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The term empty nest refers to the stage of life where the children leave home and the parents feel some sadness and loss with the last child leaving home. Families go through this transition phase of seeing their children go off to school or start out on their own. Acknowledge that you did a good job as a parent, and this is exactly what you want them to do, to leave the nest and go out on their own.
If you’re a Mom, it may have been a while since you asked yourself what you wanted to do with your time. It is an excellent time to take advantage of the opportunities that seemed to elude you in the past. Many non-profits and charities desperately need your energy, your ideas and you as a volunteer.
After years of service, it’s a good time to use your unique skills to enlarge your scope of volunteering to include your whole community.
Enjoy the view when you see your kids flying free and soaring to new heights of independence. Relish in the thought that you did a good job as a parent and now you are also free to explore your own new possibilities.
Remember that your kids will always need you for moral support, whether they realize it or not right now.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. Saturday, August 17 marked a turning point in my life: my husband and I became Empty Nesters after we delivered our youngest of three children to college. Until our drive, I had assumed that he was itching to fly our nest, feeling outgrown of his bed and desk and our rules. After an easy move-in and (calculated) tear-free good-bye to our son, we pointed the truck north and mulled over our new status.
After reading plenty of  coping strategies on-line, I am counting on the following ones to sustain me. My first draft of this post, written before the Move-In, contained a smorgasbord of things I had big plans to do with my new EN-status: taming the clutter beast, refreshing and renewing the decor of our well-worn home, and traveling as much as work schedules permitted. For half of our lives, most of our identity has been associated with our children, and our social lives have been inescapably intertwined as well. With the numerous ways to connect with my children, I’m beginning to realize that although my physical nest is empty, I can maintain a Virtual Nest.
So often the Gracious Posse provides inspiration when I need it – fresh ideas for traveling, reading, decorating, or cooking. When Amy lost her first tooth, she tucked the tooth into the small bowl we conveniently kept on the counter so the tooth fairy didn’t wake the sleeping children. Sue Peppers, a friend and fellow writer, likened the transition of having our kids move out to losing a first tooth. When change comes we can either accept the next season and look forward to what it may hold or dig our heels in and be resistant, much like the youngster with the tooth just about ready to fall out who doesn’t want to open his mouth.
We have an unrealistic notion that if we miss something important in one season, we can always go back and do it over or make up for lost time.
Marci Seither and our friends at Beacon Hill Press are giving away a copy of the book, Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight this week along with Surviving Your First Year of College – one book for the mom and one for the child facing the empty nest adventure! With three children moved out and three getting ready to launch, Marci Seither and her husband, John, have had lots of practical experience in helping their kids take flight. Maybe you've recently found yourself restless at home, unsure of how to deal with the silence that comes after you've dropped your child off at college. Rubenstein, author of "Beyond the Mommy Years," admitted to "Today" that she went through a brief period of grief when her children left home, mentioning how difficult it was to even putting away their dinner placemats. Kasdin, who relied on friends to get through her empty nest blues, coached Hoda on how to help Kathie Lee deal with her empty nest. Additionally, the three mothers discussed how a marriage can change for the better, as about half of marriages get better during their empty nesters years, according to Rubenstein. Watch the above video for more tips for surviving an empty nest, and which empty nest survival tip Kathie Lee Gifford admits to breaking.
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After all, did it really matter when you spent so much of your time caring for everyone else? I used to joke that I always heard from my kids when they needed money and that my initials were ATM! If you seek a clearer direction, Nicole can help you, your business and your team determine objectives, set goals and accurately monitor performance.
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Beneath his confident exterior was my only son wondering how he will establish his new life away from his known comforts of home, school and friends in RVA.
LDB, my wiser-half, said we’ve done our job to prepare our children as best we can to grow up and live happily on their own.
You go from really missing your babies to enjoying more spontaneous outings with your hubby. LDB‘s take on the situation is not to do anything drastic with the new freedom for 3 to 6 months. As much as I will miss my children, I’ll also miss the constant flow of their friends and parents as we cross paths at home, sporting events, school and related social functions. Text messaging, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, even old-fashioned email and phone conversations allow us to stay in touch with our offspring like no parental generation before us.
I will be in your boat this time next year, with my baby off to college in August and my silver wedding anniversary in September.
My husband was in the military so we move around a lot and felt it was important to be there for my kids. Today I am excited to share an excerpt of the book Empty Nest: Strategies to Help Your Kids Take Flight from mom and writer Marci Seither.
She exclaimed how her cousins had said the fairy not only left money but also a trail of fairy dust! Sometimes we have control over some of our circumstances, but sometimes seasons come with the unexpected.
Some parents are so intent on the season they are in that when their kids leave they try to hang on.
It is easy to jump ahead when the excitement over what might be ahead overshadows the routine of everyday living. Understanding that we have a value and a purpose helps us transition from one season to the next, not with fear of the unknown but with anticipation for the adventure that lies ahead. It might be tap dancing, writing a book, learning a foreign language, volunteering, or even going back to school. Take a few minutes to look around, encourage your heart and connect with other moms like you. Or maybe you’re growing anxious at the thought of your daughter or son leaving the nest at the end of the summer.
Rothman Leave a Comment How to survive the unbearable separation anxiety when the kids leave for college? Invest in a pied-a-terre in a cool college town… which just happens to be the one where your kid goes to school. Remember, you might be in a catatonic state, but they’re having the time of their lives. Of course, there may be some tears the first time you take them to college and say your good byes. They don’t need you to tie their shoes anymore, but they do need your support, your confidence in their abilities, and your steadfast love in their lives.
Part of me is excited, and the rest of me wonders how I became old enough to be at this juncture.
As I expressed to him my mixed feelings about the empty nest, he also revealed the changes that he foresees. Full-time mothers seem to face the hardest adjustment, followed by career-consumed parents who wish they’d spent more time with their children. It was very easy to adjust to less grocery shopping, fewer dirty dishes and lots less dirty laundry!! Much like our children will have to work at maintaining those hometown friendships, we will have to work at keeping up with the parents without the built-in activities to facilitate those treasured relationships. Our daughters have made us learn this new style of parenting-from-afar, and it has allowed us to be a part of their lives without smothering them. I am looking forward to being up on the Oscar contenders this year with our new-found flexibility.
Although I have mixed emotions about this next stage in life, I will be happy for some RIVAH time! Chasing after toddlers, helping out with school projects, and logging endless carpool miles are just a few of the things we do. This is like trying to keep the seedling that is ready to be transplanted into a bigger pot in a tiny container. Think about what you are going to do in your next season and anticipate that you will gain something good in the season ahead for you and your child. Enter to win our complete Mother’s Day book bundle hereincluding both of these titles! Co-author of The Pregnancy Companion and The Baby Companion books, she also co-leads a community about TTC, infertility, pregnancy and new motherhood on Facebook.

Coping with an empty nest is different for every parent, but luckily three mothers who have been there and done that are willing to share their own survival tips. Many parents, suddenly feeling obsolete and arthritic, move to farms in Oregon, attend yoga retreats in India, become fanatic cyclists, design outdoor living rooms, organize the old shinguard collection or even foster a teen.
So find an affordable sport or hobby, taking advantage of all that expensive equipment you bought for the many activities your child quit after several months.
Rothman, a former instructor of remedial freshman composition, is an Emmy-winning children's television writer, producer and lyricist.
But, instead of seeing this as something to be dreaded, why not re-frame this as being an opportunity for your young adult to grow into their independence?
Instead of seeing their departure as leaving a void, why not see it as an opportunity for you to devote some time to something you want to do. If you’ve heard the phrase, “if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” then you understand that meaning; that it’s important for the health of the whole household to have a Mom that feels good about her life. We found unexpected common ground there: both of us will be feathering a new nest and adjusting to a new routine. We have decided to compromise and tackle the clutter beast first, but I will hold his feet to the fire about the travel! I decorated cookies for class parties, but when it came to loose teeth, that was John’s job. There have been times I wished I could temporarily grow an extra set of arms to help juggle everything. Anyone who has ever had anything to do with plants will tell you that allowing a plant to stay in a container that is too small will cause it to become rootbound.
How sweet it will be when Virgil comes home for Thanksgiving and finds a furry little Virgil in the house, one that obeys curfew and is always fast asleep by 9 p.m.?
When you don’t have the daily care of children in the house, you will have time to discover more of what you want. Just knowing that you believe in them, will help them through any growing pains they have in adulthood.
The loneliness is challenging for single parents, but they are often relieved to have the heavy parenting duties lifted. Parenting is a creative process that often leaves little time for other creative activities. How dare my brother not send out an all-points bulletin when he added this important element to the whole tooth fairy scene, especially since it was bedtime and we lived thirty minutes from any store that might carry glitter. The condition causes the roots to circle around and tangle together, unable to go down deep into the soil unless physically cut apart or torn. Rothman grew up in Brooklyn, and resided in several Latin American countries before settling in Santa Monica, where she and her husband, a bassist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, are relandscaping their nest. Many mothers and fathers, no matter their status, discover that if they stay active and engaged, their lives remain full even though their nests aren’t. When the nest is empty, it is a great time to delve into long lost creative pursuits, or perhaps ones you’ve always wanted to try. When they wanted to stand underneath me and show me their wiggly tooth, it just gave me the creeps. Amy was so excited about the fairy dust that I feared this type of disappointment could result in years of therapy.
I do have a few friends that I do things with and am able to talk to about this on occasion but I still can’t help being a little sad. I grabbed a thick stack of Christmas cards we had received over the last several years and took off the rubber band. I searched through about a dozen before I found a few with red, gold, and green glitter designs. I took a butter knife and scrapped the glitter onto a sheet of paper, relieved that the tooth fairy image wouldn’t be tarnished even if the dust looked like a combination of Christmas and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Usually he would reach his sausage-sized fingers into their small mouths, grab the tooth and give a quick yank.
The tooth would usually pop right out to the delight of the child who anxiously waited for the tooth fairy to visit. I was hoping that your link would be in the comments as you have some awesome resources for the Empty nester – thank you.

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