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IPC J-STD-001F is recognized worldwide as the sole industry-consensus standard covering soldering materials and processes. This course addresses the fundamentals of hand soldering through hole components including soldering materials, heat sources, and their use in creating acceptable through-hole solder connections. Our instructional Training Materials are presented to you in an electronic, downloadable format and allow unlimited printing or viewing for one facility with no annual fees or subscription charges - just a single, one time payment.
The image above is an actual screenshot of one page from the student manual associated with this course. The PC016 Mixed Technology Kit is an effective and economical way to train and evaluate students and employees. Benefits: Gerber Data and X, Y Theta Data are available at no charge Mix and match components and quantities to create a custom kit Kit is available with Tin-Lead and Lead-Free parts. Major topics include: flex attachment, board-in-board, part-on-part, both lead-free and tin-lead criteria, component orientation and soldering criteria for through-hole, SMT, cleaning, marking, coating and laminate requirements.
The IPC J-STD-001F standard is recognized worldwide as the sole industry standard covering soldering materials and processes. Your company name exemplifies exactly what you are, the BEST!!!Your company name exemplifies exactly what you are, the BEST!!! Our industry has awarded BEST the best in the PCB rework category 5 times in its 14 year career!
Bring technically accurate, industry-consensus acceptability standards to your training room or inspection area with this highly visual learning and reference tool. This course addresses the regulatory and commercial forces driving lead free implementation.
Students will learn how to identify various components and materials used in the electronic soldering process based on the IPC-DRM-18 Component Identification Training & Reference Guide. Also, students will learn about some of the process equipment used in the electronic soldering manufacturing process.

Following this, you will learn how to hand solder using the tutorial on hand soldering principles & techniques. Then you will solder a practice Printed Circuit Board and an actual working Printed Circuit Board device.
This is a combination lectured and hands-on course covering the information in the IPC J-STD-001 ­document. The J-STD-001, “Requirements for Soldered Electrical & Electronic Assemblies”, describes materials, method and acceptance criteria for producing soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. This document has been adopted for use by the Department of Defense (DoD) effective July 19, 2001. Process Trainer is a provider of electronics training and equipment for Electronics Manufacturing. There is no substitute for experiential learning, so when training or testing employees in PCB repair and rework, a useful method is to use a practice kit. Each kit comes with enough dummy components to re-populate the boards after removal and are individually bagged and tagged for easy identification. The extensive range of Practical Components Kits (comprising printed circuit boards and components) is detailed in our online catalogue.
This revision includes support for both traditional solder alloys and for lead-free manufacturing. This kit contains a variety of standard Surface Mount and Through-Hole components with traces to simulate real world situations.
This revision now includes support for lead free manufacturing, in addition to easier to understand criteria for materials, methods and verification for producing quality soldered interconnections and assemblies. A must for all quality assurance and assembly departments, IPC-A-610F illustrates industry-accepted workmanship criteria for electronics assemblies through detailed statements reflecting acceptable and deflect conditions, supported by full-color photographs and illustrations. Revision F has 814 photos and illustrations of acceptability criteria - 86 of them new or updated.

This revision includes support for both traditional solder alloys and lead-free manufacturing. Left-click on Free Review button to launch PDF viewer, or right-click and choose "Save Target As," or the equivalent, to download file (0.3MB). The Practical Components Solder Practice Kits offer effective and economical means of trainer demonstration and of individual practice, simulating real-world situations.
Kits come standard with an SO16 resistor network, but they can be upgraded to a Flat Pack 16. Each kit comes individually boxed with all components bagged and labeled for easy identification. This revision includes two new SMT termination styles, as well as changes in plated through-hole fill and BGA void criteria. The document synchronizes to the requirements expresses on other industry consensus documents and is most often used with the material and process standard IPC J-STD-001.
Examples of some of the significant changes are revision to plated-through-hole, PTH, minimum fill requirements; criteria for two new SMT termination types, and expanded conformal coating criteria. Additionally, wherever possible statements were modified to make readability easier and to enhance understanding - all without eliminating any requirements.
Whenever possible, the critiera descriptions have been adjusted to make them easier to understand for materials, methods, and verification criteria for producing quality soldered interconnections and assemblies.
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