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IOTA has expanded their emergency unit inverter product line with the new IIS-375-LED unit inverter, designed to bring wider capability to emergency LED lighting loads.
The IIS-375-LED delivers 375 watts of emergency power to the designated lighting load, and is specifically tailored for LED applications. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff.
IOTA has released the ILB-SL-CP Series, a new slim profile integral emergency battery pack for LED applications.
The ILB-SL-CP design combines several advanced performance features, such as a narrow profile housing ideally suited for LED luminaire designs with limited compartment space, constant power operation for delivering constant wattage to the LED array with no light degradation over the required runtime, and a self-sensing output that adjusts the forward voltage to accommodate varying requirements of the LED system.
The four ILB-SL-CP Series models offer designs for 5, 7, 10, or 12 watt applications, are UL 1310 Certified, Output Class 2 compliant, and covered under IOTA's 5-year warranty.
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IOTA's Slim Profile and Reduced Profile emergency ballasts feature smaller housing sizes for T5 fixtures with limited ballast compartment space. The Emergency Ballast Product Overview on the right provides a quick overview of each unit's lamp compatibility and design features. Previously, LED emergency drivers were limited to UL Component Recognized certification, limiting the scope of emergency driver installations to primarily factory installation. The IIS-375-LED features increased in-rush capability for LED loads with harsh in-rush requirements. The ILB-SL-CP Series introduces four new LED emergency battery models to their existing line of integral LED emergency solutions, and was recognized at the LFI Innovation Awards at this year's LightFair International event. IOTA was the first to introduce slim profile battery packs designed specifically for integral installation within narrow T5 fixture compartments. Today, IOTA's slim profile ISL Series is available with three different lumen output levels for 28W to 54W T5 lamps.

The new certification makes the ILB-CP Series the only LED emergency drivers UL Classified for use in field installation projects.
The unique design of the ILB-CP Series delivers constant power to the LED array, resulting in no degradation of emergency illumination for the full 90-minute runtime. The constant power design, combined with 10-60V Class 2 output, allows the ILB-CP to deliver predictable, consistent emergency performance for a variety of LED factory and field applications.

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