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Focus looks like a film that’s supposed to remind us that Will Smith is still charismatic and hot.
I showed this trailer to my daughter and she is on a countdown to this show she’s soooo excited to go! Once you see the trailer you’ll see that this is a MUST SEE show this holiday season!
Just tell me (in the comments below this post) why you want to go see CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE – thats it! My husband and I would like an entry – can we get 2 entries (1 for each of us) or do we both have to enter separately? I'm PR friendly and happy to speak at your next engagement about home schooling issues, frugal living, saving money, family travel, Disney and any issues facing moms today.

I wouldn’t exactly call that confidence which is what Hitch was always trying to teach. Cirque Dreams Holidaze is heading to the Lyric in Baltimore on November 20th & 21st and Family Frugal Fun is giving away 2 FREE tickets AND I have a special discount code for discount tickets to Cirque Dreams Holidaze!!!
Come out and say hello to me and my family on Friday November 21st – I’ll be there cheering in the crown for all of this holiday fun! Check out the list of upcoming performances that may fit in your schedule – note Salisbury Maryland in December on the 8th (at the Wicomico Civic & Youth Center)!!!! I am in serious need of a date night #1 (who isn’t lol) #2 I have heard the show is AMAZING! Alex Panttiere (Melissa George, “The Slap”), an outspoken world-renowned heart-transplant surgeon and one of the few women in her field.

In the end, it’s a bonus for her, because Focus, at least from this preview, looks terrible. And #3 The most important of the the 3 reasons…I do not have to take kids to sports practices either day so I would be guilt free! She revels in a racy personal life that’s a full-time job in itself, manages the daily demands of skeptical faculty and dutiful interns, and pushes the boundaries of medical science to impressive new heights. At the very least, Cameron gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a wife who was actually a believable wife and not a 20 year old model, which is how Michael Bay would have cast it.

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