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Trichomonas, or ‘trich’, is one of the most treatable sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  Men and women get and give each other trich, and in this article we’ll look at the symptoms in men and treatment you need.
Trich is considered one of the most curable STDs.  You will need a single dose of antibiotic from the doctor.
These antibiotics are either metronidazole or tinidanzole.  You should avoid alcohol when you take them and for 48 hours after as you may vomit, experience flushing or heart palpitations. This is an infection by a parasite.   It is transferred from the inside of the penis to the vagina during sex and from vagina to penis. For pregnant women, there is a risk of miscarriage or early delivery and low birth weight babies.

Trich is considered to be one of the most treatable STDs so a treated infection is cured (if symptoms don’t go then see your healthcare professional again).  However you can become re-infected via an infected and untreated partner.
Once trich has been diagnosed and correctly treated you should have no long lasting problems as long as you don’t also have any other STIs (see above). If you’re worried about your symptoms or medical problem but don’t want to seek professional help because you feel embarrassed, silly or that it’s your fault in some way, read this page now:  How to talk to a doctor about an embarrassing problem.
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Useful Note 2:A RISK FACTOR is anything that increases your chance of developing a disease.

Having risk factors doesn’t mean that you will get the disease and not having risk factors doesn’t mean that you won’t get it.
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