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100% of the royalties from the sales of "PASS IT ON" will be donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Chief Ray Downey Scholarship Fund. Police say the fire truck veered around stopped cars as it passed through the intersection — at Birch Road. One of several high tension towers damaged by the F-4 tornado that ripped through Southeastern Indiana. In 1990, the entire staff of the civil defense department for the county consisted of William Black Sr.
As the news of the tornado’s impact spread and the roads were cleared, people began arriving in droves. After residents surveyed the damage done to their homes and property, the need for everything from toothbrushes to building permits was immediate. The tornado not only directly destroyed and damaged people’s homes, barns and livestock, but challenged even long-standing residents as they attempted to reach those families most in need of aid. Across the county and region, neighbors helped neighbors and local companies stepped forward to assist in any way possible. This pitch-in attitude was shared not only by individuals and companies, but also across emergency service provider lines. He looks up and says, “I don’t know where those numbers were coming from, but those were the totals for some of the damage assessments we had. After such a severe event, people especially want to know how to protect themselves from future disasters.
In addition to being forewarned and knowing how your family would communicate if members were to be separated, having basic items packed and ready is important.
When fire, water, wind or storm damage occurs at a residence, business or industrial facility, call First Response. Our trained water damage remediation specialists will extract the standing water in your facility fast.
Our trained decontamination specialists will utilize the appropriate clean up technologies and proven techniques to restore your facility from the dangerous impact of an illegal drug production operation. Our trained biohazard technicians will carefully and safely remediate your facility from the dangers of biohazard contamination and bloodborn pathogens. Our trained, private sector first responders will deliver emergency services fast to secure your facility after an act of vandalism. You are driving down the street and hear a siren.  You look around for the flashing red lights and suddenly you see an ambulance, firetruck or police vehicle approaching. If you or a love one are have been involved in an accident involving  an emergency vehicle and you would like to have a consultation with an experienced attorney, contact William W. I can speak from experience when Bill Hurst represented me he went above and beyond what was expected.
Auto Accident Cases:Whether you were injured in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or a collision with a semi-truck, we can skillfully represent you as we have thousands of clients injured in accident cases. Drunk Driving AccidentsWilliam Hurst has represented hundreds of drunk driving accident victims and their families, including those who suffered catastrophic injury such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, or wrongful death.

Orthopedic Injury CasesWe have handled hundreds of orthopedic injury cases across the state of Indiana and have worked with most of the major orthopedic surgery doctors within the state. Construction InjuriesWe have more than 35 years of experience helping the victims of construction accidents and construction injuries recover the financial settlements they deserve.
Who Will Pay?We help people understand and make the best use of their insurance policies and other benefits while they wait for their personal injury case to be concluded.
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Authorized Practice of Law: The jurisdictions in which each of our attorneys is licensed to practice are indicated in the individual attorney biographies on this website. Only minor injuries were reported after a fire engine was involved in a crash in Bartholomew County Wednesday morning. A volunteer firefighter suffered minor cuts from glass when the fire engine’s windshields broke. Top two left boxes (Executive Committee FSIS-FDA and (DHS Integrated Consortium of Laboratory Networks Advisory Group) provide input by dotted line to the FERN leadership. Top central box: Directors and Deputy Directors from FSIS and FDA senior management lead FERN and provide input to the top right box Regional Coordination Centers Advisory Group that oversees the five Regional Coordination Centers listed at the far right (Central, Southeast, Northeast, Southwest and Pacific) which guide and coordinate the 172 Federal, State, and local laboratories of the network (not shown).
Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players. We actually had my boys there with us, and they were running messages back and forth to different people for us. So we were taking calls and making a list and I think at that time we were coordinating with the Red Cross. Black smiles at the memory and continues, “They just came out every day and worked for a while.
The Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross and the State of Indiana offer advice, classes and literature to the public.
I just gave a talk to some Cub Scouts and said be prepared, have a plan of action (and) listen. Black explains that in an emergency, county services will do all they can to assist residents, but with limited personnel and especially in a situation with widespread damage, help may not arrive immediately. We are nationally recognized for the speed of our response, the quality of our work and our cost saving mitigation services. Standing water will be removed quickly and our state-of-the-art extraction equipment removes 95% of the water in the carpet because of the efficiency of this technology. Our teams are fully compliant with applicable laws and established procedures to restore your facility.
Our trained restoration specialists will restore your property from the damage caused by vandals to pre-loss condition. The right side wheels of the fire truck went off the roadway and hit a Duke Energy utility pole.

And when it calmed down finally, one of them actually fell asleep underneath the radio console. We always say, if you hear the siren, the alarm, take action, take cover and tune in…Know where you’re going to meet if you get separated. That’s why parents and caregivers are urged to calmly talk with their children about the family’s emergency plans before a disaster strikes. First Response has become the region's premiere full service restoration contractor providing emergency mitigation services all the way to complete reconstruction. It is crucial to attain this level of efficiency in the extraction process to reduce the drying time. Officials say a Bartholomew County Sheriff’s deputy was following a Harrison Township Fire engine to a medic call. We started answering radio calls to take some of the load off the dispatch, and try to get some resources for everybody. I think I saw someplace that we had 30 volunteers for EMA but the thing was, when anybody came to volunteer to help, we had to roster them. Black, who was employed there at the time of the tornado, “I called down there and I said we need a front end loader, a rubber tire front end loader, and they said OK. In the past, when sirens came in years ago, houses weren’t insulated as well, and the sirens could penetrate.
And a good thing to do would be to have an out-of-the-area contact person, so everybody can call that person. The State of Indiana website has even developed a Disaster Master game for children, and offers comprehensive programs for all ages. Our process does not require disengaging and floating your carpet which can severely reduce the life of your carpet by deteriorating the backing.
Both vehicles were heading southbound on CR 550 W when they approached a northbound truck pulling a trailer near CR 225 S. We had to be sure to keep track of where they were…All kinds of people would come in to help.
I remember Mike Davis talking about it – Mike was a long time fireman in Bright – he was also pretty active in EMA and Red Cross, and he’s lived there for years and years…I heard him say, you go down the road and everything was destroyed and you had a hard time figuring out exactly where you were at. All residents can call the Red Cross or local emergency response offices to learn more about protecting themselves before, during, and following severe weather. It’s kind of a situation that we see here in Indiana; people take care of themselves, the neighborhoods. Disaster shelters were set up …Sheltered more than 50 people dislocated by the storm … 47 destroyed, 27 with major damage, 113 with minor damage….

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