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And, then there's the 15-year-old boy from Santa Clara, Calif., who scaled a fence on Sunday at San Jose International Airport, snuck into the wheel well of a Maui-bound Hawaiian Airlines flight, and somehow managed to survive the 2,300-mile journey over the Pacific OceanA virtually unharmed.
Aircraft stowaways face countless health risks, including hypothermia, hypoxia, frostbite, deafness and asphyxiation. They also risk falling when the doors of the compartment reopen or being mangled when the undercarriage retracts. Nonetheless, some stowaways do manage to survive relatively unscathed, largely because the body enters a hibernation-like state, where heartbeats and breaths slow and cellular activity nearly stops.
According to the FAAa€™s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, 105 people are known to have hidden under planes during flights worldwide since 1947, and 25 of them survived. What makes the Hawaiian Airlines incident so remarkable is that, in general, the odds of survival decrease in proportion to the duration and altitude of the flight.
The FAA believes that he survived temperatures as low as minus 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the high-flying transoceanic voyage, which reached a cruising altitude of about 38,000 feet.
Yet, in a 2009 study, a€?Survival at High Altitude: Wheel-Well Passengers,a€? which looked at two cases, the FAA documented how ita€™s entirely possible, if implausible, to survive such conditions. Though survivors are the exception, not the rule, there have been several notable examples in recent years. The most recent case of a stowaway surviving a journey in the wheel well of a plane took place in Nigeria in August.
Authorities credited the boya€™s survival to the short duration and low altitude of the flight. Poor weather likely helped a 20-year-old Romanian man survive his nearly two-hour trip from Vienna to London in June of that year, hidden in the landing gear of a plane. The Boeing 747 flew at a lower altitude than normal due to thunderstorms over Central Europe, offering more oxygen and warmer temperatures than the average stowaway encounters. Cuban stowaway Victor Alvarez Molina endured temperatures below minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit on a four-hour flight from Cuba to Montreal that December. Twenty-four-year-old Fidel Maruhi, of Tahiti, miraculously lived to tell the tale of a 4,000-mile, 7.5-hour journey from Tahiti to Los Angeles in that long ago August. Airport staff found him unconscious and suffering from severe hypothermia while refueling the Paris-bound Boeing 747 at Los Angeles International. In what is, perhaps, the greatest survival story of them all, a 22-year-old Indian man survived a 10-hour, 4,200-mile British Airways flight from Delhi to London in October 1996. The elder brother suffered from severe hypothermia but is thought to have survived because his body went into a€?suspended animation,a€? a frozen state thata€™s virtually as close to death as you can get without passing away.
Treat the plane ride as a part of the trip you are so excitedly anticipating and look at everyone around you as you would in a new place – with curiosity and compassion.
This entry was posted in The Wanderer and tagged culture, entertainment, journey, people, planes, Travel, wanderer. After looking around a half-empty office this morning wondering where the heck everyone went, I’m reminded yet again that August is vacation month.

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With the Blue Cross Broad Street Run quickly approaching, you might be feeling the strain of your training schedule: tired feet, aching hamstrings, and tight calves. Yet, the Santa Clara teen reportedly hobbled out onto the tarmac in Maui, virtually unfazed and unharmed. Authorities believe he was only able to survive the journey because of a leak in a compartment pipe, which allowed warm air to seep into the wheel well. Maruhi reportedly had a body temperature of just 79 degrees (6 degrees colder that whata€™s typically considered fatal) but was otherwise unharmed by the experience.

Once you take off, your mind is suddenly in an unpopulated place, free to go in any direction, rising and rising further into the tranquility of space with each breath. Obviously heels will probably make you miserable and dress shoes are not easy to rush to the gate in. The thrill of chance encounters makes the airport visit electrifying and endlessly interesting. They take a couple hours to bake, though, so pop them in the oven while you pack and prepare for your trip. It’s a lot healthier than store-bought dried fruit, too, since it doesn’t have any added sugar. We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out offensive. My friends unanimously hate plane rides and make a weak case that they are “just plain horrible.”  I am writing this article to give you some tips on how to have a “not so horrible” journey. Sitting on a plane squished between strangers, listening to babies weep is uncomfortable enough and adding to that discomfort with stiff leather pants or an itchy wool sweater is unnecessary.
It would be a waste of time to stay silent during this time – you have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. But with all of the much-needed rest and relaxation you’re sure to be doing, healthy eating can go by the wayside.
Bring your own snacks, and chewing gum, as it helps your body regulate the air pressure at high altitudes and will keep you from eating too much plane food. The flight attendants constantly interrupt them, and you might not find something you would enjoy to watch.
Everyone loves the “Humans of New York” series and its numerous variations, so why not take on the role of interviewer and learn about others’ undoubtedly fascinating lives. Between rest-stop packaged snacks and layover fast-food, even those with the best of intentions can struggle to find anything nutritious while on the go. Plan ahead and download movies on your laptop and make sure your electronics are fully charged. I have made several friends from all over the world at airports, and I think back on the time I spent with them extremely fondly.
Or skip the technology altogether and read a book, or simply stare out the window listening to music.

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