roll hoops to the right side of the chassis. Slider, one reason to have a full-width cage is to not allow the roof to crush if that were the only means of escape, or for help to get in.
NASCAR cages are almost completely dependent on the bending strength of each tube as they bend and collapse in a crash.
Clemson University sponsored some FEA studies in the late ’90s and reported the findings in SAE papers.
I think that it is raw enough that at 50% of potential, it would be terrifying enough to be fun.
Judging from the picture, he either plowed or spun through the left-hander in the background, went up the embankment and landed back in the road shiny-side down. As others have said, Miatas are hard to roll over, but they'll obediently do it when the laws of physics say they must. I had considered the argument that a roll bar can cause rear-of-head injury in a rear-ender, and that you'll probably never roll a Miata. I made a homemade one out of rat wire and just cut a piece for the ends and wired it to it. When we made ours we just took a metal ring and cut it with an oxy acetylene torch and welded it around the door and the top of the cage, and on the other end we just snapped shut with a big snap. Helmets should be mandatory with cages if out on the track for Liability sake, if you knock yourself out by smacking your head what good are you in the car? While we endlessly aim to maintain the accuracy of item availability, descriptions and availability, we reserve the right to correct errors.
In order to reduce errors in orders, please make sure the product you are ordering fits your vehicle model.
This listing is for the FIAT 500 MADNESS Style Rear Roll Cage manufactured in US on premises by MADNESS.
Don't forget to check out our other listing for the same type of cage, but with slip joints. No warranty or representation is made to the product's ability to protect the user from any injury or death.

MADNESS Autoworks is your One Stop Shop for customizing, accessorizing and servicing your favorite ride. Whether you are looking for custom wheels, window tinting, custom stereo installation or other performance modifications we are your shop. MADNESS Autoworks is located in Signal Hill, CA (an enclave surrounded by the City of Long Beach) and is a facility dedicated to making your favorite ride truly yours by offering a wide line of aftermarket accessories, installation and customizing services.
MADNESS Autoworks was originally known as SMART MADNESS a company that became famous for customizing and accessorizing smart cars. SMART MADNESS has become the largest provider of smart car parts, accessories and customizing services in North America and now one of the largest globally in just a couple of short years.
We accomplished this goal by providing the very best in products and services at reasonable prices with a personal touch.
A number of our customers own other cars besides the smart car and continuously ask us if we would also work and or customize their other car due to their positive experience with us. After spending years working on cars and working with many suppliers we thought at times we could do better by designing and manufacturing some products ourselves. Our goal is to provide a top quality product that has been tested and used in our own cars and has proven to last and provide a good value for the investment. If you ever have a question, need assistance or have a request contact us and we will be glad to help. This car will feature an all aluminum 351 W putting out 750 HP and backed by a 4 speed 480LE GM automatic transmission. The pipe is now flipped over on this bend because of the angle needed to clear components. As mentioned we now have excess tube where we can cut and trim away to be sure of a dead on fit. As seen she snakes away from the bottom of the windshield post and over toward the dash pad. As seen the notches fit against the lower dash cross tube very nicely and can now be tig welded.
In order to remove the bar from the dash, we had to build a triangular three bolt holder on the front tube. Now there are two full tubes, generously spaced, across the leading edge of the cage in front of the driver’s forehead. Also, with the top six or so inches of the windshield blacked out, the new double halo bar will not be visible from outside the car.
It allows for clearance of the right side roof flap which is at about a 30 degree angle to the centerline of the chassis. I wondered whether there might be an aero or packaging reason for it – if it is real! Eg the main hoop must go from left to right plus ofcourse the lack of space for a passenger, even if no passengers are carried! It is generally ground in a centerless grinder to get consistency down to .090 the full length of the tube.
MIG welding is still used as a lot of chassis shops realise that TIG is too time consuming and doesn’t save much weight, strength is relatively the same between a good MIG and TIG weld. The design has very few diagonals that can distribute crash loads through out the chassis efficiently. One of those 'you never see the tree that is going to kill you because you are sliding into it backwards' kind of cars. There's some merit to that, but from my experience, I'll never drive the twisties again without a roll bar.
I have to sit too far forward to give myself suitable clearance between the roll bar and top of my seat, which means clutch engagement is tricky.
Then on the side your going to open, just wire one side, so as to act like a hinge, and just wire it shut once you put the coon in there. When making your price match request, you must provide us with a link to the competitor's Internet URL for the item, a copy of the written ad or written quotation, which must include Supplier's’ part number, description and price.
Suppliers are established businesses that routinely and regularly sell the item to be matched from an established physical storefront or warehouse. Provide the competitor's name, part number, item description, URL link to the exact item and the competitor's price along with your request to price match.

Take a close look at the quality of the weld in our additional pictures and see for yourself. Our fabricators and designers have manufactured a number of cages that have been and continue to be used professionally in competition.
The optional slip joints are approved for competition use and make assembly and removal much simpler. They fit correctly in your FIAT 500 allowing to enter the car quickly but more importantly, exiting quickly, while also conforming closely to your interior for a clean, look and feel. By purchasing this product you are assuming that risk and agree to not hold the manufacturer, seller, installer and all affiliated parties responsible for anything that may happen while using this product.
We treat our customers like family members and do our best to make sure every one of our customers gets the very best treatment possible.
Provide you, the driver with the widest range of products, servicing and customizing options with friendly service at a very competitive price.
We started partnering up with our most trusted manufacturing partners and suppliers, investing in infrastructure, manufacturing equipment and recruiting some of the best talent that could help us design and build superior products and make them available to our fellow drivers. Whether you are looking for the best value in a set of floor mats, a performance exhaust system, an intake, a roll cage or a carbon fiber part the MADNESS Item is designed to deliver on our promise of bringing a good quality item at a reasonable price.
They are installed in crucial areas to separate the bars from the main hoop to remove. The tube is open on the back side to accept a male reinforcement as seen in the next caption. The left roof flap is at a 90 degree angle to the centerline and sets back just behind that same bar behind the drivers head.
Just not enough to gain, considering if it’s a favorite car it may run 5-10 races, and if it ends up being a least favorite, may run one race, or not at all.
I got my head and face gouged and cut up BAD, and came real close to bleeding to death pinned upside down in the car.
In my case, it was the wrong line through a downhill hairpin, getting one wheel off the edge of the road, causing the right side of the car to go up a mountainside. I keep my coons in a portable plastic dog crate when transporting to make it easier to put them in the cage, OR turn loose. If we agree to match the price, you will be contacted with a confirmation and directions on how to place your order for the price request. We do not design and build our products to be the cheapest, we design then to be the best value for the money and stand behind them the same way we stand behind our work. But over the past dozen years, nearly every detail has been agonized, sweated over, and optimized to produce the safest possible structure. Hospital, 7 weeks off work, and now facing 1 to 2 years of facial plastic surgery to repair the bloody meat that the trauma team did their best to sew up.
Nothing worse than shaking him out of the live trap just to have him hit your legs on the way down.
If you've already purchased the item from us, we'll even price match (for store credit only) as long as you contact us with your request within 7 days of placing your order. Different angles are needed to clear components so the dial allows duplication on the opposite side of the car.
I did work for a team in NASCAR that tig welded their chassis, but it was one guy, full time, for a small team that only needed a few chassis a year. All I know is I slid on the asphalt with a ton of Miata strapped to my back, leaving about a 12-foot skidmark of blood and skin and tissue on the road.
Now a days it is an assymbly line that doesn’t stop because once the cars are bent it is so hard to get them to fit through inspection. I'm about 6 feet tall, and the seatbelt and the 01's high seatbacks somehow kept me from breaking my neck, but they couldn't protect me from getting hacked up real good.

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