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Friends: Beth, Bridgette, Cody, DJ, Eva, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Katie, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Sierra, Trent, And Tyler!
Tdi Reason Eliminated: In The Trust Challenge, Ashley Purposly Through The Game To Knock Courtney Out Unconcius With Crab Apples. The lucky winners are: sam182 with her character Sam,lolly4me2 with her character Sofie,and rockzsanders with her character Haley! Following last year's devastating earthquake in Gujarat a team of Indian engineers have designed a house which it is hoped will better withstand natural disasters. The houses are being built throughout the state by a number of non-government organisations and the Indian Government. Aid organisation Care International, working in partnership with the Federation of Indian Commerce and Industry, plans to build 6,000 of the houses in the districts of Anjar, Bachao and Rapar.
Drawing on techniques pioneered in other earthquake-prone areas, the design has been tested on a "shake table" - used to test the resistance of structures to seismic shocks.

Satish Sinha from Care International said the houses had received a tremendous response from local people. He told BBC News Online that demand was such that the project has already been expanded from 9 to 23 villages. Mr Sinha said the idea was to provide people with a basic, but resilient core structure which could be expanded and developed if they wished.
The houses, which have three rooms including a kitchen, are constructed using local materials and have been designed in consultation with local people.
The project also hopes the design can be adapted and used in the construction of community centres, schools, nurseries and health centres. She loves anything geeky, (excluding Star Trek) such as Comic Books, Super Heroes, Star wars and science.
If that is the case,if she does not return to Fanpop within 10 days, someone else will be one of the winners.

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