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Instrumentalisation of the humanitarian action and total confusion in the safety and security management between Civil-Military operations, Private security company, UN Agencies, NGO and other Humanitarian Entities and Institutions (Haiti example). Privatization of war, with systematic use of mercenaries, paramilitaries, milices or private security companies within conflict and humanitarian action areas. We assist a transformation, even a weakening of the social links, the question of the survival of humanity is there, due to numerous causes and incertitudes. Statesa€™ loss of power, pushed by decentralization in order to a€?assure social peace,a€? local collectives understand better the field and can assume better governance. Governmental development cooperation is dramatically affected and NGO humanitarian aid is put in question. Christopher Columbusa€™ colonization was done is several steps (colonialism, imperialism, financial globalization). Was the first step to OMC and showed that the majority of A«northern and southern countriesA» wanted liberalism (in 2000, over 77 liberalism measures, 58 were unilaterally accepted by governments). The Cold War brought a significant rupture in development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Harry Truman, president of the United States used for the first time the adjective a€?under-developeda€?. Henri Dunanta€™s institutional and regulation heritage and the creation of the Red Cross movement acquire an international extension by the intermediary of the ICRC during World War II. Creation of the United Nations (UN Charter in San Francisco) with the concepts of a€?just wara€?, a€?interference righta€?, a€?humanitarian assistancea€?, a€?humanitarian interventiona€? and a€?humanity interventiona€? brought new approaches humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Henri Dunant, with his observation of Solferino battlefield declared, a€?In the face of death, each and everybody is equal, even a solider.a€? He is one the pioneers that wanted to put a€?regulationa€? to conflicts and humanitarian aid.
Despite a context favoring the strengthening of security measures in humanitarian action, analysis of documents show that security is still not an issue.
The a€?siA?cle des lumiA?resa€? modify the perception of the place of humans in the universe. The Americasa€™ discovery by Christopher Colombus and Africa by the Europeans radically changed the vision of the world.
Security is not considered as a problem and a disturbing issue for activities nor a handicap constraint.
The Templars during The Crusades killed or supported depending on the religious group of the populations.
Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. With 1.5 million people in Manhattan on any given day, as well as the world's mega-financial center with an 'empire over the kings of the earth', New York City is likely to be the first target of a terrorist nuclear attack. A memorandum from NSC military aide William Odom depicted Secretary of Defense Harold Brown doing exactly that in a recent military exercise where he was 'chasing (enemy) general purpose forces in East Europe and Korea with strategic weapons,' the website reports. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The water bear can be crushed, frozen, they can survive boiling water and live in space, and are even able to survive without water. When kidnapping, terrorists keep close contacts with the media and embarrass the Governments.

New types of weapons including a€?depleted uraniuma€?, a€?micro-wavesa€?, a€?acoustica€? and a€?lasersa€? are tested and used (Iraq) within conflict areas. It is widely used and misused and reveals a real lack of preparation and management of activities and security management.
Torture is used against terrorists and shown in various cinema productions (films, series, TV). International geopolitical transformations such as the fall of the Berlin wall and September 11, 2001: Army troops change roles.
Dutch Government pressed MSF(a Nobel Prize winning NGO) to justice to recover ransom money paid to liberate a kidnapped expatriate aid worker.
Due to numerous issues (GMO, genetic, nuclear) technical progress is not as respected as before. In that frame, the majority of countries, founded on decolonization, want to control their destinies and play a role in the world. If he is showing preoccupation with the a€?victims,a€? he did not seem preoccupied by his own security at this time. Humans are in the center of the world and dominate nature using scientific development and organizing new political views based on contract philosophy and human rights. We can consider these discoveries as a form of globalization; the colonialists attempting to organize the world, mainly natural resources and population flux. If America suffers a terrorist strike with a WMD expect nuclear fallout and you better know how to survive it.
This involved using sophisticated intelligence to find nuclear weapons targets in battlefield situations, strike the targets, and then assess the damage. In other words, he was planning how to use large nuclear weapons to attack conventional troops. Some of those weapons are shown in cinema productions to the public and constructed widely for use on civilians (i.e. Social and ideological impacts are huge and create nuisances to international humanitarian organizations that remains visible and easily reachable, as present close the populations on the fields. Such context with state governance is weakening and while various issues and NGOs are multiplying.
Currently, state power is decreasing; short-term issues such as electoral results are considered priorities when it should be fundamental needs and structural planning.
In the meantime, the bipolar east-west world is collapsing, provoking a multiplication of regional conflicts. He launched the a€?Red Crossa€? movement forming a neutral organization intervening during conflicts. Philosophic and political heritages of the a€?siA?cle des lumiA?resa€?: Rousseau, Voltaire and Diderot by their humanism brought a lot in humanitarian action and human rights.
Several currents are defined and show that humanitarian security is in perpetual evolution.
When All Hell Breaks LooseSurvival Lists137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival KitsNuclear War: Still A Very Real Threat Today. Low yield nukes, shoulder fired missiles, missile guidance systems -- Surprising ways terrorists can strike us and what we can do to escape with our lives.

Broido, a leading experimenter with fires and their associated dangers, reached this conclusion: “If I were building a fallout shelter I would spend a few extra dollars to build it in my backyard rather than in my basement, locating the intake vent as far as possible from any combustible material. But Odom and others behind the document did not believe the use of nuclear weapons to defeat traditional troops would necessarily lead to apocalypse.
Governmental armies want to be recognized and appreciated by the population in order to a€?justifya€? the political interventions. They need funds to survive and sometimes accept governmental projects, disregarding their own principles, values and objectives. The current globalism frame is not necessarily favorable in resolving security questions in humanitarian action.
PD-59, which was highly classified for years, was signed during a period of heightened Cold War tensions due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and greater instability in the Middle East among other concerns.
ADVERTISEMENT Deinococcus RadioduranDeinococcus Radioduran has been nicknamed Conan the bacterium by the scientists. In the deeply transformed context and violence, aid workersa€™ security and safety is becoming a major issue in humanitarian action. Media coverage at the time suggested the changes to US strategy the policy enacted lowered the threshold of a decision to launch a nuclear attack, with some arguing that the directive would only exacerbate Cold War tensions. The previously mentioned tardigrades is an extremophile, but Conan is even better than that.
Triple ideological crisis, characterized by a weakening of states, questioning on progress and time concepts. This species is something scientists call polyextremophile which basically means it’s an upgraded version of the already indestructible tardigrade. From the establishment of the a€?nation-statesa€?, the state is considered as representative of a group of people forming a linked political community and, supposedly, equally treated. Most of the time projects concern IDP transportation, IDP camp management, scholarship kitchens, financed by United Nation agencies. It even has a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for being completely resistant to anything you throw at it.
Decentralization phenomenon appears, following the failure and limits of a€?nation-statesa€?. May 13, 2015 Are Nagasaki And Hiroshima Still Radioactive? May 6, 2012 HeldervaxAny chance you have a link to a bit more info on the experiment that sent the tardigrades into space, I’m curious about the ones that hatched from the eggs of the ones that were sent into space. If we could condition them to survive in the vacuum of space unprotected we could learn a lot about how to protect ourselves from radiation, hell, maybe even a way to utilize it or clean it up.

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