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Tipton emergency personnel requested assistance from the Indiana State Police to aid in emergency operations due to widespread flooding in the city of Tipton and areas south of town.
Tipton County, Indiana (April 22, 2013) This past Friday the Indiana State Police responded by deploying approximately 35 troopers and six boats. Twenty-three of the responding troopers were members of the Indiana State Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team (USRT). USRT members also assisted several individuals in returning to their homes to retrieve needed medication.
The Indiana State Police USRT has approximately 39 members assigned to the 14 Indiana State Police posts throughout Indiana. During the peak of the Tipton emergency, troopers manned flooded intersections and directed citizens to safer routes of travel through the Tipton County.
Showers and thunderstorms will be likely across Indiana and Ohio from Tuesday Night through Thursday.
There continue to be numerous accidents across Indiana as snow continues to fall in many areas and winds continue to increase which is causing blowing and drifting and whiteout conditions.

Here are the latest travel advisories and snow emergencies across the area (updated at 10:30 AM). Give yourself extra time and be alert for rapidly changing conditions if you are traveling today. Several Travel Warnings for counties in Southern Indiana where heavy snow has led to treacherous conditions. Steuben County Emergency Medical Services - North Station is a building in Indiana and is nearby to Valley Outlet Center and Hells Point. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. During a 10 hour period, USRT personnel, along with firefighters from the Tipton Fire Department, deployed 36 times and evacuated approximately 51 people, three dogs, and a bearded dragon.
Officers also aided motorists in retrieving vehicles that became disabled due to drivers attempting to traverse flooded roads. Many counties are under Travel Advisories with a couple counties including Tipton County under a Travel Watch.

Heavy lake effect snow will also continue to impact extreme Northern Indiana and parts of the Toll Road. Steuben County Emergency Medical Services - North Station is also close to Green Lake and Marsh Lake. Those evacuated had their homes surrounded by flood waters or were in danger of being trapped by rising flood waters.
They provide Indiana with service capable of extending to almost all aspects of forensic investigation and recovery underwater.
There were also troopers assigned to the Incident Command Center to help coordinate resources with the Tipton Fire Department, the Tipton Police Department, and the Tipton County Sheriff’s Department.
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