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Every time when we all start to gear up for Christmas and new years, the whole year starts to form up in our minds. Games Radar even quoted that "(it's) very easy to lose track of where you've already been". Is a zombie survival horror video game developed by Hammerpoint Interactive, in which players can either kill zombies or play against eachother. Aliens: Colonial Marines had some interesting and commendable things such as the games soundtrack, multiplayer modes, level designs, and a huge customizable collection of weapons, but sadly these thing were overshadowed by the inferior quality of graphics and many many bugs. According to reviews, the single player game was not implemented well and also the multi player co-operative mode was a head-ach.
This cricket game was so lame that the makers themselves had to announce it as cancelled just four days after its release, also all the announcements regarding the release of console version of Ashes Cricket 2013 were eliminated. There would be no doubt in saying that Ashes Cricket 2013 was the most disastrous game of 2013. These were few of the disastrous games of 2013, but unfortunately the list is long including Legends of Dawn, Peter Molyneux's Godus, Plants vs.
Currently the only playable map is Colorado, however, DLC (Downloadable Content) or free expansion maps may be released in the future.

According to the forums a chosen few players will be flown out to the home studios to provide the development team with actual player input! In-game a few players have been passing around a rumor that a new "Infected" map is being created. The energy meter was in the form of hunger and thrust which cloud be renewed by finding food and water during battles with the zombies. We reside in an era of high graphic and Orion: Dino Horde forces you to live in the time of underdeveloped ones.
This third title of the aliens series, released in February was a big letdown after the fairly good games like  Aliens vs. Don't forget to vote below, good games gets vote easily, it's time to vote most deserving lamest game of the year. These settlements offer a hub for players to exchange Loot such as Weapons and Consumables. In 2013, where we saw some of the most thrilling and exciting games, next-gen console launches etc…We also witnessed games which were a big time let down, making us wonder if the whole thing was a mistake and it should never have been created in the first place. Infestation: Survivor Stories was a huge let down in terms of micro transactions in gaming.

Once you die will have to wait and let your teammates kill off the whole batch of dinosaur. After each stage when you surface from the dungeons, the so called Princess Bubblegum would take away your hard earned treasure claiming it as 'candy tax'. And you cant even watch them thanks to an annoying bug Were Jurassic Park was a classic hit Orion: Dino Horde stands nowhere.
All the teasers and promotion pages were deleted as several videos showing bugs were making rounds of the web. Finally, these settlements will be where players come to take part in Social Rewards such as the Bounty Board.

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