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In a bigger disaster, cell phone companies say, people shouldn't count on being able to use their cell phones immediately. Yet regulatory advocates question if enough attention is being paid to whether the companies are putting enough resources into the network capacity needed when a disaster strikes. But Regina Costa, telecommunications research director for The Utility Reform Network (TURN) in San Francisco, said little regulatory attention has been paid to how the phone companies are handling network capacity. An AT&T spokesman acknowledged that the trouble extended to both the company's wired and wireless networks, but the disruption among wireless carriers highlighted the extra risks faced by the growing number of people who rely solely on cell phones. To keep phone systems working for people in emergency situations, disaster-preparedness organizations and the wireless carriers urge customers to avoid making unnecessary calls. But that may not seem practical to most who believe they would need to make the call to friends or relatives just to determine if there's a problem.
Tuesday night, despite generally little damage and no reports of major injuries, people immediately resorted in droves to their phones. McSweeney and other phone officials said text messages, which can be sent to groups of recipients, take up a much smaller amount of a network's resources, freeing up transmission capacity for urgent calls. Still, the phone companies, which emphasized the brief nature of Tuesday's problems, insisted that it's neither pragmatic nor economically sensible to build networks that would have enough capacity to cope with rare and extreme events. Roger Entner, senior vice president-communications sector for IAG Research, said building such a network would be like building a second bridge next to a first one, just in case one or the other collapses. But TURN's Costa believes the state's Public Utilities Commission has "abdicated its duty" by leaving the quality of service up to the phone companies.

The PUC responded by sending an e-mail, which read in part: "The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) governs rates, the PUC handles 'terms and conditions' of service.
The wireless carriers said they plan for jumps in traffic by tracking their busiest hours and then calculating how much additional capacity they're likely to need at times.
But Jack Tang, executive director of network for Verizon Wireless, said there are a number of challenges to keeping pace with growth in cell phone use, sometimes including community resistance to the placement of transmission towers. Does an Italian village filled with cigarette smoking centenarians hide the secret to long life? I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. Remember, we need your help to collect information on what is going on in your part of the world!
An example of this in Step 1 is moving heavy, unsecured objects from top shelves onto lower ones. The information in the steps linked below will help you learn how to better prepare to survive and recover, wherever you live, work, or travel.
Plan to be safe by creating a disaster plan and deciding how you will communicate in an emergency. Minimize financial hardship by organizing important documents, strengthening your property, and considering insurance. Improve safety after earthquakes by evacuating if necessary, helping the injured, and preventing further injuries or damage.

Reconnect and RestoreRestore daily life by reconnecting with others, repairing damage, and rebuilding community.
And in the wake of Tuesday's quake, many people were left trying to determine how they should communicate when the next one hits. During the Minnesota bridge collapse earlier this year, some people on the scene said they couldn't get a connection - even though cell phone carriers said they tried to move quickly to meet the increased demand. He also noted that it's easier to build redundant capacity for landline systems because the location of calls is far more predictable. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
The information on this page is designed as a step-by-step guide to give you details on what to do before, during, and after an earthquake. There were no power or network failures, but the torrent of activity meant numerous calls failed as "ineffective attempts" because of the congestion.
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