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The work of an associate pastor often does not receive the high praise or support compared to their senior pastor.
Church leadership and senior pastors need to realize the unique nature of associate pastor ministry.
Lay leader support and team – Churches make sure that their senior pastor has lay leaders and other supportive folks in the church, but does the associate pastor have the same type of support? By putting these 5 ideas into practice your associate will work better within your church’s ministry and with the senior pastor.
Associate pastors have the challenging task of supporting the mission and vision of the church under the leadership of their senior pastor.
Spending consistent time with associates communicates that they are important, their work is important, and that their input is valued.

Church leadership must support associates in the same way by creating teams to support the ministries of support pastors. Trying new ideas, ministries, and outreach ideas need to be encouraged among associate pastors and support staff.
Often, in the course of this supportive role, associates experience disagreements and their frustration can undermine staff synergy. This will only help associate pastors experience collegiality with their senior, which is very crucial to associates. Churches can only grow if their leaders are encouraged to try new ideas or resurrect old ones. A support group of other associates is ideal, but may not be available in every area of ministry.

He has been featured on television, radio, and has written for the Albany Times Union, The Christian Century, Leading Ideas, Christian Ethics, Baptist News Global. Having a means for coping with frustrations, disappointments, and other personal matters will help the longevity of the associate in ministry.

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