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I hope that you're all having a beautiful day, and please keep sending me amazing suggestions! A classic skirt in a cage in 2016-ohms evolved to such an extent that a trend thing not only for adult women but also for young girls. Jacquard skirt in a cage by Chanel, from mini to MIDI, combined with stylish jackets and clear plastic shoes have become a real hit of the season! Each cell can be a small frame of different subjects and styles in skirts from Jeremy Scott. The cell can be combined with other prints, not geometric, as in skirts, which offer designers the fashion house Missoni. Designers Prada, not too away from the usual classics, offer to wear a skirt in a cage with a monochromatic jackets, decorated only some fragments of ornaments.
Ensemble by Miu Miu generally is a combination of not three different colors and stylish looking multi-color combinations, where red and white checkerboard skirt contrasts with the jacket in ivory.
Fashion house Burberry offers this season’s skirts in a cage with red, white and black lines on a beige background and black and white combinations. Fashion house Dries Van Noten, Lacoste, Christian Dior and Carven also experimented with cage in 2016-ohms! As for fabrics, it is dominated by wool, suede, Alpaca, tweed, cashmere, polyester, velvet, Merino.

Skirt polyester, made of transverse strips with cage different colors – zest from Bottega Veneta. Skirt Maxi shirt from fabric in a cage with applique, ruffles or tiered and looks elegant with a lace blouse and t-shirt. Thin go most of the above variety of styles, including models in the style of baby-dollars in combination with suede boots. Those who choose the casual style, surely will choose to wear a short feminine model of restrained colors with blouses without unnecessary decoration. Skirt in a cage is quite a versatile type of clothing, she always looks stylish without much effort and without spending exorbitant funds. Our line of Cage Skirts is a modern interpretation of the traditional female undergarment, which is light, comfortable, functional, yet still feminine and regal.
They are hand made from encased hoop steel boning and grosgrain ribbon, reinforced by rivets and stitching, they are durable and long-lasting, with a wide, adjustable belt, for comfort. Please refer to the following charts for your color selections, as well as sizing and care info.
Straight, flared, with opposing pleats in front or from low-coquette – these models are always look Flirty and in style.
Hand drawn frames and photo printing replace each other, form additional lines and patterns, making the brightness and variety to your usual images.

Bright by themselves, skirts in a cage, represented by different fashion houses, combined with jackets and blouses other prints. The decoration of the attire found in beige, chocolate and sand, this blouse is light purple with darker edging.
Pencil skirts with a high waist from traditional tartan, mini skirts trapezoidal shape in very well combined with leggings and sneakers.
We always strive to bring you the highest quality garments and make them with outmost care and attention. I always thought that it would be pretty easy to make, so I was super excited when not one but TWO people suggested that I try it out for a Make Thrift Buy episode! The outfits are designed to stay in the office, but can be used on evening cocktails in the enrichment of glamorous accessories: stylish belt, fashion beads and bracelets, originally tied by a handkerchief.
Overhead and interior pockets, decorated with zippers, piping, ruffle, fringe, can easily be present on the skirt in a cage. I recall in the comments of this video that you mentioned them as a way to wear short skirts without showing your underwear.

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