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Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks needed more than three quarters to warm up at Minnesota, their quest to avenge last year's Super Bowl loss nearly frozen before it began. In the aftermath of the Vikings ' collapse to the Seahawks on Sunday, the blame has primarily landed on Blair Walsh and his right foot.
Less than 24 hours after the Vikings lost a heart-breaker to the Seahawks, kicker Blair Walsh was in the locker room with teammates this morning as they cleaned out their lockers and headed into different directions. DENVER (The Sports Xchange) - After the visiting team captured all four wild-card playoff games for the first time in NFL history, the home teams are favored in all four divisional round games.
Blair Walsh has taken plenty of heat for missing a chip-shot field goal that could have won the game for the Vikings against the Seahawks on Sunday, but he is hardly the only reason Minnesota's season came to a close. Blair Walsh himself said it would take him a while to get over his missed 27-yard field goal at the end of Sunday's playoff loss to the Seahawks.
Little did I know that in less than four years time, Mark would have me skiing off down mountains, swimming in the ocean, riding bikes on the boardwalk, camping in a two person tent, and still despising soccer. Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. So this weekend, when your husband flips on the TV to catch the scores, why not sit down with him? I am not totally in to watching football, nor modern marvels or even shows on the history channel but I do it to support my hubby & spend time with him!
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. On a cold and wet night, the Eudora Cardinals outlasted the Santa Fe Trail Chargers 14-13 in a very lackluster performance. You could feel a sense in the air prior to kickoff that this was going to be a long night as falling temperatures and a slight wind settled over the stadium prior to kickoff. Many thought the game was over with only 7:07 left in the game but the Cardinals once again did not fold.

Following the game, Eudora Head Coach Kevin Kopecky was asked about the lack of ability to tackle on the defensive side of the ball. Seahawks defensive back Jeremy Lane intercepted a Tom Brady pass in the end zone Sunday to stop a New England drive in the first quarter. Seattle had done little on offense in the first quarter, going three-and-out in their first possession. Watch the Q13 FOX News weather team for the most useful and accurate forecasts and get weather ready.
Facing the wind in the second quarter, he had Baldwin wide open behind the safeties at the goal line, but the ball hung in the air and was easily batted down. It's hard to excuse shanking a 27-yard field goal (even if the laces were facing in ), but Adrian Peterson deserves as much of the blame as Walsh. A 28-yard field goal attempt to put your team two points up with just 30 seconds left on the clock is about as close as it comes, however. He loves anything in the water and on snow, he road bikes, mountain bikes, loves soccer, and like most any man, he loves football. On the other hand, I’m sure he had no idea he would be buying a fishing boat, helping me choose the black or the silver earrings, spending hours in a bookstore, and still confused by lack of love for soccer.
However, over time, we’ve each adopted a passion for the others’ interests – not all, but enough.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh. I'm Leigh Ann, and I am passionate about encouraging and equipping women to be intentional. Warmth, fans and good football all were absent from Eudora District Stadium on Friday night as Eudora High began district play.
Elston, who is also the Cardinal kicker, added the extra point to give EHS a 7-0 lead that the Cards took to the locker room at halftime.

As the rain had stopped just an hour before game time, slick field conditions caused many problems for both teams. The Cardinals had a hard time tackling all night long, but never allow large enough gains for the Chargers to make significant progress. We have become the best of friends, experiencing life and joy with one another – even football. Here at Intentional By Grace I bring you behind the curtain of my life and encourage you to live for Him in all you do. The Chargers finally made it back into the Cardinal red zone with a little over 7 minutes left in the game, making it all the way to 2 yard line.
We have fun, talk about football, and for someone who thought she knew a lot about the game I have learned so much more and now enjoy that time with my husband even more.
I used to be way more into sports, but over time, and getting to see behind the scenes sort of spoiled me (for the worse).
Santa Fe Trail stymied the Cards at the 16 and took over on downs, but promptly went 3 and out and punted the ball back to Eudora who took over at the SFT 44. During the 1st quarter both teams were going 4 and out as neither side was interested in trying to punt the ball.
Cashier missed the extra point, which would later prove pivotal, to give the Chargers a 6 point lead.
While their may have not been many fans in the stands, those that were in attendance held their breath as Elston made the point after to give the Cards the lead and the win.

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