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Been pretty bored lately so I've been doing (pretty ugly) typography type stuff with video game quotes that I like. What occupation would you rather have: a Witcher (The Witcher universe) or a Grey Warden (Dragon Age universe)?
You have a super dangerous job.  Unlike Wardens who have their "off time" during non-Blight eras, witchers are always needed.
For those who enjoy bite-sized distractions, there are a ton of free browser game sites out there.
Zilch is a dice rolling game that has a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you do get acquainted with the rules, it's a game you'll go back to in your spare time.
While many of the music games on Kongregate give you a set playlist of generic tunes to choose from and edit, Step Seq. This is one of those "upgrade till you beat the boss" type of games, but even then Frantic Frigates manages to bring something new to the table. This awesome 8-bit adventure game is very unique because you surprisingly have a lot of choice. The simplistic gameplay is really addicting and I found myself going back to do multiple playthroughs. Gain experience, level up, spend skill points, and try to survive as endless enemies throw themselves at you from all angles. One of the goals is to find special artifacts that you get to keep once you restart your playthrough.
You play as a blue elephant who embarks on an epic quest - because someone stole your bowler hat. Described as an "RPG-shooter" hybrid, you can complete quests to upgrade abilities such as agility and charisma.
Monster's Den - Recommended by my brother, he says the gameplay is very addicting and it's like a free browser version of Diablo with tons of loot everywhere.
Well, that's my last blog post for now as I'm heading over to Germany for my vacation soon.  I'll be missing E3, the first bit of Euro 2012 (go Spain!) but Berlin and Munich should be interesting.
A random idea I recently had for this blog was posting songs that I've been listening to, but also when and where I played them last.
The purpose of the question isn't to create an "uber" team, but rather, which video game characters you could picture playing on a hockey team if they were "normal" and in "real life".
The zombie apocalypse is happening now and you have to survive!  Which 3 video game characters would you want to have beside you and why? Who would win in an all-out war: the Locust Horde (Gears of War) or the Chimera (Resistance)? What "side" did you identify yourself with (or perhaps, you didn't gravitate towards a side)? In your personal opinion, what do you think came out of the "controversy"?  Did the increased attention on the issue have an impact on the game, the industry, or yourself as a gamer? You have to survive on the island for 30 days (no "getting a flying type Pokemon and flying home" or teleporting off the island). Would you rather get stuck in a house full of headcrabs (Half-Life) or wretches (Gears of War)?  How would you try to survive? Your inventory consists of a machete OR a crowbar, and your choice of a pistol OR shotgun (both with limited ammo).
Anderson has played minor roles in ME1 and ME2, but his time to shine comes in ME3 when he decides to stay behind on Earth.
The song that starts playing halfway through makes the scene all the more memorable and tear-jerking ("I'm Proud of You").
A truly epic moment from ME1 was when your Shepard finally became a spectre (to date, I think this was the only thing the council has ever gotten right).
There have been a lot of great speeches and many epic moments, but this one is my favourite in the Mass Effect franchise. I love how the camera pans out on the rest of the team because it gives you a sense of how you're not alone in the fight.
And with all that said and done, there's my top ten Mass Effect moments that really stuck out to me. I had a lot of great memories with the Mass Effect franchise and with the honourable mentions out of the way, let's get this Top Ten episode started! What I thought was particularly well done in Mass Effect 3 were the "conversations" you hear when you walk past the NPCs. The conversations start off with the turian trying to reassure his wife, talking about how he's just an engineer and probably won't be on the front lines so there's no reason to worry.

This serves as a reminder that the atmosphere in ME3 is much darker and depressing than the previous ones and with good reason. Legion was brilliant in Mass Effect 2 and I was pleasantly surprised how much I came to like this geth.
This was probably the toughest choice I had to make in ME1 because I really liked both characters. Sure, characters have died as I played through ME1, but this was the first time when I had to step back and really think: one of them's not coming back and that's on me.
Making your rounds and saying goodbye to each character at the end was both satisfying and heartbreaking at the same time. While all of them had their moments, Garrus' scene was the one that made me both laugh and tear up at the same time.
Finally, a moment that isn't completely tragic or heartbreaking (sorry if I'm making you readers depressed! It's been a long time since my last Top Ten episode (way too long!), so I figured I'd write one to celebrate the ME trilogy. Taking a look back at all the hours I put into this franchise, here are my top ten most memorable moments. Part of what sticks out about this scene is the sheer epicness of it - the drastic run for the Normandy, being chased by the Collectors, and oh yeah, the completely epic soundtrack blasting in the background (song's called The End Run). To me, this was the most brutal character death scene to watch because it was something so selfless and heroic. And that's it for this post!  Those are some of the ME moments that, unfortunately, didn't make it in the top ten but were still great to talk about. Who’s more likely to start Tweeting: Subzero (Mortal Kombat) or Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)?
Why he's the better choice: Phelps is a detective so it stands to reason that he might have the upper hand on the cartoon professor.
Why he's the better choice: Professor Layton is all about the tiny details, thinking things through and he has an "out of the box" way of looking at mysteries. Would you rather be a part of the Noble Team (Halo:Reach) or work on USG Ishimura (Dead Space)? I may also restart the "Top 10" episodes thing (I re-read the one I wrote TWO years ago about zombies and got some great ideas for others).
For episode one, I'm diving into the zombie craze and picking the top 10 video game characters that I'd love to have fighting beside me on the frontlines. Don't laugh - these plants pack a serious punch and would be the perfect defense against any zombie invasion.
At first I wanted to choose Alistair or Morrigan for her mage abilities, but then I decided that Shale would be a better choice in this case.
His abilities allow him to take out zombies from distance and with his new melee weapon (The Amp), he'll never have to worry about running out of ammo.
Take a look at those two giant knives-for-arms and tell me that isn't good for chopping off zombie heads. Yes, I could have chosen any Jedi or Sith but let's give our buddy Starkiller a chance to redeem himself from his lackluster video games.
As a sharp-shooting, no-nonsense turian, Garrus would be great as a support character for my other allies, picking off the zombies that are out of range. With his trusty Master Sword and stylish floppy green hat, Link would be on the frontlines leading the allies into the zombie fray. Dead Island 2 is an action survival game focused on seamless multiplayer co-op and sick weaponry in the Golden State of California, available for Windows, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. Crafting Carnage: Build the crazy weapon of your dreams to mutilate friends and foes alike. Cali Catastrophe: Experience the beautiful state of California while you fight just to survive.
Most of them will be grayscale though some may have some "extras" such as texture use and very minimal colouring.
Because it's been a long time since the last Blight, people sort of forget about the importance of wardens. Don't let the genre of "tower defense" game fool you - this is one you should definitely check out.
Does anyone play Dungeon Defenders?  Have any tips for leveling up after level 70 that doesn't include Mistymire Forest's 1st level on repeat?
Also, I played Mortal Kombat when I was eight years old.  Suffice it to say, I'm not performing fatalities on people I meet.

Surprisingly, it wasn't really hard to narrow down the massive field of ME memories into the top 10, so here they are! To me, he's always been a father figure to Shepard, someone you can turn to in case you need advise. As the first human spectre, hearing the council members speak about your duties and future challenges made the scene even more memorable because with great power, comes great responsibilities. It wasn't so much the fact that Thane was dying (or even the manner in which he dies), but the fact that with his last moments alive he's still thinking about Shepard's future. What Shepard says here can also be applied to ME1 and ME3 - it's been a long journey, a lot of great people have been lost, but the time for battle has finally come. Taking a look back, there's surprisingly a lot of depressing or heartbreaking scenes but I think that just goes to show how invested we are, not only to Shepard and the ME universe, but to the characters that have slowly become friends. The one in particular that stood out for me was the talks between the turian and asari couple on the Citadel (as you exit from the Normandy in the Citadel, just walk straight ahead and they should be there). Later on, they'll discuss the fact that being a soldier doesn't pay as well as his old job at the dig site. War has enveloped the galaxy and the threat of the Reaper invasion isn't just a myth anymore - it's real. Personally, he felt more "real" and memorable than other personality-deficient squadmates (like Jacob). I'm really glad the Bioware team included this as it reminded me of the goodbye scenes at the end of Dragon Age: Origins.
Staying true to form, even in the darkest of circumstances, this turian still manages to squeeze in some sarcastic remarks that makes you shake your head and smile.
Regardless of whether you romanced him or not, Shepard will comfort Garrus, saying: "There's no Shepard without Vakarian", a powerful testament to their friendship which has endured over the course of the series.
First, it's a funny scene bound to make you chuckle as he mentions various game parodies that you might be familiar with. Today's post are the "honourable mentions", moments that didn't quite make the list but still stood out to me.
Lines like "had to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong" and singing his patter song at the end probably got a tear out of most of us.
Cole was in the Marines and is a celebrated war hero so if there's a scuffle, you have someone beside you who can probably save your life.
I have some ideas for the next few episodes, but if you'd like to see a certain Top Ten list, post your suggestions below!
Like Garrus, Anderson's one of the few people who always stays by your side, regardless of the situation.
Sure, some people may consider him a cloaca *cough*Mordin*cough* but there's no denying he has style when it comes to rallying his men. The asari says she'll probably pick up a second job and that they may have to postpone their daughters' dance classes for now. Every time you go back to the Citadel and stand by the couple, they're talking about their plans for the war and you come to realize that Shepard isn't the only one fighting or making sacrifices. His triumphant return in ME3 blew me away again as his sacrifice allowed his fellow geth to achieve true consciousness.
Kaiden, well, I'll never forget after we defeated Matriarch Benezia, I clicked on him and guess what he said? My Shepard just stood by and listened as the salarian talked about the 11 billion players of Galaxy of Fantasy, or how customers will get a (measly) two credits if they trade in used games. I've enjoyed every minute of it and while I'm glad that ME3 has arrived, I'm sad because it's the end of the trilogy.
Though sometimes he may express doubts, it isn't until ME3 that Mordin's perspectives are completely changed.
In Mass Effect 3, he once again expresses his deep commitment to Shepard's fight, saying he and his team will ally with you regardless of what the salarian governement decides. Listening to his voice, hearing how less "monotone" it sounds from the previous game, and noticing the times when he hesitates in his speech makes him feel all the more human. The exchange between Tali and Legion in the final moments made the scene even more powerful and Legion's soul will live on in the free geth that he helps "create".

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