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When the worst collapse of commodity prices in nearly two decades finally ends, mining companies left standing probably will have more robots on their side. The shift, say the analysts, will follow miners' strategy of retrenchment and divestment of high-cost assets, aimed at reducing costs and improving their balance sheets. While some job loses will inevitably come with the incorporation of more technology, some believe the change is positive, as it can create more interesting positions while making lower-skilled posts obsolete. The new album will be named „SURVIVE“, like one of the songs on the tracklist and will be released globally via iTunes on August 10th. More details will be released during an announcement on May 21th, 6pm (JST) which will be livestreamed on Yoshiki’s Ustream account! Selling a co-op usually takes about 90 days from the time you accept an offer – sometimes longer.
Every board requires that a buyer meet certain financial requirements in order to purchase within their building. In New York City, a deal is not official until a contract is signed, and this usually happens one to two weeks after an offer is accepted.
Your real estate attorney is the only individual who should provide you with legal advice in the process. But a new study by BMI Research says that miners, big and small, are set to focus their spending on innovation through the use of technology and automation as a way of improving efficiency and boosting output at existing operations.
X Fans are used to long waits and announcements appearing out of nowhere – but this time the news we had awaited for years had been announced! Ever since 2010, we have been struggling to put together a new X JAPAN album which will blow your mind.

Call your managing agent to verify any sale procedures that might be required by the board.
You will need to gain an understanding of your current market to aid in accurately pricing your home. You will have to coordinate with your managing agent (or your board of directors) for the approval of your buyer and the ultimate sale of your home.
It is of the utmost importance that you pre-qualify your buyer prior to accepting any offer. Thus, a buyer still has the opportunity to back out of a deal within that one to two week timeframe.
He or she is responsible for negotiating the sale contract and making sure you are protected from any mishaps.
Be sure to request copies of all necessary forms related to the sale of your home, and update yourself on the building’s policies (subletting, co-purchases, guarantors, etc…).
Review recent quarterly market reports and research the most recent sales in your building and in the surrounding area. Be sure the buyer’s qualifications are in line with the board’s requirements, and try making a counter offer at the asking price or slightly below.  Indicate to your buyer that you are serious about your price and perhaps they will return with a more serious offer. General financial guidelines necessitate that a buyer possess at least two years of mortgage and maintenance payments in liquid assets after the down payment, a gross monthly debt to income ratio that does not exceed 25-30% and good credit. Always qualify your buyers and lean towards choosing a candidate who has the best chance of passing your board. Apparently, there will also be a special limited edition of just 2000 copies, but details have yet to be announced.

However, finally we made it and you will be able to listen to our new album “SURVIVE” soon!! Also, double-check the board’s expectations and requirements with regards to a potential buyer’s financial criteria.  By staying ahead of the game, you will be fully prepared when an interested buyer comes along. Remember that very often when someone places an offer on an apartment, it is because they can see themselves living there.
These requirements absolutely vary from building to building, so be sure to check where your board stands on financial approvals.
Maintain records of all open houses that contain the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the people who view your apartment. Since most applications require personal and professional reference letters for the buyer, take the time to read these prior to submitting.
While you can certainly attempt to go it alone, partnering with a real estate expert in the co-op market can definitely save you time and money. If you find it difficult to detach yourself emotionally from the sale, enlist a real estate agent to aid with a ‘comparative market analysis’.

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