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There should be software that is implemented into an environment to ensure frequent backups of all major systems occur.
If such a disaster occurs the Disaster Recovery Team needs to assemble as soon as possible. Once the Disaster Recovery Team has outlined the correct actions to take based on the DRP they will start the execution phase. SINGBURI - JUNE 13 : Practicing fire protection plan and chemicals prepare for the officer about the Disaster Management on June 13, 2013 in Singburi, Thailand. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The first step is to be prepared in the case of a disaster (human or natural cause), is done by an organization creating and maintaining a disaster recovery plan (DRP). An organization should have the ability for their IT staff to have remote access into important servers to provided visibility into the environment. This will be done by evaluating the cause of the damage, what systems have been damaged, was it critical damage, is there a possibility of future damage, was critical infrastructures affected, and what is the expected recovery time.

This means they need to be prepared with their disaster recovery plan (DRP) to insure the correct actions are taken to remediate any damage as quickly as they can which will help limit negative financial and public relations impacts. The first step of the Disaster Recovery Team is notifying individuals of the organization, whether it is employees or upper management. After the assessing takes place the Disaster Recovery Team will need to decide on the correct actions based on the DRP and start to implement them.
They must develop their plan based on the critical assets and critical operations that need to be restored.
While the response can vary depending on what type of disaster occurs, I will cover the main points of what should be included in your disaster recovery plan. The organization should provide itself with the ability to access archives to replenish any lost data.
Finally, the Disaster Recovery Team will restore the affected systems back to their original state. He was involved with Laser Optics Research before taking an internship with the Government in Cybersecurity.

The key information that needs to be relayed is the estimated time of remediation, important details regarding the status of the environment, if there is a need for relocation, and instructions on who to contact for future communications. If the original state can’t be achieved they will replace the systems with completely new systems. Their work will continue by performing frequent checks on the previously affected systems until they can be completely sure that the systems are unaffected and working perfectly. Once that has been accomplished the team can close the DRP and make any changes or upgrades to the process.

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