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Description: Sarah shares how to make a two storey hamster apartment with panoramic views of your living room.
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.
I think this is a marvellous invention and I am going to use your idea as my son would like a hamster.
Hi Sarah – I think that this enclosure is fantastic and as you say much nicer than the store bought ones, both for you and for Hammy.
Firstly there is more than enough ventilation for my hammie, there are holes drilled on the lower level for ventilation and there are huge air vents on the top level. No problems with smell, all the open areas and seams were sealed with non-toxic hamster friendly sealant so no urine can seep through. It looks cool, but how are you meant to clean out the wood shavings from the bit with the sealed acrylic?
I made my mouse cage out of grids and wire mesh:Have had him almost 4 months now with no issues with the cage. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! In a city in Australia, two different several-foot-long pythons have been found in two separate toilets in the space of a couple weeks, according to CNN. Not sure but I think I heard its female mice that do the climbing I guess in the wild they do the food searching.Hmm I have my 3 does in a wire cage that is a great size. So for starters, while rats have more finicky respiratory systems, mice are a little more tolerable, in that aquariums and DIY bins with mesh lids offer adequate housing. A tank would be clearer viewing, and my thought is there would be enough ventilation for the amount you are interested in. Screw the side, front, and back panels together, forming a 4-sided box open at the top and bottom.
My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". Instead of the glass hinge door though I will be using a wood frame and putting screen there. Not sure why the anonymous felt the need to post such a pointless comment as it was clear that it was an pet post (She is more than welcome to go to a pet shop, buy all the hamsters and try releasing them into the wild).
The bottom part is easy to clean, just lift the shelf out, empty the bottom with a dustpan or similar and then when it is empty of wood shavings, I clean it with an antibacterial pet cleaning spray. Maybe your friend could transfer the mother and if very, very, very, very, very carefully the babies into an old glass aquarium or if you haven't got one, then a very strong plastic box.Hope this helps.Mweekie!
While there are multiple urban legends surrounding toilet-based animal attacks, and they are rare, several people have been known to have been bitten by animals while sitting down on the toilet.
In 2011, a woman whose toilet wouldn’t flush was surprised when a black snake slithered out of it, revealing itself to be the source of the clog. But I would keep them in the sane type if cages as your breeding cages just incase you need a spare cage or decide to keep a few younger ones who could creep out of the wire as they do!

I personally don't believe these are suitable for any kind of animal.I keep my mice in large home-made bin cages. I would make larger side openings on the bottom bins though and cover it with a wire netting. I've seen so much disagreement about whether mice should be in cages or not that I figured it's be best to ask here rather than just believe what I found when Googling.On another note, yesterday I was nearly convinced I was coming home with a little buck.
A chinchilla cage needs to be large—about 3 feet high and at least 2 X 3 feet (6 square feet) in area.
Hint: if you measure the sides so that they fit flush between the front and back this will give a nicer appearance to the front of the cage. To do this you will need to construct the front panel with a frame inset into the panel for the door.
The bottom half has an acrylic sheet secured against the front to allow for a thick layer of wood shavings and happy hamster digging time. Also on the shelf I will put a glass or plexy glass wall about 6″ high so no bedding gets out.
One logistical question; when you push the bottom shelf up to remove it for cleaning, how do you prevent shavings from getting everywhere? How do you clean the bottom part, and won’t the urine seep down into the seams and be absorbed by the particle board? I've never had one but if they are like mice they can squeeze trough some pretty small spaces. You can attach thin Plexi to the grid sides with zip ties, just put drill a couple of holes in strategic places so you can zip the plexi to the grids.
The bite was not poisonous, but the 43-year-old man was taken to the hospital to receive stitches. I just cut out the center of the lid of the bin and added mesh to the hole, then I added a small and long window that goes along the top of the long side.
If you are handy with tools and want to make a chinchilla cage for your furry friend, it’s not very difficult.
Fasten 2x4 pieces of wood together for the sides and back with screws arranged to form a 4-inch deep frame. Each will be a rectangular frame (1x2 boards can be used here) with a vertical piece inset at the center to provide added support. For maximum stability, use angle braces screwed to the wood frame of the sides or back of the cage and a thin piece of wood screwed to the angle brace for the shelf.
I installed them because as hamsters are red blind, you can have the red LED on at night and watch them whilst they are completely unaware. Anyway, my hamster loves this cage and its far nicer than one of the cheap plastic cages you get from the shops.
I was thinking about the possibility of doing two hinged doors instead–how do you think that would work? Only pets and I am not afraid to go full out on giving them whatever would make them happy, as well as much them more fun to watch in their habitat.I have a 40 gallon aquarium (that is currently occupied by two gerbils).

My mice climb on that when they're trying to get to me, but otherwise they just burrow.A 40 gallon tank would be fine, especially since you already have it.
The front piece should be cut to leave a gap at the bottom for the litter tray to slide in (about 1 inch, but this will vary depending on how high the front edge of the litter tray is. Be sure to sand the edges of the shelves so they are rounded to prevent injury to your chinchilla. The advantage of a top-opening cage is that it gives better access to the cage, making cleaning easier.
Your hamsters will live happily in there palace while the other are in small pet store cages. As reported by This Is Local London, 55-year-old Maxine Killingback was sitting on the toilet when she was bitten by a rat that was trying to get out. When it comes to larger tanks, I'd much rather have a bin cage since they are cheaper and a lot easier to clean. I was leaning towards females because I didn't want a male that had to be alone, plus everyone seems to agree that males stink a LOT more. Because specific measurements will vary depending on how much space you have, specific measurements are omitted. If the tray does not have a handle drill holes in the front and fasten a handle to it (available at any hardware store). Hiding it in a stuffed TP roll, so they chew into it, or just placing it all over in hidden locations, works. Fasten a sheet of thin wood to the bottom of the base with screws to hold the litter tray in place.
Easy to do in a tank or bin, with popsicle stick creations that go up, or various cardboard packing buffers that are tall, and sturdy enough to climb on. There are also things like wire cage bits, and bird ladders that would give things to climb on.
I'll be moving out of my parents' house in about eighteen months and then I'll have plenty of room for as many rodents as I want, mwahahah!
If the wire on top of your tank lid is strong welded wire, you can snip out some squares to attaching hanging toys, ladders, chain with tubes strung on them, etc. My mom did officially say I could take the gerbils' tank when the gerbils have passed, though, so that's good.
House mice are not like field mice, or gerbils, they like being able to have 'walls' close by, even if they are not walls at all, but instead baked cardboard egg cartons, or any other assorted thing.

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