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Sends an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) out and destroys the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. In modern warfare, where missions are sometimes over in minutes, a blind enemy is a defeated enemy. A UAV, such as Boeing’s upcoming stealth Phantom Ray, will probably be the conveyance of choice, because it can fly into enemy territory without risking a pilot’s life. Im sure in time Police departments will eventually get a hold of a scaled down version of this technology and use it to stop your car during a car chase or what ever other reason they see fit.
The microwaves’ electric field induces a current surge in unshielded wires that fries electronics.
China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats. Unfortunately the Timing is not optimal over into PP more spacer used light barriers, part would be far better with only one coil!!!! The EM-15 is a gun that the military could get lots of use from if it ever goes into production. Today, this system can not compete with firearms, because their firerate and punching power is much more higher than coilguns.
And I have a suggestion: you should put a switch on the coilguns that adjusts its bullets speed. Now what I’m sure you would find is that the coil gun’s projectile probably only traveled 50 ft and fell harmlessly to the ground, while the tiny .22 rim fire made a nice round hole in the plywood. Why no military is currently interested in coil guns is that they just can not match the energies of current weapons technologies. All in all, the idea probably has been around since the first solinoid was created, and that was how long ago? The military are actually working on a controlled EMP (One that targets specific vehicles or objects) and a programmable computer virus that transmits enemy data before destroying all computer files however it can lay dormant for weeks in the system so it can spread.
We have nothing like the battery storeage technology to make worthwhile electronic weapons right now. Needless to say, it spits pellets about 200 feet per second and is fun for shooting cans with. In relation to the legality of the coil gun and I have discovered that they are legal, even in Australia with its very strict gun laws. I wouldn’t recommend carrying it down the street, or even cleaning it outside your local police station.
However the projectile is short and fat which increases the rise in the ballistic curve but also makes it hard to handle. I see real potential for police work especially if it were made to have a power selector switch. To those talking about Kick back- Don’t forget that kickback is not caused by a hammer or propellant charge! If we briefly look at Newtons 2nd (F=ma) and 3rd laws (Every force has an equal and opposite reaction) we can explain kickback as a reaction to the projectiles acceleration. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The small diagram on the back is an alternate firing setup if the momentary switch with 2 channels is not available. It would require another relay, momentary switch and 390 ohm resistor, and inexplicably a blue LED. Movie note: Jigawatts was an accidental mispronunciation of Gigawatts entered into the script as a kind of equivocational jab at complex scientific naming procedures.
The Core ConceptIf you're not familiar with electrons, copper coils, and generating voltage with a fluctuating magnetic field, don't worry, I'll go into these concepts in this section.For the sake of example and metaphor, let's say electrons "live" in conductive wire. Well, the explosive EMP simply uses a directed explosion to "force" the magnetic field in a linear direction.
Please explain if this is an idea that can be adapted for creating a much smaller application.Is the use of a capacitor or transformer really required?For a much smaller appliction? The Construction The best way to create a homemade microwave weapon is with an old microwave.
I can not figure out what the transistor used by youtube, if you please help me with this information?
I know I need to change my Id pic, Question Chris, I pretty sure my neighbor is using some kind of magnetic field to hurt me as this war has been going on fo 5 years, For the last 6 months , a boom boom music extremly loud all hours penatrate through my walls wake me up now this 350 feet away.
I used to take microwave ovens apart all the time, and wanted to make one of these but never did.
I'm back with the third part to my laser weapon series (see part one and two), and I'll be explaining the function, application, and potential of semiconductor lasers, aka laser diodes.Surely, most of you have used a laser pointer at some point.
The Driver"Drivers" can range from as simple as a resistor, to as complex as a two story building in a power station.
Be sure to check out other articles in the electromagnetic weapons series, including Making EMPs, Directed Microwave Energy, and Making Coil Guns.
In this article, I'll show you how to create a simple yet effective way of scaring off intruders. Step 2 Create the circuitThe circuit is quite simple, consisting of the transformer, transistor, resistor, capacitor and diode from the camera circuit.
Step 3 Solder capacitor to transformerFinally, desolder the tiny yellow capacitor from the disposable camera circuit. Step 4 Attach magnet wiresNow that the circuit is finished (make sure you install a switch into the circuit!), it should easily operate on the average AA battery, or 1.5 volts. Step 6 Attach wires to aluminum stripsNow, take one of the wires you cut earlier and attach it to ONE of the aluminum strips. Step 7 Mount the voltage circuitNow, mount the voltage circuit on the other side of the door with some tape or similar adhesive.
The electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear weapon detonated miles above ground would zap an army’s surveillance equipment, but not without causing heavy collateral damage. Air Force recently secured $40 million for the project, and while program leader Robert Torres will confirm successful ground and in-flight tests of an earlier device, he’s tight-lipped on future details. The reason being that to machine the slot up to this point (thereby allowing beam feedthrough) would only leave a small web between each slot which could result in unacceptable accelerator deformation. But, if they find a solition for the batteries then coilguns will be 10 times better then firearms, because they dont kick back, their projectiles can travel faster and more accurate than firearms and they wont make too much sound. OK, you cant carry a power generator in your backpack, so you cant use them as a handheld weapon, but they can mount coilguns on tanks, and make them EXTREMELY powerful.
And when technology does allow coil guns to match velocities of current bullets, those coil guns will have just as much kick as traditional arms.
The gun laws only govern firearms (defined as any weapon that uses a controlled explosive to propel the bullet) or airguns. The average cop I doubt knows what a coil gun is and will probably attempt to confiscate it without asking whether it is legal or not. For drawing tutorials like this one, i think of the the final image first and do some experimentation to achieve the specific look.Sometimes i play around with filters, patterns, brushes etc.

Although the bullets mass is low the relatively high acceleration results in a large force on the gun and consequently the holder. It will knock out any near by electronics (temporarily) and could melt the wires if they are strong enough. I would like to make one and get familiar with EMP's cause when I get older I want to design weapons. I have an array of 30 400v capacitors I made, I'd just need to find some wire that works well. By now, I've covered the hardware and general concept of electromagnetic pulse generators, but how exactly do they disable electronics? The flux-pole pulse simply modulates the general magnetic field to have a greater effect on electrons in surrounding conductive material.
For the Electromagnetic Pulse Generator, check out the last three articles (One, Two and Three).I'm sure almost all of you have used a microwave at some point in your lives. In this article, I'll be going over the simple basics of a microwave weapon, since microwave energy is a huge topic. If you want to upgrade to a more powerful, long range device, it's practically impossible unless you have a physics lab with extensive measuring equipment.
DO NOT attempt to build this device unless you are very very confident in your understanding of the dangers, correct practice of safety, and legal concerns. HIGH VOLTAGE!
Whether purchased at a dollar store, online or pet store, they're always fascinating and entertaining to play with. I'll only be covering the simplest concept, however you can read more about these types here. For lasers, these drivers primarily regulate current, since laser diodes are current hungry. Of course, there are methods around this approach, but it's great for office pranks and general fun. Using the photo below, locate the large, black battery-like cylinder and cross the two prongs with a screwdriver. Follow these steps to create the circuit, or use the schematic below (the circuit could easily be made on a protoboard or standalone).
Also, if your doorknob doesn't look like mine, or is round or another shape, the concept is simply to place the aluminum strips in a place on the handle where the victim would touch both, thus completing the circuit. You can easily attach the wire to the aluminum by bending over a portion of the tape, and wrapping the wire around it. The voltage from the capacitor isn't lethal (unless seriously misused), but should deliver a startling blast of voltage sure to leave the victim's arms tingling! NEVER work with large amounts of electricity unless you are experienced with safety and the dangers of electricity!Soldering irons are hot! Instead, a new Air Force tool will fry electronics using high-power microwaves emitted by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) a much more directed form of an EMP.
Edl Schamiloglu, a high-power microwave expert at the University of New Mexico, speculates that the weapon would focus microwaves on a target, where they would induce a power surge in unshielded wires, destroying circuits in satellite dishes, radars and anything else electronic. Although a UAV’s small engine could provide some power, it will take high-capacity batteries to produce the gigawatt microwave pulses. Any force used to push anything in any direction will have a certain amount of push back, and the hammer (there is no hammer anyway its a firing pin) in a conventional gun contributes nothing to the recoil.
For example, theese guns can fire tank shells 10 times faster if we give them enough power. This is because of the third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Bigass solinoids will use more energy than a modern 18 pounder, and although there is a chance that in a battle, a ship’s magazine will be hit, wouldn’t it be worse if the ships NUCLEAR REACTOR WENT CRITICAL?
So basically you won’t feel any kickback because it is transferred into electrical energy. To make sense electronic weapons would have to be easily rechargeable, able to put out projectiles the weight of standard rounds as fast or faster.
Sounds to me like it has great potential as a tranqualizer gun in say a zoo or something similar. Since the coil gun does not fall into either of these catagories, the law does not catch them.
It will only be when you get to court and you (or your lawyer) demonstrate to the judge that it is not a firearm as defined by the act that any charges relating to the possession of fire arms will be dropped. The American military have been doing research into them because an EMP could be used to take out an underground bunker without killing anyone.
The power requirements nesisary to even disrupt electronics fro 10ft away are far beyond what is coming into you're house.
How can an invisible field of energy have such a catastrophic effect on computers, cell phones, and most any other electronics? As a child, I always found microwaves fascinating; the idea of heating food with invisible energy, and even creating lightning should the user accidentally microwave metal!
However, an average microwave puts out 1,000-2,000 watts of energy, quite enough for destroying electronics.Microwaves tend to "fly in all directions" unless they are directed. You could also theoretically do this with induction and a receiver coil, but that's also very difficult. Even though laser diodes do not have the potential "pulse" power as a flashlamp laser, they do have many benefits.
This means if you are using a red laser, use RED GOGGLES, etc.If using a soldering iron, be careful! The tricky part is getting the victim to complete the circuit with their hand and release the power stored in the capacitor through their hand.
The idea here is to create a "circuit" out of your doorknob, so that when someone attempts to open it, the circuit is completed and electrocutes them.
The wires from the aluminum strips should easily wrap around the door itself, since they are very thin and there is usually some leniency in distance between the door and the door frame.
Most people don't look at a doorknob before they open a door, especially if it's one they go through often.
This would clear the way for troops or airstrikes and could even wipe out gear in hidden bunkers. Torres will say that he expects a prototype to be ready for flight tests in 2012, during which his team will adjust the beam to ensure that it inflicts damage only on the target. Plus as long as your m-16 isn’t on 3 round burst and you have the proper grip on it, you will barely notice the kick, let alone allow it to throw you off target. So, when we want to shoot in long range we set it to H, it will shoot faster bullets with a lower firing rate, and when we get into a building (CQB) we set it on L so the weapons firerate will be faster and bullets will move slower.
And they will be just as loud because most of the heard sound from a gun shot is in fact the sonic boom of the bullet breaking the sound barrier. An animal under anasthesia is under conciderable stress as it is and is of great risk alone. You can recharge using a handle (like in those flashlights you can get at your local hardware store), so it’s actually ideal for the military, as Iron filings take up such little space, and just turning a handle to recharge it means you never run out of power.

To distrou electronics (the only way for it to last more then a few seconds) it would need to be many thousands of times stronger.
This concept is the primary way we generate electricity; using coils of wire and powerful magnets.
Of course, the magnetron is certainly not that simple, consisting of several finely tuned "antennas" and other components. For example, where a high-powered flashlamp laser requires a high voltage source, capacitors, flashtubes, etc., laser diodes simply require a regulated current source and a heat sink.
In fact, it may be easier than you think to build one of these.There is a very simple laser driver circuit consisting of just three parts, all available for under three dollars. Attach two 5-inch pieces of magnet wire to the positive and negative high voltage outputs of your transformer circuit.
It's better to disguise the silver tape if your doorknob isn't silver—there are many ways to do this. The fact that most bullets break the sound barrier, while I have yet to see a coil gun that could should be further proof that coil guns while cool are not powerful weapons. So tell me, would you rather have a big explosion with lots of orangy pyrotechnics, or a f****ing mushroom cloud? So any way of removimg stress during a proceedure (ie a gun that does not frighten the animal by goin bang!) would be of huge advantage.
If you think about it though, a nuclear bomb is an EMP, a NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) to be precise, because gamma rays from the nuclear blast knocks electrons out of their orbits. If you've ever seen those "shake" flashlights, the little silver cylinder that's being shaken is actually a powerful magnet moving past a coil of copper wire, exciting electrons.
A basic illustration of how a magnetron works is pictured below: The round "1" is an electron source, the area between the power source and the antenna is the electron "accelerator", and the antenna itself is a simple way of "amplifying" and broadcasting the electron energy at a specific frequency. In my experimentation, I discovered that a slight cone-shaped metal funnel has the best microwave-focusing ability. Its like all 3 things at once , It comes through the wall i get sick and my heart feels tight its like the wave goes right through me and i feel a magnetic field out side my front door.
Here's a visual representation: The light produced from the n-p junctions is then "refined" with the use of crystal, then emitted.
The laser can put out about 150-200mW, easily enough to light matches and cut through tape. It's easy to remove the insulation from the magnet wire with a soldering iron, because it just melts off.
The electrons form an electromagnetic pulse which has a range varying on how high up the NEMP is.
An EMP generator follows the same concept; a high current pulse of electricity is released through a single or double loop wire antenna, creating an intense magnetic field that, in turn, excites electrons in any metal in the range of the magnetic field.
Before testing, remove any circuitry from the room! I am not responsible for any damage, harm, or widespread destruction you cause!
When these "tuned electrons" hit an object (specifically water or metal), they excite the molecules and generate heat, or in the case of metal, electrical energy. I was able to fry an old cell phone from up to 10 feet using three magnetrons and one funnel.
Fear of Lightning. DO NOT use this device on anything or anywhere where it violates FCC rules or any other legal constraint! I am not responsible for any damage, harm, or legal trouble you get yourself into. Yesterday I walked to the mail box and i felt a tinge tinge continuious like the fpl guy said if was a line problem this is it but with a mag field.
Diodes can produce a spectrum of wavelengths, depending on their configuration and physical components. All you need is an LM317 voltage regulator, a 3- to 10-ohm resistor (depending on your diode), and a laser diode from a DVD burner. If the NEMP is on the ground the explosion has a larger range than the EMP but in the air (e.g. This constitutes to about 6,000 watts (W) of directed energy, quite an accomplishment for 15 bucks spent at a thrift store. Now I have been reserching and I believe the weapon is a microwave with some extra torture thrown in. Microwaves not only wreck havoc on electronics, but also can harm living beings.This is where I must issue a WARNING!!!
The circuit diagram for each individual magnetron looked something like this: On a basic level, the circuit consists of a transformer, a voltage doubler (diode and capacitor) and a magnetron. Out side it is like a dead zone no birds no lizards my cat will not come in the house my dogs not happy. For example, a single pulse EMP takes much more current than a flux-EMP, but has a larger range and less components.
The three MOTs draw lots of power, so I had to hook everything into a thick, direct mains line. Since in a flux-EMP there must be an alternating (fluctuating) magnetic field, it requires power transistors to switch the current's polarity through the coil, and also hall effect sensors (magnetic field sensors) as well as an IC.In the past two articles, I've been focusing on the first method, the high current single pole pulse method, since it is the simplest concept and relatively easy to build.
The magnetron itself looks like this: There are two large magnets that "direct" the electrons as they pass through the antenna.
Also, if misused, flux-EMPs can cause catastrophic widespread damage to electronics, even if only wiping local flash and drive memory. Through multiple experiments, I've found that a simple single-pole EMP can easily wipe the local flash memory of any device up to three feet, and render any electronics permanently useless from about an inch.Keep in mind, this is the simplest of possible designs, consisting of three single-loop antennas, a couple capacitors, a switch, and a transformer.
There are many other components and function aspects of the magnetron that are very complicated, but interesting.
Ideally, focusing the magnetic field into a beam-like shape would work the best, but magnetic fields are very difficult to work with. I do hear deep rumbling are they hiding the noise with base sound The cops want to arest me . However, it is quite possible to create a short focus field, and that is exactly how a simple single-pole EMP functions, rather like a solenoid. Once directed, the microwaves can generate electrical current in any conductive metal they encounter. They key is parallel coils that "drag" the field through a "tube", and spew them out the other side before looping back around to the opposite pole. As seen in the photo above, the red lines represent the "squished" magnetic field as it moves through the coils of wire. How much electricity they generate is determined by the distance from the magnetron and the power of the output. The circular black ovals (with arrows) represent the looping field, as it returns to the opposite pole.
Stay tuned! If you're interested in other articles involving high voltage, magnetic pulses and weapons, check out How to Make a Coil Gun and Chained Lightning: The Jacob's Ladder.

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