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The service can be accessed via phone 1800 033 111 (Free call) or + 61 3 9663 2130 (International). The service has over 19 years experience in the provision of emergency response across Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific with over 17,000 emergency incidents having been handled by the service since its inception.
Following the 2004 tsunami, International Medical Corps established a partnership with a respected local emergency response group of health professionals, Ambulan 118, that has added to Indonesia’s capacity to react quickly and effectively at times of disaster. International Medical Corps has received tax-exempt status as a publicly supported organization as provided by the Internal Revenue Code under section 501(c) (3) and the California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23701 (d). This is the number of interested folk who have visited this site since web site inception, June 21, 1996. Harrisburg International Airport looked like a the set of a disaster movie¬† on Saturday as emergency response teams were put to the test.¬† It was all part of an airport disaster drill taking place in Middletown. The exercise, required by the FAA every three years, is designed to test the airport’s emergency preparedness in the event of an aircraft accident. Several branches of emergency response teams were deployed to manage the crisis as it unfolded over the course of four hours.
Tim Edwards, Executive Director of HIA says local communities were alerted to the exercise in advance of the event.
Project Description:Marriott hired MetaMedia to strategically development and implement one of the first leading edge mobile training delivery programs in the country before the advent of smartphones with high capacity bandwidth became ubiquitous. At Mader we understand communication is a key ingredient in developing a successful work place and to develop good relationships with our clients. These vehicles are used by ambulance volunteers who function as 'first responders' within communities where the nearest ambulance branch is at a distance. CERTs are located throughout Victoria and play a valuable role in ensuring sustainable emergency care to communities.

Lack of clean water during natural disasters is the first problem relief agencies deal with.
We partnered with Ugandan Water Project and Impact Nations to bring over 1000 Sawyer Point One water filters in order to provide clean water to the survivors. Combining our decades of global experience with Ambulan’s local knowledge, we created a comprehensive emergency preparedness and response program in disaster-prone areas throughout Indonesia. In addition, students will gain experience in utilizing drysuits and full face masks as part of dive operations. In partnership with Sony Corporation of America, MetaMedia developed all of the custom content for the Sony handheld Play Station Portable (PSP) as the delivery system.
These vehicles have been built to suit the AV Specifications for CERTs and include a new redesigned livery system, a rear cargo equipment system, emergency lighting and auxiliary electrical fit out plus radio installation. Whenever CERT units are dispatched to a job, a primary Emergency Ambulance is also dispatched.
Already, 44,000 children were dying annually from a lack of clean water and now the water situation is even more dire as sources are contaminated or ruined by the quake. The amazing thing is that this is not just temporary relief; the filter lasts up to 1 million gallons making the impact significant. Callers to the service include customers, employees, transport carriers, emergency services, government authorities, hospitals, veterinarians and members of the public. The education program we developed reached all levels of disaster response, including: medical personnel, policemen, firemen, search and rescue teams, hospital administrators, community leaders and other critical parties.
MetaMedia was also responsible for requisitioning and distributing the devices to all SpringHill Suite hotels throughout the United Space.
This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use.

The ERS Coordinators are trained to handle a wide range of incidents from human exposures to transport emergencies. The program was video-based employing professional union actors (as Marriott staff and customers) to model proper customer service correct behaviors with guests. These Sawyer filters are not only helping with the immediate need, but will continue to provide a long-term solution for 10 years or more. If you join our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, and voting in polls.
The service can be accessed via toll free numbers (1800 033 111 or 0800 734 607), as well as via international access numbers from Asia Pacific. These numbers are typically displayed on Material Safety Data Sheets, product labels, Emergency Procedure Guides, Emergency Information Panels, shipping documentation, client entries in telephone directories, emergency response plans and on after hours recorded messages. The success of these efforts have been proven, with swift, effective and life-saving emergency responses to major earthquakes in Yogyakarta on the island of Java in 2006 and on Sumatra in 2007 and 2009.
Ambulan 118 was the first emergency relief group to reach the quake-damaged West Sumatra town of Padang in Sept., 2009, and managed to rescue two Indonesian soldiers from the rubble.
International Medical Corps operated mobile clinics and supported the district health offices in Padang for six months following the quake.

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