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After Turkey shot down a Russian jet, Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said nuclear war is ‘likely’ – which is pretty terrifying. Learning from previous wars and attacks; military bases, centres of political power, strategic industrial facilities and other built-up or crowded places run a high risk of being targeted.
A small secluded village or abandoned buildings would be ideal, failing that caves could work temporarily. If you don’t have a reasonable amount of time to escape then make your home as safe as possible. Predictably, anything in the immediate vicinity of a blast is unlikely to be left standing.
The space should be equipped with as much food, water and other essentials to ensure you won’t need to go outside. After the initial explosion, the biggest risk to your health is the subsequent nuclear fallout. Depending on wind direction and the size of the actual blast fallout can travel hundreds of miles, so in the aftermath of an attack, it’s extremely important to remain inside – even at a considerable distance.
The fallout is strongest for 48 hours, but you may need to stay indoors for around two weeks. If you’re unable to find bottled water then other sources include radiator systems, the top of a toilet, water heaters and car radiators. Also consider – you may not have electricity or gas to heat food up, so select items that are safe to eat cold or uncooked.
High protein foods like nuts and seeds or sugary drinks may become your saviour when you need a burst of energy.
If you’re in a space with other people – work as a team, it’ll make your life so much easier. While making sure you’ve got freshly washed hair may slip down your list of priorities, don’t underestimate the importance of keeping clean.
Once the immediate risk of impact decreases, there are ongoing risks of contagious diseases such as cholera and typhoid. If there are any dead bodies in the immediate area, they should be buried with clear marking to reduce the risk of infection spreading.
Props to Research Associate for the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London, Daniel Salisbury, who teamed up with the team behind popular post-apocalyptic game Fallout 4, to provide his top survival tips.
The following is an excerpt from our full interview with Dr Swedin in issue 2 of All About History, on sale Thursday 25 July 2013 from the Imagine Shop, Great Digital Mags and all good newsagents.
Dr Eric G Swedin is an associate professor in the History department at Weber State University in Utah, USA. I think that if the US had chosen to bomb and invade Cuba, it would not have worked out how they expected because there were tactical nukes on the island that they weren’t aware of.
Hopefully sanity would have prevailed, but often people get caught up in this situation and I think they could easily have gone on to a general war.
From the revelations after the fall of the Soviet Union with historians being able to look at Soviet military records it’s apparent that, as soon as Kennedy announced the quarantine [naval blockade of Cuba on 21 October 1962], Khrushchev immediately started taking steps to back down. Soviet forces had about 100 tactical nukes, and I think that once [Cuba had been destroyed] the Soviet Union, in order to maintain their international prestige, would have wanted to retaliate.
When the First World War broke out a century ago, thousands of young men answered the call to military duty, including the Calvin brothers from York. In the city of Rawalpindi, just south of the capital Islamabad, a suicide bomber rammed his motorbike into a checkpoint near the Pakistani military HQ, killing 10 people including soldiers.
Remember when the US and Russia were at each other’s throats, causing mass global angst? Let’s just ignore the black centre of this nuclear eye, which is helpfully marked TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Donna Summer’s Disco Sausage Quiz Face the Sausage’s quickfire questions about both disco and preserved meats.
Malta Story is a rousing Second World War action movie with a strong cast of British character actors. Alec Guinness stars as Peter Ross, a World War II pilot photographer, who is forced to land in Malta. There he finds himself attached to the local regiment and on studying aerial photographs, he discovers that Italy is preparing to invade Malta.
Good an actor as Guinness was (probaly the best British actor of the 20th Century bar none), he is hopelessly miscast as the romantic lead. There he finds himself attached tot he local regiment and on studying aerial photographs, he discovers that Italy is preparing to invade Malta.
Over two hours of splendour and spectacle as hundreds of Britain’s finest Military Musicians parade to the sound of the world’s great marches.
A live recording made at the Bedfordshire Musical Pageant, Luton Football Club, July 10th, 1993.
It's night over Europe, the night of the 2nd May 1945: a crippled Lancaster Bomber struggles home across the English channel. Patricia Roc stars as a young woman who joins the war effort leaving her family behind as she sets off for a factory, filled with hopes and fears for her new life. Eric Portman is excellent and it's one of the few times he got anywhere near a romantic lead.
Knowing Jackson primarily from his roles in later life it's hard to think that he was actually young once! Speaking of double acts, the mother of all British Cinema double acts from the 1930s and 40s, Charters & Caldicott aka Basil Radford & Naunton Wayne, are kind of tacked on to the storyline. In conclusion, as the title of the film suggests, it has tried to convey what the 2nd World War meant to ordinary people (I say 'ordinary' but is anyone 'ordinary'?) in the UK. Ministry of Fear, Fritz Lang’s classic 1940s wartime spy drama is now available on DVD for the very first time.
Ray Milland stars as Stephen Neale, who has been recently released from an asylum and is now struggling to cope with life in wartime England. Based on true events, The Monocled Mutineer is the story of dashing rogue and master of disguise, Percy Toplis. Private Toplis was already a chancer and rebel, thanks to his tough childhood, when he arrived at the Etaples training camp in northern France in June 1917. While hunting German shipping, the Royal Navy submarine Trojan accidentally strikes an electronically-operated mine - and the race begins to save the lives of the crew of the stricken vessel.

Those left behind must battle with terrifying fear and claustrophobia in the stricken, disintegrating hulk far beneath the sea while rescuers begin a last-ditch attempt to raise the submarine to the surface. This nail-biting and suspenseful thriller boasts a truly distinguished cast including John Mills, Richard Attenborough and Nigel Patrick. As Jack leaves for war, Kipling consoles himself with the thought that if his son should die, it will have been his finest hour. Honed and hardened in the flames of combat, they descend from the night sky and rise from the ocean depths to strike their targets with deadly efficiency.
Vietnam: An American SEAL and his South Vietnamese sidekick slip through 30,000 enemy troops to rescue LTC Iceal Hambleton. The Canal Zone: SEAL divers brave enemy waters to destroy a heavily guarded enemy gunboat, which could potentially threaten the success of the invasion of Panama. Bosnia: SEAL Team 6 sneaks into Bosnia packed inside metal cargo containers to capture a brutal Serbian politician indicted for crimes against humanity. Colombia: Navy SEALs face a veritable army of narco-terrorists as they endeavor to take down Pablo Escobar, the most violent drug kingpin in history. As D-Day approached, specially made films were shown to Allied troops to familiarise them with the enemy.
Also included on this DVD is a rare selection of films made in 1945 to explain to Allied troops why Germany needed to remain occupied. CAUTION: This DVD contains a number of graphic scenes which some people may find disturbing. 1945 began with a terrible New Year's present from Adolf Hitler - rocket-propelled bombs that flew in deathly silence and struck and killed without warning. OCCUPYING A SHELTER: How to survive the aftermath of nuclear war in a public fall-out shelter. LET'S FACE IT: A look at civil defence preparations and nuclear experiments on the Nevada Proving Grounds.
THE DAY CALLED 'X': Narrated by Glenn Ford, this extraordinary CBS Television film shows how civil defence operations would help minimise casualties in a typical city - Portland, Oregon. This is the dramatic, true story of Franz Von Werra, the only German prisoner-of-war in Britain to escape and return to his homeland when his plane is hit and plunges down onto British soil during the Battle of Britain. At Bagram Air Base, a Rangers Special Operations Quick Reaction Force takes off at 04.45 hours. The dramatic true story of the 21 men on board 'Razor One' and their desperate fight to survive has become known as The Battle of Roberts' Ridge. Hornet Squadron are despatched to France - but what starts out as a grand adventure for the untested young pilots soon turns into a grim daily battle for survival.
This 2-Disc DVD collection features all six completely uncut episodes from the acclaimed London Weekend Television series.
Episode 1 - September 1939: After a tragic start to their war and the death of their old Squadron Leader, Hornet Squadron embarks for France. Episode 2 - October 1939: As the boredom of the 'Phoney War' sets in, the pilots fill their time with reckless daredevil stunts… and pay the price. Episode 5 - May 1940: The surviving members of Hornet Squadron return home to England, where tensions between the pilots rise to boiling point.
Based on a true story and featuring an all-star supporting cast, Pork Chop Hill is an exceptional film - grim, rugged, awesome and lastingly impressive. In the mid-1970s, the British government secretly made a series of information films to tell the public how to prepare for nuclear war.
SOUND AN ALARM: Made in 1971, this is a dramatic account of the work of the UK Warning and Monitoring Organisation, whose responsibilities included monitoring the spread of fall out after an atomic war.
THE WARDEN & THE HOUSEHOLDER: This 1961 film vividly illustrates the duties of a civil defence warden in his local community when a nuclear attack is expected. 700 PRACTICE CIVIL DEFENCE: A unique film newsreel report on one of Britain's largest civil defence exercises, staged in Hackney, London, to test the preparedness of the Civil Defence Corps. DOOM TOWN: This Pathe news report takes you to 'Doom Town', a disused RAF base on the Cumberland coast designed to look like a city hit by a nuclear bomb.
A memorandum from NSC military aide William Odom depicted Secretary of Defense Harold Brown doing exactly that in a recent military exercise where he was 'chasing (enemy) general purpose forces in East Europe and Korea with strategic weapons,' the website reports. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But properties on the outskirts of a blast may still be inhabitable if there’s no other option. Tinned or packaged foods tend to last the longest particularly handy if you can’t leave the house. It looks like, historically, the Soviet commander [on Cuba] had launch authority, and he probably would have used those and that would have shocked the Americans. They could have done this by taking Berlin with conventional forces, or they could have prepared to attack Europe or other places where there was tension.
I will then get back to you within 24 hours with availability, price including postage and methods of payment (paypal etc.).
Rember though this is a UK Region 2 Dvd and with the probale exception of Australia it will not play outside of Europe.
She soon encounters people from all walks of life and begins to discover the importance of friendship and true love.
I say 'painfully' as you can almost feel the angst of young love and how their story ends - well, I'll let you watch it to find out. Not being around then, I can't say for sure if it is accurate but it does give you a feel for those times and just how extraordianry those ordinary people were. Mistaken for someone else at a town festival, he inadvertently gets caught up in a spy ring.
But it was there, on the eve of the Battle of Passchendaele, as the soldiers were put through a brutal training regime, that Toplis instigated a mutiny which would shake the British authorities to the core.
The rescue is difficult and fraught with danger at the best of times - but a storm of unprecedented ferocity is brewing which threatens to end all hope of rescue. Rudyard Kipling (David Haig - Four Weddings And A Funeral), the British Empire's greatest supporter, is at the peak of his literary fame. But how would the great writer justify the consequences of his actions to himself and his wife? Based on first-person accounts, this extraordinary miniseries captures the danger and emotion of four actual, classified SEAL missions.

Never before released on DVD, these original films - some in colour - provide a fascinating and invaluable guide to German uniforms, insignia, weapons and field tactics. Christopher Bullock, these extraordinary films include a re-creation of German squad level tactics, a guide to using seven different types of German infantry weapons and a review of enemy artillery from the smallest field pieces to gigantic railway guns. In 'Here is Germany', GIs are shown a terrifying portrayal of German brutality and evil containing unflinching images of concentration camp victims. It moves from a Britain enduring a last minute assault from the skies, through the bitter fighting of the Battle of the Bulge, to the day allied soldiers stood by the bunker where Hitler had taken his own life. It follows the lives of ordinary people on both sides of the battle line - their struggle to survive, their loves, their music, their grief, their quite courage. The threat of all-out nuclear war seemed very real - sometimes almost imminent - and the authorities were all too well aware of the unprecedented devastation that would occur. As the chopper crashes and starts to burn, the door gunners give frantic covering fire while the Rangers scramble clear.
In the tradition of Blackhawk Down, the story of the battle is told here through a spectacular and detailed recreation of events, supported by real gun camera footage and exclusive interviews with U.S. Guess not in the strictest terms though it is a 'Pimlico' in the aftermath of the bombs of the 2nd World War War.
They would be shown on the nation's television sets if a nuclear exchange seemed unavoidable. National servicemen are seen using the grim facility to 'learn rescue skills for the Atomic Age'. This involved using sophisticated intelligence to find nuclear weapons targets in battlefield situations, strike the targets, and then assess the damage.
In other words, he was planning how to use large nuclear weapons to attack conventional troops. I mean strategic forces on the side of the US were so strong, so I think the US would have survived the war. With an American city destroyed at that point the world would sort of teeter [on the brink of war] and the Soviets recognised very well that they were completely outgunned.
Altman's audacious film reflected the American counterculture's growing distrust of religion and government in the late 1960s and early 1970s, resulting in one of the biggest box office smashes of its time. Led by sardonic captains Hawkeye Pierce (Donald Sutherland) and Trapper John McIntyre (Elliott Gould), the film has the feel of an absurd three-ring circus. Anne Crawford (1920 - 56) is good as his romantic interest (the pair could have developed a great double act if this is anything to go by). A lucky few can escape immediately through emergency hatches - but the others will have to remain trapped in the dying submarine and hope that rescuers will arrive before it is too late. Kipling's son, Jack (Daniel Radcliffe), is determined to play his part in the imminent war with Germany, but finds himself rejected due to his extremely poor eyesight. And how would he live with the conflict between his two greatest passions: a love for his family and a devotion to King and Country? From the planning stage through preparation to the heart-stopping execution, these superbly trained young warriors face battle savagely, but in secret. There's also a review of German coastal fortifications - essential viewing for men about to throw themselves onto the beaches of Normandy - and a very thorough look at the fighting strengths and tactics of Elite Nazi airborne troops. They'd been told that the war with Germany was as good as won; and now the horrors of the blitz had returned to Britain.
Our story pushes on through the fierce war in the Pacific with a Japanese foe determined to fight to the last breath of the last man.
It is a record of a terrible year and a heroic time, a story of storm-tossed lives, which looks forward to the shining prospect of an era of peace. But Odom and others behind the document did not believe the use of nuclear weapons to defeat traditional troops would necessarily lead to apocalypse. The only thing that could have stopped this is if the Soviets realised how completely small their strategic forces were, weapons they could hit the US with.
And if they invaded they would have been hit by a tactical nuke from the Soviets, which would have killed tens of thousands of Americans. Introducing the techniques he would employ throughout his storied career overlapping dialogue, a constantly moving camera with a heavy amount of zooming, and a bold combination of frank subject matter with cynical humour Altman immediately vaulted himself to Hollywood's upper ranks. Other characters include the uptight nurse Hot Lips O'Houlihan (Sally Kellerman), the confused Major Frank Burns (Robert Duvall), the troubled Captain Painless Waldowski (John Shuck), and the simpleminded Captain Duke Forrest (Tom Skerritt). She is largely forgotten today as she died so young (she was only 35 and died of leukemia) but if you get the chance to see any of her 20+ movies then do so for she always was, at the very least, watchable. When his father uses his influence to land Jack a commission in the Irish Guards, Kipling's wife, Caroline (Kim Cattrall - Sex And The City), is bitterly upset, failing to see the glory in losing her only son to the war.
Other films include a guide to knocking out different types of Panzer tanks, a look at the V-1 and V-2 menace, enemy aircraft identification films and an overview of Axis 'sneak craft' - manned torpedoes and mini-submarines. And then the strange quiet of sudden peace as awesome nuclear clouds drifted over a shattered city called Hiroshima. Recently declassified, they are collected here on this unique DVD and make for fascinating - if terrifying - viewing. PD-59, which was highly classified for years, was signed during a period of heightened Cold War tensions due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and greater instability in the Middle East among other concerns.
At that point the invasion [of Cuba] is defeated, the Americans are stunned, and that would have required a response from the US. Altman's decision to present his film as a series of loosely connected vignettes rather than a traditionally unfolding narrative perfectly captures the freewheeling spirit so unique to early-'70s cinema. And so, Clemons leads his troops into combat, to fight for an objective that they know to be strategically pointless. Media coverage at the time suggested the changes to US strategy the policy enacted lowered the threshold of a decision to launch a nuclear attack, with some arguing that the directive would only exacerbate Cold War tensions.
There would also have been a substantial amount of uncertainty and fear about what the Soviets already had on the island, and I think the US would have felt justified in using both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons and they would have unfortunately obliterated Cuba.
But they also know that an order is an order and they must take Pork Chop Hill - or die trying - so that millions can live in freedom tomorrow for what Clemons and his men will sacrifice today.

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