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An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can be created by space weather, like massive solar flares, as well as HEMP weapons. In a nuclear war it is possible that the first nukes used would be HEMP weapons in an attempt to knock out defenses.
As the EMP hits the faraday cage, the energy travels around the outer metal material but not through the insulator. Batteries should not be effected by an EMP but might be useful stored with your electronics for easy access. If you have certain individual electronics you use regularly and want to add a level of protection, consider buying small faraday bags. This entry was posted in How To and tagged electromagnet pulse, electronics, emp, faraday cage, grid down, hemp weapon on November 6, 2013 by Michael.
Please note that all modern Lithium Ion batteries have management electronics built in, and thus be vulnerable to an EMP. Legal NoticeThe contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional, legal, or financial advice.
An inexpensive galvanized tomato cage or stake make a great frame for a small Christmas tree. The first thing we did was to place a zip tie around the pointed part of the tomato cage and pull the tips together. Next we took the metallic Pencil Ball Garland and attached it to the bottom of the tomato cage and just wound it around the tomato cage going all the way up to the top. The Deco Poly Mesh will start to curl up automatically so each cut was flipped over and scrunched up through the middle and held pinched in the center. To fill in these gaps, take two ruffles and place a piece of chenille stem or wire across the center of your ruffles and twist from the underneath side with a couple of turns.

We used regular old sidewalk chalk which was all we had handy, but a higher grade dustless chalk can be purchased.  We cut the strips of ribbon based on the length of random Christmas words and just did a chevron cut to the end of the ribbon, opened a twist and secure the ribbon in place.
The point of this is, you can make your own ferret cage if you have a clue as to what you’re doing, and you are responsible enough to make sure it is safe for the ferrets.
Cut into the side of it a square, then use zip ties to attach chicken wire to it so they can breathe.
And tote and the tank are basically the same thing, but you CAN get a larger tote, and cut out the sides for better ventilation if it is gonna be more then a month. High Altitude Electromagnetic Weapons (HEMP weapons) are nuclear weapons that are detonated high in the atmosphere.
In this tutorial we’ll show you how we did this using a tomato cage and Deco Poly Mesh along with assorted embellishments. Once you have work all the way through the twists, examine the tree for gaps or holes that need to be filled in.
Attach your piece of wire to the cage, making a support that you can secure your ruffle picks to. They are lightweight and have an opening on the inside that would make it perfect for perching on top of a tree.
Next time we might trying wrapping the cage in lights, after the garland goes on but we will just have to test this to make sure the lights shine through the mesh enough. We keep two ferrets in it, and it seems comfy enough for them that they usually return to it by themselves when they get tired. It doesn’t take up so much room by being only 14 inches wide, and the ferrets seem to really like it. A bin is not much bigger then the tank maybe higher a bit but if this is all only temp they should be ok for a bit like a month at most i would say.

You might have the materials lying around in your garage right now – and if not the cost to build one is very low and can sometimes be done in less than 10 minutes. If the box is grounded to the earth (third prong in household wiring or to a metal rod stuck in the ground) it should work better, but this is not required. The reader should seek his or her own legal or financial advice from a qualified professional. When buying the tomato cage, try to choose one that has a round bottom instead of the one that has stakes on each end. Create two ruffles and then place the ruffles in one of the twist on the garland and secure with a couple of turns.
Be sure and watch any ferret you put into a cage like this to make sure they don’t get their head stuck on one of the squares.
Electromagnetic pulses don’t hurt people directly, they just wipe out communications and infrastructure.
If you have to buy one that has stakes on each end, just push the stakes to the inside on the larger end instead of cutting them off. Just place the pick over a wire and reach in from the inside and secure with a couple of twists. There were some areas where we had added in our ruffle picks that of course didn’t have a twist for us to secure ribbon in, since they were secured to the tomato cage from the inside of the cage.
They didn’t seem interested in it until I put it inside the cage, now they really like it.

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