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The new communication system provides aviators with the ability to transmit secure digital global positioning system derived location information in addition to keyed-in and scanned messages. Aircrew flight equipment technicians perform tests and input necessary data into the radios before distributing them to aircrew members. This safeguards the radios so that, should an incident occur, the aircrew can to use the radios rapidly and efficiently.

Anthony Garcia, 28th OSS aircrew flight equipment superintendent, added that Ellsworth Air Force Base is the first B-1 unit Air Force-wide to use CSEL radios. The 28th Bomb Wing is the first B-1 unit in the Air Force to use this device, helping to enhance aircrew search and rescue capabilities. The adapter, when hooked up to a computer, allows information and data to be programmed into the CSEL radios and later transmitted to aircrews flying within areas of responsibility.

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