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Celebrate Chinese culture with your kids with a lesson on the Chinese Zodiac in the form of fun paper animal masks. Queen Poses with Grandkids for 90th Bday… Does It Look Like She’s Going to Eat Them? In our excitement over his latest bush craft lesson, we forgot to remove his food items from his pack.
Actually, these rodents will eat just about anything. We were fortunate that we only lost a pack of cheap noodles and was left with only one extra opening in his pack. Once the wire is through both ends, make sure the wire extends a few inches past the bucket on both edges. Just walked out to my shop to check the bait and Ratzilla just ran up the wall onto some storage shelves. Epic fail! The Victor rat trap trigger had been stripped of peanut butter and was dangling from the bucket. The thought of using a wide-mouth bucket to increase the distance to the bait wheel occurred to me early on in this epic battle. What I discovered is that my bucket trap was nothing more than a rolling rotisserie for large rats. P.P.S – If you find value in our blog, Dirt Road Girl and I would appreciate your vote on Top Prepper Sites! We encourage you to share and republish our reports, analyses, breaking news and videos (Click for details). Todd Walker is married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl, proud father and grandfather, a government school teacher, a lover of the primal lifestyle and liberty. Couldn’t you make something similar like that for politicians, lawyers, judges, jounalists, Idiot Boob talking heads????
All information on this web page including the pictures may not be used for any purpose without the signed consent of the owner of Rat Dippity Rattery. It is important to house your rat in a rat appropriate cage, that accounts for the number of rats in the cage and the size of the rats. It is also vital to their health that you know what bedding is safe and what bedding is damaging to their health. Houses, hammocks, hiding places and toys will provide your rat with a variety of options to keep them occupied when you are unable to play with them. Than, look at the size of your rats head and make sure the spacing on the cage bars is close enough together that your rat will not be able to escape. On aquariums make sure the top can be securely closed, so the rat will not be able to push off the lid, if the lid is a little loose, you can put a rock on top to help stabilize it.
The wire is rough on the rats feet and can cause medical conditions such as Bumble foot, or cause the rat to get his foot or leg stuck.
If you have a wire cage bottom, try to put Plexi-glass, linoleum, vinyl flooring, tile or any other type of hard surface flooring you find works onto the floor. Do not clean cages with poisonous, harmful smelling cleaning supplies, that could leave an odor behind, these may cause health problems for your rats. It is necessary that your rat has at least one house, box or some sort of shelter in their cage.
Providing a rat with shelter is important as it makes them feel safe, and it gives them a good place to take a nap in peace. Rats love to play, hide and run around, so providing them with houses, beds and toys is important to keep them occupied and to provide them with amusement.
Most pet store employees have no idea what is and isn't safe for your animals, do not take them at their word, if they try to tell you Pine and cedar is safe for rats -do not listen to them. When looking for a bedding to use, look at the package and consider how much dust the bedding contains. Store bought bedding can sometimes contain small bugs & mites living in it, which is not good for your rats, so be aware and examine the bag closely.
One way to avoid bugs in the bedding is to put the bedding in the freezer for at least 2 days. Newspaper bedding is a great option -usually much cheaper than store bought bedding and easy to clean up. You can also use other scrap paper, such as old notebook paper, junk mail, or rolls of brown packaging paper. You can lay flat sheets of newspaper on the bottom of the cage and then shred some strips of paper to put on top. Fleece blankets are recommended as they have no strings or stitching your rats nails or toes could get caught on. Water dishes usually don't work well in cages, but rats do enjoy them, so if you have water bottles and water dishes out in the rats free range area this will give them a choice of which they would like to use. Some rats will dunk their paws and heads under water in water dishes to help clean themselves.
If you have multiple rats living in the same cage it is important to have a few different sleeping areas. Get a towel, scarf or fabric item and run it through the front and back of the cage bars, decide at what height you want the hammock and make sure you insert the fabric the same number of bars down on both sides. You can also use paper clips, clothes pins, twist ties, rubber bands, Velcro, or other types of hooks to hook the hammocks onto the cages. Cardboard boxes make great rat houses, just find a box that is a good size to fit into the cage or in the area you are putting the house.
Cardboard houses are not permanent houses, as they will get dirty, run down and urinated on, but they make great temporary houses and sometimes can last months. To make your cardboard houses last longer and easier to clean you can cover them in clear packaging tape -this allows you to be able to wipe the box surface off from time to time.
If you have more than one rat, it is best to try to make houses with two doors, this way they both can get in and out even if one is sleeping right in front of the door.
Run a few twist ties through the ventilation holes and attach it to their cage for a nice new hiding room so it doesn't go unused.

Rats come in all sizes big and small, a Jumbo rat will need more space than a small sized rat. Rats need to have enough space so that everyone can find a spot to sleep in, preferably making several sleeping spots available.
Not all rats get along so it is important to only house rats together that like each other. The bigger the cage the better, you should be able to tell by knowing your rats size and knowing the size cage you are wanting to house them in how many should fit in their comfortably. If your rats are in an aquarium then boxes and other toys need to be put into the cage so they have places to go and explore and climb. If you are questioning if your cage is large enough for a certain number of rats, than your cage probably should be bigger! Below are some pictures of the various beds, couches, houses, hiding spots and rat areas i have for my rats.
Clean the shelf, find some foam or some sort of soft bedding and cut it to the size it needs to be. Than i covered the foam with a blanket, that way i can take it off and change it for easy washing. This house has Plexi glass windows, has open and closeable front door, garage door and some room doors. This house measures 5 feet wide, 2nd level measures 2 feet 2 inches tall and the 3rd level measures 3 feet 7 inches tall. The house is complete with rat beds, couches, sticks, toys, food, water and a digging box occasionally filled with growing herbs. The stairs are made of wood and covered in fabric to soften them and protect the rats feet. Wooden "Rat shack" two story house with 2 doors on the bottom level and 1 door on the top level. I put cardboard under the blankets on the bed to keep the rats from falling through, if the blankets get moved around. Here are two more rat beds i use, these two are placed under the bed at the moment for them to sleep on.
The bed comes apart in two pieces so you can put a blanket in between the pieces to protect from spills.
Floor in front of the food area is covered in place mats to protect the carpet from spills.
Stairs lead the rats up to the second level where there is newspaper laid down and a box to hide in. The lower shelf has two rooms with sliding doors and an open center area with food and water.
They also make a good shelf, such as if put under a rat cage door so they can jump out onto it. This is a canvas shelf which you hang sideways on the wall, i thought it made the perfect rat tent and the rat kids agree. These stairs tend to get moved around quite a bit and have been in many different locations. Some Rats like running in plastic balls, well others just can't seem to figure out what to do with their tails. Rats tails are directly connected to their spines and having to small of a wheel can injure their spine. Rats who run on wheels can develop "wheel tail" which is when they run around all the time with their tails up just like if they were running on the wheel. Rats love making newspaper houses (especially at 3 in the morning!), it will keep them busy for hours.
If you find scabs around your rats neck and you have rats that live or play together watch them and see if they are chewing on each other -before thinking they may have mites or bugs. Get a small tray or container (litter boxes work great), fill it with dirt, plant some edible plants or herbs and give the box to the rat. A beautiful vase or a new kitchen gadget helps to reestablish my sense of control, and it can work wonders for my state of mind (I’m referring to an influx of happy hormones).
I’ve only recently become aware of how consumerism gives me the illusion of being in control. Movies aren’t riddled with adverts but they absolutely influence your spending habits.
I want to sit curled up on my sofa drinking coffee (even though I don’t actually drink much coffee!) reading an English classic.
Instead, I’ve come up with a plan to ensure that I no longer run out and purchase things on impulse.
Feral cats tend to be nocturnal, but are sometimes sighted during the day – primarily in the early morning and twilight hours. Feral housecats are very prolific, producing up to three litters of 2 to 10 kittens per year.
Feral kittens can make very nice pets, especially if they can be captured when they are very young (6-8 weeks). The Mission of our site is to provide information on collecting cars to make you a more informed and happier collector. Today’s Feature Car is one that is a blend of the retro-rod and the the stand up comic rod. Steve built this wild Rat Rod for fun but gets a lot of promotion out of it for his shop Checkers Custom Cars, where he specializes in unique, customizing of new and old cars.
If left to their own survival instincts – they gotta eat – rats can destroy non-hardened food storage items and spread disease.
I saw a couple of bucket rat traps on YouTube that seemed clever. This would be the perfect time to test the theory. Large rat traps are part of my survival trapping kit. They’re useful for trapping tree rats (squirrels) and other small game in a survival scenario.

I modified the trigger to make the V-shaped metal tab stick up at a 45? angle. I then formed a ball of cheese around the trigger and reset the trap. When a mouse scurries up the ramp to eat, in theory, he will leap to the can for the bait, spin off the wheel and drown. But due to my obsession with destroying Ratzilla’s posse in a timely manner, I had no time to waste.
The shredded paper on top will help soak up urine and give the rats material to build nests and houses with. Be very careful on what fabric you use if you are going to drape it over a box to cover a doorway -rats are well known for chewing holes in them and then trying to walk through the newly chewed hole and getting stuck. Then pull the fabric up through the bars and wrap it around the bars until it is tight and won't fall down.
You can decide weather you want to make just one bottom cushion or make back and side cushions as well. It may take them a little while before they notice the food, so you may have to help them find the food. We’re constantly bombarded with media from all angles and although I rarely watch cable TV or read magazines, I do so love my movies.
The following is a typical scenario from one such movie: The heroine wakes up in a spotless apartment and makes herself a cappuccino in her awesome, really cool-looking espresso machine.
I’ve somehow managed to convince myself that an espresso machine will help me achieve the calm aura that the heroine exudes in bucket loads. When you go shopping for things that you really need, for example, socks, winter boots, etc. They are fertile at 4-6 months of age, and they reproduce exponentially – one pair of breeding cats can potentially produce 420,000 offspring in just seven years! Extreme caution should be taken since feral mother cats are very protective and will vigorously defend their young. It is important for a car collector to enjoy their muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods or rat rods in a way that makes them happy, We will bring you the stories behind the owners and the cars.
He used a 1955 Chevy steering box but had to reverse the direction, hence the Rube Goldberg linkage which includes Corvette and Mustang II brake rotors as pivots.
If you plan to reuse the liquid, turn the can over and bore another hole in the bottom of the can over a container. DRG suggested that the “Stairway to Heaven” was not wide enough and the Victor trap needed to be placed, as designed, flat on the floor. This is why I continue to stress the importance of trading theory for ACTION before you actually need critical gear and equipment. This is important when they are first getting to know you as this helps promote trust in their new environment.
You can place the pouch on your lap or on top of a table and look in, and pet and whisper to your precious little ones and give favorite treats.They have handles on the side so you can carry your pets from room to room with you.
The second level has 2 rooms, and the bottom level has one indoor room and 2 outdoor rooms. She then curls up on the sofa with a copy of Pride and Prejudice, looking divine in her sexy pajamas and her floppy slippers.
Make a separate list for each child. Negotiate what goes on the list before you leave the house! They feed extensively on native animals such as birds, rodents, reptiles, rabbits and other wildlife.
However, life is not easy for feral housecats and, for the most part, they have an extremely short lifespan (about 3 to 5 years, as opposed to 15-20+ years in captivity). The stories about how the collector cars were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way. Some are little more than heaps of rust relying on gravity to keep the bodies attached to the frame. He enjoys taking trophies away from legit cars at the local shows and kids love it and crowd around it too which is really cool!
Center the can over the bucket opening and bend the spare wire on the outside of the bucket around the bucket rim to keep the can centered over the bucket. This is the perfect solution for bathroom accidents too, let's you interact without your pets going potty on your clothing. I like to use this space to share our journey as we learn to slow down and live life, uncomplicated. This of course lowers the carrying capacity of the area for native animal predators that belong here, such as raccoons, foxes, bobcats and coyotes. In true Rat Rod tradition, the only thing Steve bought was the cab. It was acquired on ebay. The rear axle is also a 1953 Chevy pickup rear with new gears. The radiator is late 1930s Ford.
For some reason the rats really like the second level, and don't go on the other levels as often. Steve says that to stand back and listen to supposed car guys talk about them is hysterical!!! Although I enjoy all well done Rat Rods my favorites are the ones that fall more into the retro-hot rod style. These are the cars that are built much like they would have been 40 or 50 years ago and done with a very limited budget.

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