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One of my sons friends stayed over yesterday and mentioned in passing he'd been assigned to make a mouse trap car for school. Wrap a balloon around the pen you just put in, trying to fold it so that it's somewhat wedge-like toward the edge of the pen.
Gently turn the back wheels backwards (if your unsure of the direction, put it on a surface and pull it backwards). Mostly a programmer and random computer guy, but like to mess with hardware and other real life objects sometimes.
2) I would say the main reason men like breasts so much is because they help to give women those beautiful lovely feminine curves.  Men are genetically designed to be attracted to those curves.

As a guy, I have never had to participate in a conversation where the other party spoke only to my chest. First of all, if you don’t want a guy to give you that kind of attention, don’t give him reason to. That said, the same inclination in guys can give you a head start in holding his attention. In a world where twenty foot tall billboards of supermodels adorn the freeway, we guys have a lot to look at. I see your points, but the ultimate question remains – do men like real or fake breasts more? I never really paid attention to it until I heard it on the radio yesterday & realized what it was.

Readjust the wheels (which are a bit flimsy with the low-rent balloon support) to get them straighter and retry.
I thought about how I had lots of fun making those way back and decided to make one out of scraps off my desk and document it. Its those curves that give women a much different more feminine look to their body.  Where do those feminine curves start? The problem men have with breasts is that they are within eyesight when talking with a woman.  A man catches a beautiful feminine curve from the corner of his eye and his brains tells him, he needs to get a more accurate look.

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