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Throughout time, lice, particularly head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer), have been a common reoccurring problem, especially in schools. Before World War II, head lice were fairly common in the United States, body and crab lice much less so.
Human louse infestation, called pediculosis, can spread rapidly and may reach epidemic proportions if left unchecked.
It is generally assumed that body lice evolved from head lice after mankind began wearing clothes.
Head lice and body lice are morphologically indistinguishable, although head lice are smaller than body lice. Female lice lay six to seven eggs (nits) per day and may lay a total of 50 to 100 eggs during their life which may last up to 40 days. Head lice should be suspected when there is intense itching and scratching of the scalp and the back of the neck or when there is a known infestation in the community. Body lice are found in tight-fitting sites or seams of clothing, usually close to the skin. The biggest problem in controlling head lice infestations is convincing parents, teachers and even school administrators that head lice infestations are not caused by filthy conditions. Adequate sanitation, including frequent changes of clothing, and laundering clothing and bedding in hot water, or dry cleaning, ordinarily is enough to prevent permanent infestations of body lice, since they remain on the clothing and are killed by the cleaning process. Over-the-counter products which should be effective include those containing permethrin or pyrethrins (pyrethrum extract) as active ingredients. Nit combs, with much smaller spaces between the tines, are also commercially available for regular use in the control of head lice. While normally x-rays reveal things like broken bones or fluid filled lungs, every once in a while they expose something a little more strange.
When an unnamed man from New Mexico planned on proposing marriage to his girlfriend he hid the ring in her milkshake.
When a trio of young men waiting on a bus tried to stop a robbery back in 2008 one of them ended up with more than he bargained for. Back in 2008 when investigators concluded that Chen Liu was in fact killed with a nail gun no one argued with their findings.
When Australian Pat Skinner came back to the hospital 18 months after surgery complaining of stomach pain the doctors found something they’d lost over a year ago…their surgical scissors! Get more stuff like this in your inboxJoin over a million subscribers in our community, and never miss another List25 article. Wolves have long been feared, made infamous by the Brothers Grimm in fairy tales, Aesop’s Fables, and legends aplenty from ancient times. This leaping wolf looks like a playful dog, but like dogs, wolves are very social animals; they are affectionate, loyal and very intelligent.
Wolves howl “to assemble the pack (usually before and after hunts), to pass on an alarm (particularly at a den site), to locate each other during a storm or unfamiliar territory and to communicate across great distances. Once upon a time, the gray wolf was the world’s most widely distributed mammal, living north of 15°N latitude in North America and 12°N in Eurasia. At about 4 weeks old, a wolf pup will leave the den &#8212 yet still sticks close by in case of danger. Big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, a European fairy tale that has been adapted many times, but was first published in 1697 which goes to show the fear of the wolf goes way back.

Wolves have huge paws, so an adult could have a paw print of about 5 inches long by 4 inches wide (13 centimeters long x 10 centimeters wide). I want to thank you for putting the photo’s of the Wolfs and the information that was shared. After World War II and the emergence of DDT as a louse control agent, outbreaks of lice were much less common. In a group of people, such factors as age, race (for example, African-Americans are rarelyinfested with head lice (Slonka et al. Dark nits (eggs) of head lice, Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer, glued on pieces of hair shafts.
For example, one school principal denied the existence of a head lice infestation in his school, even though the wife of a University of Florida graduate student, who was a teacher at that school, confirmed that such the problem existed. Education of all levels of society on the biology and control of head and body lice is essential for controlling frequent reoccurring infestations. Weems, Jr., Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, and Thomas R. Imagine the dentist’s surprise when he found a nail passing from the roof of his mouth all the way up into his brain.
Unfortunately for him she must have been really thirsty that day and his proposal was obviously delayed until the ring completed its journey. From the Brothers Grimm to present-day sci fi, wolves are infamous for gobbling up people, for huffing and puffing and blowing down houses, and for one of the most famous storybook scenes when the big bad wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood, “Ah the better to see you with, my dear.
Average trotting speed is 7 – 9 mph which they can keep up for hours, sometimes covering 55 miles in one night.
Howling consists of a fundamental frequency which may lie between 150 and 780 Hz, and consists of up to 12 harmonically related overtones. The average litter size is 4 – 6 pups which are normally born from April through June. Mated pairs usually stay together for life, but if one of the wolves dies, instead of howling at the moon, a wolf will quickly find a new mate. According to Wikipedia, “This subspecies generally weighs 70a€“135 pounds (32a€“61 kg), making it one of the largest subspecies of the gray wolf in existence.
At around 7 – 8 months old, a pup will start running and traveling with the pack, as it learns how to hunt. When in packs, wolves generally hunt large, hoofed animals including moose, white-tailed deer, mule deer, caribou, elk, bison, and mountain goats. Aggressive or self-assertive wolves are characterised by slow, deliberate movements as well as high body posture and raised hackles.
The Defenders of Wildlife state, “There are an estimated 7,000 to 11,200 gray wolves in Alaska and more than 5,000 in the lower 48 states.
Master hunters, conservative killers who cull the weak, old and infirm from herds, and so very SMART!
Head louse infestations throughout the United States affect people on all social and economic levels. 1975)), sex, crowding at home, family size, and method of closeting clothes influence the course and distribution of the disease. Lice do not have wings or powerful jumping legs so they move about by clinging to hairs with their claw-like legs.

Newly hatched lice will periodically take blood meals and molt three times before becoming sexually mature adults. The nymphs and adults all have piercing-sucking mouthparts which pierce the skin for a blood meal. Infestations usually occur where humans continuously wear several layers of clothing due to inadequate heating or during periods of war or natural disasters. The principal's denial of the problem, and his refusal for our staff to cooperate with his school nurse, prevented us from controlling the infestation and preventing its recurrence. Prescription products containing the active ingredients malathion and lindane are not recommended for use on children or adults. It is a lighter colored animal than its southern brethren, the Southern Rocky Mountains Wolf, with a coat that includes far more white and less black.
That fear is woven into folklore, fairy tales, mythology and art which depict wolves as villains. The photographer wrote, “Remember, this is the same animal who goes out into the public to meet children.
It’s bad enough that they put a bounty on their heads and wiped out several of the species so many years ago. Lice or their eggs are easily transmitted from person to person on shared hats, coats, scarves, combs, brushes, towels, bedding, upholstered seats in public places, and by personal contact. Head lice prefer to live on the hair of the head although they have been known to wander to other parts of the body. Louse infestations may also occur in poorly managed nursing homes, and among the homeless.
Get ready to cringe because on this list you’ll find everything from knives and wedding rings to cellphones and hand grenades.
Untold scores of wolves have been ruthlessly hunted, shot, poisoned or trapped because of it. Eggs killed by treatment as well as unaffected eggs may remain attached to hair shafts and should be removed as soon as possible. Yet untold scores of wolves have been ruthlessly hunted, shot, poisoned or trapped because of how much humans fear these fascinating and beautiful animals.
As a result, head lice infestations are most prevalent among children, whereas body and pubic (crab) lice are more frequently encountered among young adults and middle-aged persons. Body lice live in the seams of clothing, generally where it touches the skin, and only contact the body to feed, usually holding on to the clothing while they do this.
Children have been killed or severely burned as the result of accidents that occurred while using these flammable liquids. When someone becomes infested with lice, it is likely that the entire family will become infested. Combs and other tools used to remove lice should be soaked in a lice killing solution such as rubbing alcohol after use. Did you know that wolves don’t truly bark or howl at the moon, or that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning that being attacked by a wolf?

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