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North Korea tested its so-called Space Launch Vehicle which could deliver a stealthy nuclear attack on the United States by orbiting a nuclear weapon over the South Pole where the U.S. Having a generator for back-up power is great – unless you don’t have the fuel to run the generator.
About two weeks ago, a violent storm line called a derecho passed through our area; thousands of people lost power – not for a few hours, but in some cases, for a week or more.
While governments and the Pentagon are increasingly talking up the need to protect the sensitive power grid and brace for the impact of a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident, which could come naturally from a solar flare or via an attack by a foreign entity, the Air Force is ready to embrace EMP as the status quo of future warfare. The Air Force Research Laboratory has been working with Boeing for several years on the perfection, miniaturization and deployment of its Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), which has already been in the arsenal, but which will become increasingly central to the armed forces. In their test, the electromagnetic attack took out all the computers and other electronic equipment in the office without creating any structural damage, which would have rendered most populations and many enemies helpless in a real world conflict scenario.
Though there are ways to guard against an EMP attack, it essentially amounts to an instant checkmate for anyone who is not prepared. Lights out may largely translate to game over in future scenarios… bringing the masses to their knees.
That is what the Air Force is eyeing, and why it is (pardon the unfortunate pun) championing CHAMP in its public relations efforts. CHAMP is “an operational system already in our tactical air force, and that is really what will make us more operationally relevant. United States EMP Commission statement about the domino effect an EMP attack would have on the United States. But are its devastating effects against civil populations – even in declared wars – fair game?
The potential for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event that could wipe out the electric grid, and with it, the society that is dependent upon it is considered by security experts to be inevitable and perhaps likely in the short term. Filed Under: EMP Tagged: EMP attack, prepper, Shield Against EMP Attack, storage foodWHAT YOU CAN DO NOW ABOUT THE THREAT OF AN EMP ATTACK? These two sites provide excellent scientific studies about the potential threat of EMP weapons, along with a history of EMP testing done in 1962, the last time a nuclear weapon was detonated in space. Any who are reading this who live along the Southern coast or in “Tornado Alley,” already know the basics.
The longer you stock pile for, the better off you will be, though even a week or two of supplies could be crucial.   Again, this is something anyone in a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado zone is already aware of. You can also reference numerous websites for survival packages.   Just be aware that much of it is overpriced and with a little research and effort you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. Other survival needs.    Sanitation produces from anti bacterial soap, to knowing how to set up a portable toilet with household items, to, embarrassing as it might be for this guy to talk about, feminine products.
If local officials know that their citizens are concerned, they will definitely respond.   A minimal investment of a few thousand dollars at a local level could prepare your first responders with communications equipment properly stock piled in EMP proof storage areas, an operational plan as to what to do in those crucial first hours after an attack, and how every “first responder” should recognize an EMP strike and then how to report in and start organizing your community to survive. It’s winter again and it makes me chuckle inside when I see people that are taken by surprise. Power outages are a real threat in winter weather – there are ALWAYS power outages with any snow storm. Now, I don’t know much about naming snow storms but I can tell you when one hits, I’m ready for it and you should be, too. Being a prepper means trying to become more prepared for every possible situation that we can.
We can prepare for a terrorist attack, we can prepare for an economic collapse and we can prepare for Natural disasters, but just about every one of these events could include some sort of grid down event. Imagine how you would react if all the modern conveniences you depend on day in and day out were all taken away. This article will address a much misunderstood subject, the effects of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and some practical countermeasures against the damaging effects it can cause.
The interaction of these electrons with the earth’s magnetic field then generates EMP, which is actually three components. I am a degree electronic engineer with nearly 40 years in practice, and worked as a volunteer amateur radio operator in the MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) from the early 1980’s into the mid 1990’s, a time in communications when we were migrating from vacuum tubes to solid state electronics and the military communication planners were well aware of the EMP issue, and produced quite a bit of documentation and training material on the subject.
EMP produces high voltages and currents via induction from a magnetic field across a conductor. What this means is that many small electronic items, from FRS radios, to cell phones may be untouched, because the voltages induced internally are small.
Nearly all modern electronics are hardened against induced voltages from things like static electricity and tested using both contact and air gap discharge tests with a minimum voltage in the range of 4000-8000 volts or more. While your cell phone may be undamaged, the cell towers, and interconnections to the normal telephone network will most likely fail, leaving you with a rather useless communications device with perhaps a working mp3 player and camera. A large solar electric panel has a large surface area and wiring, and makes a pretty good antenna for induced power, and I’m not sure you can really do anything to save them, other than a duplicate set stored in an EMP proof manner. Now imagine a heavy thunder shower coming over the area that lasts perhaps for only 15 seconds. Of those that are upright, some of the smaller shot glasses may have a little water, or even be dry, but the buckets, pools, and especially the rain barrel, contain a lot of water. The larger the surface area of the antenna, and the more directly it faces the pulse wave front, the more energy is transferred and the more current gets induced. In 1962 the United States detonated a 1.4 Megaton nuclear device in the upper atmosphere 250 miles above the earth’s surface in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 900 miles from Hawaii.
It is generally true that an EMP event will not harm most humans; the power induced by an EMP event can possibly harm someone with a pacemaker, the lead wires of which may make a good set of antennas.
Old stuff: My 30+ year old Stihl chainsaw and my 40+ year old generator both use magnetos and no electronics for the ignition. Spares: Keep EMP protected spares of equipment or repair components for newer equipment that you have decided is required equipment.
Naturally shielded Equipment: whenever possible, purchase electronics in metal enclosures and not plastic. Natural Faraday Shield: Storing equipment in naturally shielded enclosures can provide protection to varying degrees depending on the enclosure, and can make a good place to store commonly used devices.

Also, since the container cannot have any holes in it, the only way to really be sure it is always protective, is to have an airlock type door system, ensuring that one of the two doors is always closed when accessing the contents.
Storing devices in anti-static bags is not a bad idea, but is unnecessary when the device is encased in foil. To ground or not to ground: There seems to always be heated discussion on whether or not to ground a Faraday cage.
Once you get the radio to stop, add, and remove a ground and you’ll see that the radio is not affected.
While this in itself won’t hurt anything, if it is long enough and enough power is induced into it, you could see arcing, in, around, and possibly through your cage barrier. If a ground was required to be functional, then is would not be possible to protect aircraft from EMP.
Final (random) thoughts: Keeping things protected from an EMP event isn’t all that hard, and dealing with individual items may provide some security, that may not be provided with a single large storage container.
Another event generally lumped into the EMP discussion is that of an EMP type event due to a solar storm. Hopefully this information will give you a starting point to think about countermeasures for an EMP event, and give you some ideas on how to secure equipment in your own situation. A spokesman for the Center for Security Policy says that the threat of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is real.
A recent launch of an SLV by Iran has sparked renewed concern of an attack that could send an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to wipe out computer controls for systems on which society has come to rely, officials say.
Officials also report Iran has been testing detonation of its nuclear-capable missiles by remote control while still in high-altitude flight. An enemy of the United States, be it Iran, North Korea or a terrorist organization, does not need to detonate a nuclear weapon on the ground.We believe this is the only reason why Iran would be testing SLV’s with in-flight detonations. A small-scale, five to ten kiloton weapon detonated 200 miles above Nebraska, or a few weapons detonated 50 miles or so above the eastern, western and central United States would do the job. The effects would be nothing short of disastrous – literally the end of the world as we know it. This means that everything, from the refrigerator in your kitchen to the semi-trucks that carry food across the country, would be non-functioning. If an enemy of the USA wants to bring America to its knees without rendering the land completely useless, they could do so with an EMP weapon.
We’ve always believed that a mainland invasion of the United Stated would be difficult, if not impossible. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. From theory, I remember that EMF induced is a function of the rate of change of magnetic flux. It sounds like your understanding of the theory is missing an important point: Each turn contributes to the EMF.
The wires used to wind the generator coils may look like plain copper wires, but they are actually coated in a thin layer of enamel, which electrically insulates them from adjacent wires. I believe that the mesh you show has un-enameled wire (Test for continuity between crossing wires to be sure) which connects at every crossing.
If the mesh does have enameled wire, and you can make the connections such that each wire contributes to a loop, and you can bend the mesh such that it occupies little more space than the equivalent number of turns of magnet wire, I see no reason why it would function any more poorly than the magnet wire version.
Second, a mesh doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to get useful energy from the changing magnetic field, not just dissipate it as heat in the mesh. A mesh approximates a conductive sheet, so do your thought experiments with a conductive sheet. If the coil were were made of material with high permeability, would it not get magnetized sooner or later and require greater effort to induce a field? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electromagnetism inductor or ask your own question. Too few have come forward to pray for this conversion; therefore, their errors now have been spread throughout your world. Now you know, My children, and now you must act upon this knowledge, or you, too, will feel captivity and slavery and the closing of My houses throughout your country.
The irony of the portable back-up generator – most of them, at least – is that they run on gas. The lines queued up real fast at local gas stations – the ones with still-operable pumps, anyhow. Joan Neuhaus Schaan of the Texas Security Forum says the consequences would be devastating. While for most of us being completely prepared is physically or financially impossible there are some things we should all be doing. I’m not just talking about your cell phone and the lights in the house not working, I’m talking about everything we need to survive and don’t give a second thought. When a nuclear weapon is detonated in the atmosphere, gamma radiation travels in all directions (spherically) and ionizes the air molecules around it, stripping the electrons in a cascade effect. We will not go into the physics here, bit a search of EMP and Compton Effect will bring you all of the heavy-duty reading you can handle. If we think of the conductor as an antenna, then the smaller the antenna, the smaller the induced power will be. Unfortunately, most devices connected to the power line will suffer damage, up to and including complete inoperability, due to the induced high voltages on the power grid, which then are presented to the outlets in your home. Keep in mind however that you may have antennas on some of your equipment that is not connected to the power grid.
In short, anything not connected to the power grid that has its own extended wiring (antenna) is vulnerable. Take a collection of containers, from shot glasses, coffee cups, 5 gallon buckets, kid’s swimming pools, and the rain barrel attached to your downspout, and set them all over the yard. To some extent this may affect things in a seemingly random fashion, because it depends on a lot of factors that cannot be known when the event occurs.

Even here, the location of the person and orientation to the pulse will have an (unpredictable) effect.
While not perfect, the metal enclosure will provide some amount of faraday shielding to your device. Metal desks, filing cabinets, metal storage boxes (tool box with tight-fitting lid), or even a 30 gallon metal trash can with a tight-fitting lid, can be convenient and are a better place to store things than laying out on the countertop or table.
Any metal will do, and although commercial cages are generally constructed with copper mesh, copper is not required. The simplest way to provide protection is to keep things in their original boxes, and wrap the boxes like Christmas or Birthday presents with several overlapping layers of aluminum foil, being careful not to tear the foil on the corners or any sharp edges. The short answer is that it isn’t necessary and indeed may be harmful in some configurations. If the cage is physically close to earth ground, a heavy breaded ground may not hurt anything, but is not required.
The only real danger of leaving the cage ungrounded is that if you are touching it at the moment of an EMP event, you will likely receive a nasty shock.
Keep in mind that the LED’s in flashlights are solid state devices, and although superior in almost every way to the older light bulb based lights, may be susceptible to EMP when those old light bulbs are not. The good thing here is that NASA keeps a pretty close eye on the sun and we generally get some warning on future events. The effects of an EMP event are in many ways theoretical, and all we can do is the best effort based on what we do understand if the physics involved. Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed that Iran successfully launched a multi-stage SLV, the Simorgh.
But, if an EMP weapon were to be used, our country could effectively be invaded within a matter of months, as most of the population would be wiped out and the government and military infrastructures in disarray. The recovery period from a collapse of this magnitude would be counted in decades, not years, thus, for those who are “prepping” for a worst-case scenario, consider long term sustainability planning when planning for an EMP SHTF scenario.
I'm a ham radio operator and I naturally would be putting nicad, solar panels, VHF radios and broadcast band radios into the box, plus electrical components of every sort I could think of. A generator is typically a changing magnetic field applied to a bunch of diamagnetic wires wound closely together over a laminated core. So they aren't like having one big chunk or sheet of copper (which is what your mesh would approximate).
North Korea, he said, apparently orbited a satellite over the south polar region on a trajectory and altitude consistent with making a surprise nuclear EMP attack against the United States.
You have blindly walked right into the trap of enslavement set upon you through devious infiltration of your government, your schools, and your medias of communication. You could not even buy a portable five gallon (or 1 gallon) gas jug at any Lowes or Home Depot in the area.
The lights were damaged precisely because they were part of a large antenna system which allowed large voltages and currents to be produced. All of my Yaesu radios are build this way using heavy cast aluminum for the main body, although those connected to a power supply or antenna during an event would most likely be damaged.
Make sure to remove paint and rust so the lid and the container have a solid electrical connection. The problem with constructing a single Faraday Cage is that everything must be stored there, and may not be easily available for everyday use. BTW, the copper mesh is generally used due to weight concerns and to allow external light to penetrate the cage, since having anything but a battery-powered light in the cage would represent a break of the cage integrity to the outside world. Assuming the cage is constructed properly, which can be tested by placing a battery-powered radio inside (the radio should stop producing sound when the cage is closed).
Connecting a lighter (single copper wire) more than a few feet, may seem like a ground connection, but in reality can act like an antenna.
Lightning is generated as a high voltage differential between the upper atmosphere and the ground, and the lightning strike is natures attempt to bring the differential to zero. Keeping additional supplies (like the diodes for the vehicle alternator) wrapped in aluminum foil and tucked in the bottom of the drawer, will give you the ability to fix the broken things if an event actually breaks them. So, get some cheap aluminum foil and look around the house and I suspect you’ll find a lot of potential hidey holes that will fit the bill. Once the weapon goes off, it would be difficult to determine from where it came and to respond appropriately, as all forms of traditional communication would be wiped out. Frankly, I think I'd build two or three of these boxes.i»?Michael Braverman: Awesome video!
Part of the reason for the close winding is probably to expose as many turns as possible to the changing flux.
Because a grid down event could be the primary disaster, or the secondary event caused by any number of disasters. Our food and water supplies, communications, banking, hospitals, law enforcement, etc., all depend on the electric grid. Those on their side are similar, but some of them nay contain water, based again on their orientation to the storm. The same would also apply to older vehicles with carburetors and standard points & condenser, or maybe some of those old tube based radios. When possible, line the edges of the container and lid with copper or other electrical braid to act as an electrical gasket. The magnetic field gradients within the box should always cancel out to zero, regardless of whether or not the cage is grounded.
Would this be reliable enough or should I still try the FM radio test?i»?reno911unlocred: Very intersting video and all i needed to know, but WHAT THE freak is up with the glasses.
Do we know if would damage all electronics or if some would work based on type or location or situation?

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