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TipsIf you solder it all together and it doesn't work, first check for polarity issues, then your circuit itself. WarningsI am not responsible for any harm you cause yourself or other living beings while using this device.
I finally found the perfect toy to spice up those monotonous nights with the missis.Seriously though, this is one awesome how-to.
You showed the image of the complete "circuit thing"(third image), but, can you explain to me how to build that tiny "circuit thing" step by step? With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This is my EMP generator I designed and built using a cheap camera flash, £14 worth of 400V capacitors and some junk I had laying around. When this energy is released into a coil, a huge magnetic field is generated and induces a current in to the aluminuim disk.
Is there an equation or something that you used to figure out that 750A flowed in the 10ms pulse? Using the photo below, locate the large, black battery-like cilendar, and cross the two prongs with a screw driver. Ensure you cut enough wire to make the entire circuit easy to insert, but not too long, otherwise space issues will occur.
I wonder what would happen if you hooked it up to some external wires wrapped around the ferrite core of a flyback that might do some crazy s**t.

Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. This is for safety purposes, since the capacitor can hold a charge for long periods of time, and electrocute you if you complete the short with your fingers. 2. Be careful, don't burn yourself Same goes for the glue gunWhen de-soldering the transistor from the camera circuit, don't overheat it! This reminds me of the time we hooked up a tazer to a giant "Operation" game board and had Johnny Knoxville shock the hell out of Danger Aaron on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Well this current induced in the disk, creates an opposing magnetic field which boots it about 10 foot into the air. The circuit is quite simple, consisting of the transformer, transistor, resistor, and diode from the camera circuit.
Follow these steps to create the circuit, or the schematic below (circuit must be made standalone, with NO protoboard). Also, If the capacitor from your camera circuit is under 80uf (just look on the side of the capacitor, it should say. If not, don't risk it), you can use it in place of the capacitor on the taser. Ensure the final circuit is as small as possible.
Solder one switch-wire to the positive side of the battery (see image below, black object in top right. Cut a one inch piece of wire and solder it from the battery's negative to the transformer circuit's negative.

Next, locate the diode and ground portion of your circuit (note: The capacitor is already shown on the schematic). Ensure the polarity is correct (the diode connects to the little white line on the capacitor, or negative prong). Solder the needles to the capacitor like this:Note the small piece of electrical tape on the end of the capacitor. After a second, short the two prongs with a screw driver, if working properly, there should be a spark. The capacitor should fit all the way into the top portion of the case, and the needles should stick out of the end about half an inch. Inject hot glue into the top end, and aline the prongs (needles) so that they are in the center of the pen-hole (do all of this before the hot glue dries). The battery should last a good 2000 charges, so there shouldn't be a need to recharge for a long time.

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