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The argument could be made that UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is a franchise athlete. Chances are, not many outside of the hardcore MMA and boxing fanbase have even heard of Holly Holm.
However, just because Holly Holm is not a “franchise” does not mean she wouldn’t make a great investment for the UFC’s fledgling women’s division. In case you hadn’t noticed, Jessica Eye has been a Bellator fighter for the past couple years. Between Bellator appearances, Eye stayed busy by taking fights for the Ohio-based NAAFS league.
Eye nonetheless managed to take on and beat marquee names such as Zoila Frausta Gurgel and Carina Damm (who botched a drug test moments before their fight), compiling a 10-1 record and seven-fight win streak since her pro debut in June 2010. The MMA world was not at all surprised when the UFC quickly signed her to their bantamweight division and booked her against Sarah Kaufman, October 19th at UFC 166. For years, UFC president Dana White was firmly against bringing women into the Octagon to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
In 2011, just two years ago, White told TMZ that women would “never” fight for his promotion.
The answer is simple: Ronda Rousey emerged as a superstar, and it’s Rousey that has singlehandedly brought women’s MMA into the mainstream — although White must be praised for giving her and other female fighters the platform to perform. Now I really hate admitting this is the case, because I have been a fan of women’s fights ever since the HOOKnSHOOT days and I want to believe it was all of the women in sum putting on great fights that changed White’s mind, but it’s not a coincidence that White’s softened stance on allowing females to compete in the UFC coincided with Rousey’s unbeaten run to the top of the sport. White, who is one of the smartest promoters in all of combat sports, was quick to realize Rousey could be a draw based on her good looks and vicious fighting style, and therefore make his company a lot of money, and the decision was made to bring her along with some other notable 135-pound females into the UFC earlier this year as a test drive of sorts. Ronda Rousey made her pro debut two years ago this March, defeating a scary Brazilian lady very quickly via armbar. That dominance is what gained her the attention of the man who previously maintained that he had no interest in female cage-fighting.
A native of Broomfield, Colorado, Zingano’s most recent appearance was at Invicta FC 3 last October, where she submitted Raquel Pennington by second-round rear-naked choke. So will Zingano be successful in her UFC debut, or will she suffer the blankety wrath of Takedown Tate?

Put yourself in my position for a moment: I am expected to explain to someone with healthy eyesight- someone who is clearly capable of just looking at this mess- why this shirt is ugly. No matter what you are doing in life, be it getting tattoos or picking fights with hapless cans, you should never try to out-badass Aleksander Emelianenko. Any attempt you make at it, be it a walkout t-shirt or a fight game plan, is guaranteed to end in disaster.
Judging by his performance at UFC 118, James Toney spent about twenty minutes studying the ground game leading up to his bout with UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture. She’s a marquee star, a better face of the UFC women’s division than Ronda Rousey, and worth a six-figure contract — at least according to her manager, Lenny Fresquez, who has been making the media rounds lately trying to convince the public that his undefeated client is the only worthy challenger to Rousey’s belt.
After all, Dana White has admitted that the UFC only created the women’s division because of her. The Holly Holm brand might bring a few new eyeballs from the boxing world but she is certainly not selling a PPV on her own.
She certainly has the potential to dominate a women’s division that is severely lacking in high-quality strikers. But Eye knew that her time in Bellator was drawing to a close even before the promotion recently informed her that they were about to release her and all of their roster’s female fighters. And yet now, in 2013, there are 15 women signed to a Zuffa contract and the UFC women’s bantamweight division is quickly becoming one of the promotion’s most crowd-pleasing weight classes.
Now making history as the first female champion in the UFC, it’s entirely possible that the best thing that could happen to WMMA is for Ronda Rousey to lose.
Prior to that fight, Zingano pulled off a body-slam KO against Takayo Hashi, TKO’d Carina Damm, and won Ring Of Fire titles at bantamweight and flyweight.
Shoot us your prediction — as well as your general interest level in this fight — in the comments section.
And I know that maybe people take that and don’t understand what that means, but I am just not. So it should come as little surprise that most MMA t-shirt companies produce some pretty questionable designs. Not only is the shirt revolting, but it’s going to sell for an outlandish sum of money, and be worn by every overweight Texas Roadhouse chef, milquetoast tech support geek and muscle-bound frat boy. No matter what order you place them in, you’re a total scumbag for attempting to rank a tragedy from most to least depressing.

The company that is responsible for more ILS than Muscle Beach has produced some downright disgusting t-shirts. The only redeeming quality of this shirt is that the edges are already frayed, meaning it will fall apart much sooner than a normal t-shirt. Judging by the image above, that’s roughly 5x longer than Twistd Apparel spent designing his walkout shirt. Once considered by many as the best female boxer on the planet, she was twice named Ring Magazine’s female Fighter of the Year. To the UFC, those numbers were a huge success and a slew of ladies were quickly signed by White and Co., who realized the fans loved Rousey vs. Her background as a lifelong judoka and Olympic medalist immediately establishes her a legitimate athlete, while her looks have won her a bit of extra hype. Rousey was pushing attendance, she was a moneymaker, and White chases money like a Kardashian chases famous dick: single-mindedly, without shame, and intent to take it all in. The rampant abuse of foil print, skulls, chains, tribal designs and nautical stars among most MMA t-shirts is bad enough on its own; even worse when you consider that they sell for thirty bucks a pop. In fact, the concept of franchise players is fading in every sport as the Lebron Jameses and Jacoby Ellsburys of the sports world show that their loyalty only extends to the highest free market bidder.
Sure she was a big boxing draw in New Mexico, but being a regional draw does not translate to franchise-level success with a global brand like the UFC. Training under Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, she not only has the physical ability and attributes, she also has the right team around her to be a world champion in MMA.
That he would also be cockblocking (snirk) another promotion by denying them the most marketable fighters in the market would just be icing on the cake. And forget Cris Cyborg — Zingano is probably the most absurdly-jacked female fighter we’ve seen since Rin Nakai.
As first revealed by FOX Sports, the two fighters will meet at UFC on FOX 8, July 27th in Seattle.

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