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Now that Google has removed the black rectangular box on Google Sky, this must have some significance.
I wanted to share an idea on how to help building a community to help you survive the pending doom, whether it is Planet X passing Earth and creating havoc or any other catastrophe we will endure as it passes. I once wrote in one of my previous articles that the best way to survive the aftermath was to gather a group of people in your neighborhood so you have a variety of skill sets to draw upon. The ideal group would be to have someone who has a medical background, as I am sure that may be a priority after the event, whatever that may be. Have someone who has a farming background who can organize the growing of food, as that will be a priority. Set up a perimeter to protect what you have from looters, so those who have firearms need to be organized to keep watch around the clock. You will also have to be cognizant of stray dogs and other types of animals, as after a while, like wolves, dogs will gather in packs looking for food and you will look like a great meal to them. Hopefully, someone will have a generator so that it can be used for whatever tools are required to repair or build something necessary. Someone is going to have to be in charge of obtaining and storing fuel, especially for the winter months; keeping warm is vital to your survival.
Another important thing to remember is that trying to get along with people may be stressful.
If you think that you worked hard at your job, well, this will be 10 times harder to learn how to survive. Having regular meetings with the entire community you have helped to build will be paramount.
If you live close to farm land, you may want to build a relationship with the farmer and offer protection in exchange for food, as I am sure he would have the resources to maintain a certain amount of crops; this could be a vital relationship.
Set up a scavenger team to go out and see what they can gather to stay alive, but that team will need to be protected with at least two armed members, as I am sure others will be doing the same and may want to take what you find. When leading people like your group, remember not to go back to the ways that our governments ruled and that is hiding the truth and not being honest. Disposal of waste will be another consideration and producing as little waste as possible will be paramount.
Transportation will also be a key factor, as you may have to go far to find the things you require. Making a list of medication that people may require, such as medicine for diabetics, will be important and finding out who needs what.
It is not the survival of the fittest in this case; it is survival of the best organized who will rise to the top. I may have left some things out but hopefully this will make you think of how to best set things up for your own survival.

You can use this as a start and add more things but these are questions you need to get answers for.
The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Planet X News, its editors or its staff.
With all the military activity such as Jade Helm and other countries doing the same type of exercises, all I can deduce is that Planet X must be closer than was originally predicted. Many people talk about it coming but I have not read anything on how to survive after the event, so I have given this a lot of thought and started to develop some guidelines which I hope will help you.
In order to discover what each person can bring to the table would be to make a registration questionnaire (below), so I have developed a format for that and you can use it or change it to what best suits your situation. Night vision goggles would be a great tool, as well as having the right firearms, such as a rifle with scope and also carry a handgun for close, imminent danger. Knowing how to build and setting up a latrine, how to dispose of waste, how you can recycle some of that waste, as you will not have the luxury of the garbage truck coming around and picking up your garbage bags, as we are so used to.
Well, those of you who have never led people before may find yourself in that position, but remember that people are going to be scared and not know which way to turn and, obviously, if you are reading this, you know what’s coming and you need to plan this now.
You may find that your home will have to be a hotel, so to speak, as those who are not prepared may need to stay with you. Even though they are your friends or neighbors, you don’t know them that well until you have to live with them. It will be exhausting and when that happens, tempers will run high, so you have to have some restraint and patience with people. I think it would be hard to dig a grave, so you may have to do as they did in the old days and cremate the body and hopefully there will be a minister in your group to say prayers. May I suggest you go onto the Web and learn how to purify water, as without it nothing else will matter, as you will be dead. It will be the same if you go hunting: you may become the hunted, so when you do go hunting, it would be best to have one guy shoot the game and the others keeping a lookout. It is obvious that that type of leadership did not work, so please remember that total honesty and transparency will be key I keeping the group tight. Burying waste will be key but finding a place to do this will be important, remembering not to set up any waste site close to water.
It could be that all the newer vehicles with electronics may not work, so it is important to have older vehicles, preferably trucks, so someone is going to have to take the lead on that, as well as a good supply of gasoline. Once you have determined that, then hitting the pharmacy early would be extremely important, as others will also be doing the same thing and you want to make sure that your group is well taken care of. You will find that people will hear of you and want to come and join your group and hopefully they are the desirable type. People do some strange things under pressure and, as there are no police, personal security will be important.

We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. That's an average of 7,726 pages viewed each day by 2,777 visitors, which is an average of 2.78 pages viewed per visitor per day. There is an open casting call for a program being produced for the American Heroes Channel. The high waters stopped vehicular traffic and most rescuers at the Conoco Phillips Alliance Refinery, over 8 miles upriver.
It makes sense that its arrival is now down to months or even weeks and I am sure we are going to see a hail of fire balls rain down on the earth.
You should always have a minimum of two people to keep watch and maybe more, depending on the area you want to protect.
This is very scary, as you make have to use your gun on someone, which will not be easy, I assure you. Those who have the skill to hunt and have the ability to skin whatever prey they are able to get is vital.
I have, in my career, been in charge of many people, so I am fully aware of the complexity of leading people and trying to keep harmony and I am sure there will be people in your community who have those type of skills. Setting up rain barrels would also be great, provided there is no acid rain falling out of the sky. Digging a hole big enough may be very labor-intensive but necessary, so the young men with big muscles will be put to the test on that one. You will definitely require a hand pump with a long hose to pull the gasoline out of the gas station tanks and, again, have someone guard while you do this.
There could be any type of criminal or bad person who needs to be dealt with and that also will be hard to enforce. Only airboats and a few vehicles along the levee were able to navigate the area, 2.3 miles downriver from International Marine Terminals. I am sure you will see some mainstream media on its arrival, so you all are going to have to prepare NOW! Obviously, you can kick them out of your group but they may not want to leave willingly, so you have to decide the course of action you might want to take. In those types of situations, I think you should have a panel of leaders who would determine the punishment required for the crime and not just leave that up to one individual.

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