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Winona Ryder stars as a young graduate who is spending the summer with her grandmother and great aunt in order to finish her thesis and mull over a marriage proposal.
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NB: We may require proof that you are buying on behalf of a school, college, university, art club etc, so please ensure your contact details are correct when you place your order. Bride-to-be Finn Dodd hears tales of romance and sorrow from her elders as they construct a quilt.
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Live Facebook Q&A With 'Mother's Day' Director Garry Marshall Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Mother's Day director Garry Marshall on Monday, April 25, beginning at 4 p.m. Director Jocelyn Moorhouse's film adaptation of the novel by Whitney Otto stars Winona Ryder as Finn Dodd, a Berkeley graduate student on summer hiatus at her grandmother's home to work on her thesis and ponder a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Sam (Dermot Mulroney). Complications arise when she meets sexy Leon, and to help her decide who to plump for, the women of her grandmother's quilting circle tell stories of their own lives and loves. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, then please return the item to us for a refund. Finn's grandma, Hy (Ellen Burstyn), lives with her great aunt, Glady Jo (Anne Bancroft), at their idyllic Northern California home.
The two fiery women meet with seven older female relatives and close friends for a regular quilting bee, led by Anna (Maya Angelou).

Over the course of the summer, Finn contemplates her future while gaining insight into love and relationships from the different members of the quilting bee. Their experiences are brought to life as each woman shares a unique tale with the confused young woman. Each memory becomes a vivid flashback subtly weaving the past and present together to create a colorful collection of stories, featuring young stars including Claire Danes and Samantha Mathis as the individual women in their youth. A tribute to women's friendship and camaraderie, HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT shines with a cast of all-star actresses.

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