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I Didn't Know That: Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips find extraordinary facts behind ordinary everyday objects. A two-time National Geographic grantee, Anna works with a team of scientists and local volunteers in Indonesia to educate people on the value of protecting this odd and adorable critter and keeping it a thriving part of their natural environment.
This Javan slow loris, named Kiara, shows off the critters’ characteristic claw among toenails. I believe you are referring to the “toilet claw”—lorises, like other primates, have tiny flattened nails on each hand and foot, but they retain a single claw that they use for grooming and scratching hard to reach places! They are the only venomous primates—they have a true venom that can be injected into their victims. Aside from deforestation, which impacts most species in Asia, a low rate of reproduction is a challenge for slow lorises, which have only one offspring every year or two (with the exception of the pygmy loris that has twins).
They are also heavily impacted by the illegal trade for medicines (they are considered to have over 100 uses and are often smoked alive to retain properties), for the photo prop trade, and the pet market—for both the latter, these venomous primates have their unique toothcomb clipped out to prevent their biting. The illegal pet and photo prop trades are perpetrated by YouTube and social networking videos of illegal loris pets—lorises are extremely difficult to breed in captivity and more lorises appear on YouTube videos than are in the world’s zoos!
The grip may look tight, but this slow loris is being handled with care, and being outfitted with a tracker that is helping to reveal critical information about lorises’ lives in the wild.
We are also having a big focus on diet, quantifying exactly what slow lorises eat, not only to know what should be fed in rescue centers but also to determine the best trees to replant in the area.
Finally, we also run monthly movie nights for the villagers, teach a children’s book written by us in the local schools, and are continuing to monitor how lorises use their venom.
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Presenters Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips visited Kent’s Marlowe Academy to see how many balloons it would take to lift a person off the ground.

The old Ramgate School was recently reincarnated as the Marlowe Academy and moved to brand new, purpose built premises. Designed for the 21st Century, the contemporary building is light and spacious and it’s large atrium is a modern interpretation of an amphitheatre with a height that was perfect for this stunt.
After a punishing rugby practice, Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips find out if an ice-cold bath will help their aching bodies.
Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips visit a state-of-the-art milking station that is fully automated and can milk 70 cows three times a day. This workshop is designed to explore the life experiences that have shaped and defined you. Bring something youa€™ve been working on, an idea you wish to develop, or simply come ready and willing to explore.
Guest speakers have included: Meredith Baxter, Kelly Carlin, Terri Cheney, Lisa Cron, Hollye Dexter, Hope Edelman, Amy Friedman, Leslie Gilbert-Lurie, Annabelle Gurwitch, Wendy Hammers, Monica Holloway, Daniel M. Karin Gutman, MFA, has been working closely with writers for over 14 years to help them uncover, develop and write their personal stories. I love your style of teaching, way of being, and the space you hold and the opening you create.
Karina€™s nurturing spirit cultivates an environment where all different types of writers can blossom.
Her work in the field has been to perform some of the first in-depth studies of lorises in the wild. So far we know the venom can hugely damage other lorises, can kill ectoparasites and can kill a person. Less than 10% of Java’s rainforest remains—mostly at high altitudes not suitable for slow lorises. The transformation however, was not just cosmetic, since the school does not follow the National Curriculum; instead it tailors its courses to the pupils ensuring that their natural talents are encouraged. Tune in to the National Geographic Channel on Wednesday the 26th September 2007 at 6pm to find out!
And yet, in sharing our stories, we often overlook what is particularly extraordinary about our lives.

Through a wide variety of creative exercises, youa€™ll find the *spark* to unleash the stories that reflect the uniqueness of your personal journey. Jaffe, Sandra Kobrin, Carlos Kotkin, Leslie Lehr, Regina Louise, Greg Miller, Maureen Murdock, Jennie Nash, Laurel Ollstein, Dennis Palumbo, Paula Priamos, Ann Randolph, Laurenne Sala, Adam Skolnick, Jennifer Gay Summers, Lea Thau, and Pat Verducci. During her tenure as co-executive producer of Spark Off Rose, the popular spoken word series in Los Angeles, she cultivated fresh, new voices and often worked with deeply personal material. It leaves the lorises defenseless if ever returned to the wild as they cannot inject their venom, groom (for both social behavior and parasite defense), or eat their most vital food resource—gum which is gouged from trees with the chisel-like toothcomb.
Ours is the first long-term study of any slow loris species, but also of the Critically Endangered Javan slow loris. The Academy is also a community hub, housing the local library and offering a selection of Adult Education courses. Each week we will uncover the various aspects of a€?youa€? through the spoken and written word with the opportunity to share works-in-progress. A former story analyst for Creative Artists Agency and 20th Century Fox, she is a published author and has written and developed projects for Nickelodeon, the Jim Henson Company and National Geographic Kids.
I really love how you protect and nurture writers and writing, and the wonderful way you love through your work. In order to facilitate reintroductions, which have so far been done in the absence of wild studies with a horrific failure rate, we are examining dispersal of slow lorises—by learning how these animals find new homes in the wild, we hope we can help to improve reintroduction success.
The small group environment cultivates a safe, dynamic space, allowing for group interaction as well as individual guidance and feedback.
She has taught at Cal State Fullerton, UCLA Extension Writersa€™ Program and UCLA Arts and Healing, and currently offers workshops and one-on-one coaching to writers under her Spirit of Story banner.

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