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The generation of an emf or a voltage in an electrical circuit due to the changes in the magnetic flux is known as the electromagnetic induction. An induction generator consists of two electromagnetic components: one is the rotating magnetic field with a bar of high strength and high conductivity which is placed in an iron core. This animation shows an electromagnetic wave, namely a plane polarized wave, which propagates in positive x direction. This applets allows the user to add varying amounts of red, green, and blue and see the resulting color.
The Doppler Effect model displays the detection of sound waves from a moving source and the change in frequency of the detected wave via the Doppler effect.

Circular polarization generated from a linearly polarized electromagnetic wave by a quarter-wave plate. The voltage control is done by the closed loop operation and the excitation current is adjusted in such a way that it can provide a constant output voltage without considering the variations in the load current.
The vectors of the electric field (red) are parallel to the y axis, the vectors of the magnetic field (blue) are parallel to the z axis.
The magnitude of the electric field components and the relative phase between the components of the electric field can all be changed via sliders. In addition to the wave fronts from the source a graph depicting the time of emission and time of detection of each of the wave fronts is given.

This findings leads to the invention of rotary electric generator, and the electrical transformer. This excitation current is supplied to the armature coil and it will induce a current in the secondary coil in the rotor by electromagnetic induction.This will work on the combined effect of the electric and magnetic field. Here an induced emf will generate in the secondary coil according to the variations of magnetic field lines.

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