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Instead of buying a rabbit hutch already made, using plans to build an outdoor rabbit hutch sounds like a fun project.
Large Rabbit Hutches: Find great large rabbit hutches for sale, plus rabbit hutch plans and advice on how to look after them. Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages a€“ this e-book contains ALL our plans for building your own PVC and angle iron hutch frames, all-wire cages of many different sizes, 2 types of rabbit runs and much more. DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing a€“ Get the hutch plans, cage plans and rabbit run plans most suitable to livestock rabbits. Pet Rabbit Living Spaces a€“ Get the hutch plans, cage plans and rabbit run plans most suitable to keeping a few pet rabbits.
If you find any uneaten foods like veggies and greens, remove them twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Sometimes, you may have used hay inside, which should be removed if you find it soiled or wet. Concrete has gone far beyond sidewalks and fallout shelters, and now it's increasingly popular in home decor. Designing play spaces for your home - part 1 of this series explores ideas and inspiration for indoors. Bring more joy to your life with something totally wild in your home… like a giant indoor slide, or a secret play room under the stairs! This site is an archive for reference purposes only and content on these pages is no longer being updated. Rabbits will be in the spotlight this weekend at the annual Farmed Rabbit Industries Australia (FRIA) field day on the New South Wales mid-north coast. The industry's peak body is hoping to attract more farmers to the small but growing industry to meet consumers' needs for quality farmed rabbit meat.

Director Margaret James says the market potential for rabbits is huge with only 6,000 of a potential 30,000 rabbits processed each week across the country.
The Gourmet Rabbit and Red Wine Field Day is on this Saturday October 25 at the Kempsey Showground.
The guest speaker Doctor Sandra Eady from Crusader Rabbits, a CSIRO rabbit research project, will give an update on the farmed rabbit industry in Australia. Other speakers will include Stephen Keir from Akubra Hats on using rabbit pelts for hats and chef James Roberts will talk about the nutritional side of rabbit meat.
The president of FRIA Chris Bushell will give a boning demonstration of farmed rabbits and discuss value adding.
Topics on animal health and wellbeing and waste management and renewable energy will also be covered. Margaret and her husband John started breeding rabbits in 1996 on their property at Skillion Flat in the Macleay Valley. Kim Honan talks to FRIA director Margaret James about the upcoming national 'Gourmet Rabbit and Red Wine' field day.
One of the walls is also made of wire mesh to allow for ventilation and some have built-in nest boxes and shingled roofs.
But don’t make it too big, because the animal can gain some speed running inside and sometimes, if it gets terrified, it can injure itself by slamming against the sides.
As for rabbit cages, some of the best brands are Marchioro, Super Pet, Prevue, Ware Manufacturing and Bass Equipment.
There are several free rabbit hutch building plans available online that will meet your needs.
Learn how to plan rabbit hutch designs and build outdoor rabbit cages for your rabbit’s health and comfort.

Small messes like water spills and litter boxes should be cleaned on the spot so that dust and other particles do not settle on the spills. It gives you the opportunity to check the feces and urine of your pets and ensure that there are no changes indicating health issues.
If you choose to keep a shallow layer, then it is ideal to clear it daily and if you have a thicker layer, you could scoop out the mess and clear it less frequently. Other things like the feeding bottle, dishes, litter boxes, and haystack can be cleaned with hot water. It’s best to know what are the most recommended rabbit cage brands and the stores where to buy them.
You can buy rabbit cages online through stores such as Rabbit Stop, PetSmart, Petco, eBay and Tractor Supply. For disinfecting the cage and other accessories, you may use a bleach solution; the accessories may be soaked in the disinfectant for 30 minutes and then rinsed well.
The designs and colours are truly inspiring and the products are sure to make kids jump over the moon. The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the cage and the number of rabbits you have.

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