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I decided, just to be fair and broad-minded, I really ought to take an exploratory plunge into the diverse world of web radio. First, a little terminology: There is no standardized name for the internet radio platform.
However, when most people think of web radio, they think of a tabletop device that looks like a traditional radio, but links to your home internet connection and plays music from the web. Plus, there is the risk that if you buy a cheap purpose-built internet radio, and the parent company goes out of business, your radio will no longer have a database from which it can pull stations. At the forum, the conversation quickly moved from wi-fi radios (like the above-mentioned Squeezebox) to internet radio applications for mobile devices. By the time the forum presenters had finished introducing this app, many of us in the room had already installed TuneIn on our phones and were checking it out for ourselves. Another mobile app worth considering is the free FStream, but you have to build a list of stations yourself–it does not come with a comprehensive directory. During the forum, I realized that many SWLers attending were more than reluctant to endorse web radio as an alternative to the familiar, trusted medium of shortwave radio.
I asked forum co-presenter John Figliozzi, author of The Worldwide Listening Guide, for his thoughts on the subject.

Many have lost credibility as they’ve loudly heralded the death of radio at the hand of (pick the latest new technology over the last 80 or more years). John makes excellent points here, and I must say that I agree.  In fact, I now see web radio as a platform for discovering small, even semi-isolated, community radio stations that, until the Internet, had never broadcast signals beyond their local communities.
As the SWLing Post is focused more on shortwave radio and international broadcasting, I asked Richard Cuff where listeners could go to be actively involved in discussions regarding internet radio? If we’ve convinced you to take the plunge into internet radio, and abandon any prejudice or guilt you may have about doing so, you must read our second part of this internet radio post. Continue to Part Two of this post, which details using the Cricket Muve ZTE Score No Contract Android Mobile Phone as a highly affordable web radio. This entry was posted in Articles, Radios, Reviews, Shortwave Radio, SWLers and tagged C.Crane Wi-Fi Radio, Internet Radio, John Figliozzi, Logitech Squeezebox, Richard Cuff, Shortwave vs.
On the other hand Pandora does allow you to have the same favorites across the two platforms because you use the same sign-in for both versions. As a short-wave listener going back to the 1950s, I miss the fun of short wave, but I was always more concerned with listening to specific programs than catching distant stations. Getting access to something you want to hear, no matter the distribution channel, anywhere in the world whether by ham radio, satellite, a podcast, an internet radio station gives more people the opportunity to learn, enjoy, relate…and share. Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Eager manufacturers jump into the market, as so many did in the early days of wi-fi radio, only to realize later that it’s not the right avenue for them and discontinue their radio service. After all, his radio guide is unique in that it includes not only frequency listings from across the traditional radio spectrum, but is also an authoritative internet radio guide. Web radio and shortwave radio listening are symbiotic–vitally linked, interdependent, nourishing one another, and growing in tandem. What some shortwave listeners fail to see is that what is most important is content, not just picking that station up static-free or not. I had actually made the mistake of buying a C.Crane shortwave radio, but I have returned it this week.

But as we do like to cover international broadcasting in our post, we must acknowledge that internet radio is now a significant part of that far-reaching landscape. Because many of these radios run on proprietary software and servers, when their companies fall out of the market, these radios are unable to connect to stations any longer. As far as I can tell, the main difference between the free and 99 cent mobile versions is that the paid app allows you to record (a good feature and certainly worth 99 cents). With the refund money, I may use it to get a standalone wifi radio like the Logitect Squeezebox.
In other words, should your radio befall this unfortunate fate, your sleek, high-tech device could abruptly become no more than a paperweight. If the most important aspect of radio is to give information from point a to point b, or entertainment, or…whatever, then wifi radio hits it dead on. Maybe because I am just young, but I actually prefer listening to stations online than on shortwave radio. You can download a TuneIn (like what I use on my cell phone) app on the Squeezebox, which is good for syncing up with my exsisting presets. I use my larger iPad, sign in to Tunein, set my favorites on there, and they end up on my iPhone Tunein, and on my Roku.
With more and more stations leaving HF, I can easily listen to them on the web from anywhere.
I have several police scanner apps that I can use to listen to police, fire, ems, airport control towers from all over the world. Wifi radio is the future, and we can be pulled, screaming our lungs out towards it, or we can embrace it, use it, and admire the technology that makes it possible. I still enjoy tuning to shortwave on my Tecsun PL-660, especially since some SWL broadcasters don’t stream online.

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