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The most recent version of the iPhone Software (iOS 5) has the ability to utilize emoticons by use of the native keyboard and software, no third-party app or jailbreak required. Step 1: Open "Settings"From your iPhone's Springboard (or home screen) open the native settings app. Step 2: GeneralFrom the main page (it should say "Settings" on the top bar), scroll down and select "General".
Step 4: International KeyboardsSelect "International Keyboards" near the bottom of the screen. WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app with 350+ million users all across the world. I'm not familiar enough with emoticons to tell whether these 95 symbols constitute an adequate rendering of "Les Miserables", but I did notice that the story as "depicted" here on two occasions has to resort to words ("soon" and "end") and once uses Roman letters ("Z Z Z", presumably to convey the notion of "sleep"). In any event, even if I did know emoticons well, I doubt that I would have the patience to try to work my way through the story as told in this form. Incidentally, I suppose that the range of symbols displayed in this "summary" should not really be called emoticons, but might better be designated by the Japanese term emoji ("picture writing") since the variety of symbols employed is much greater than even those found in an extended list of emoticons. Perhaps, however, "emoticon" now signifies more than just those cute little faces that one inserts at strategic points in one's electronic messages. This is all great fun, but not very functional when one needs to communicate something precisely and concisely. For a nonmystifying summary of "Les Miserables", I would suggest this, this, this, or this. Emoji started (I think) as standard pictorial representations of emoticons, and were eventually put into Unicode, but have expanded beyond that.
This makes me think of "Polti's Plots," actually "The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations." Georges Polti claimed to have analyzed ancient Greek drama and other works to come with these 36 basic situations. Description: The Criminal commits a crime that will not see justice, so the Avenger seeks justice by punishing the Criminal.
Well, no one's saying they're functional, precise, or concise as a way of recording language. I think the emoji retelling of 'Les Mis' is probably more analogous to something like the Yukaghir love letter (presented as an example of semasiographic writing, subsequently debunked by John DeFrancis) than to an actual attempt to document language — that is, it's a mnemonic (and a pretty cute one!) for something already known to the reader.
I was under the impression that emoticons and emoji are independent-but-convergent, not an evolution of the former to the latter. Instant messaging apps, particularly AIM and ICQ, early-on — say, by 2001 — began including limited emoji in their functionality. It's just one of the best-selling novels of all time and perhaps the most successful musical of the last 25 years. I'm not sure about what's "the problem of ideography"; do you mean the popularity of emoji could be related to the use of morphographic writing?

I don't know this, but I'd guess that prior to Unicode there were proprietary, semi-formal, and formal computing standards in Japan for character sets that included emoji. I don't know the full story, but the short version is that Japanese carriers were mostly using the standard (non-Unicode) Shift_JIS encoding for text messages.
The emoji are representative of the story, so if the emoji are repetitive, then the story must be repetitive! I guess this is on the boundary of linguistics, culture and maybe psychology, but just wondering if anyone had some insight. 17 -24) [I can't quite parse this out.] The innkeepers who have adopted Fantine's daughter, Cosette, are mean. 26 – 31) We meet the students planning revolution, who have some skirmishes with the French authorities and sing about it.
72 – 75) Javert realizes he's wasted his life chasing a good man, and morality is not as simple as he thought. The invention of a new linguistic sphere for text messaging that freed it from the crushingly formal conventions of writing in Japanese.
The visually-centered aesthetics of contemporary Japanese language use, as exemplified by the massive quantities of characters crowding TV screens. It is also related to another factor here, which I will summarize by pointing out that even after Japan had imported movable type technology, a strong preference was exhibited for handwriting's "warmth" and expressiveness. None of these factors are exclusively Japanese, but their mixture and degree are perhaps peculiar..
Judging from the popularity of anime and manga in Japan, I guess images play much more important roles in our communication system than many other languages.
On the point about handwritten notes, both of Nintendo's latest gaming devices, the 3DS and the Wii U, have built in ways to swap handwritten notes. If protection isn’t your main reason for adding a case to your BlackBerry Passport SE, this case may work great for you. Map for HereMap is a native BlackBerry 10 browser app for HERE which allows you to access various maps and obtain turn-by-turn voice guidance directions. Depending how you use your BlackBerry Classic each day, you may need to add some protection to it to prevent damaging it. Messages), you will notice a new button on the keyboard in the lower left corner; it looks like a wire sphere. Tap the tab the you would like, then swipe to the right or left to view the emoticon available. I've had it for 6 days, I was an android user for 4+ years, since the first android device was released, so this tutorial really helped a lot. Of course, there are no hiddenWhatsApp emoticons and smiley but there are other cool apps that let you insert awesome meme and impress your friend.

It makes for an interesting comparison to Xu Bing's Book from the Ground, which uses some of the same techniques to tell an unfamiliar story, and adds signs like thought bubbles and icon-grouping parentheses to enable more complex statements. This encoding had some reserved space left over for future characters, so each carrier decided to put their own proprietary emoji there to lock people into one operator.
I remember getting some comments from people that I chatted with in Japanese that it was hard to figure out what mood I was in. Japanese does have several proverbs which go along the lines of "What is important is what is not said", so I guess that could be related. I've never been to Japan, and when I attended a joint Japanese-American haiku conference (in Chicago), there was a translator. Dainichi writes about "comments from people that I chatted with in Japanese that it was hard to figure out what mood I was in.
In that sense, written communication in Japanese is a little more expressive than English, which tends to show emotion more through emphasis, tone of voice, and other factors not easily captured in writing. I obviously had no idea there was one, but just a few replies into the thread, it turns out there are a load of hidden emoticons deep inside BlackBerry Messenger. BlackBerry’s leather flex shell clips over the four corners of the phone protecting the back of it, and it has a built-in kickstand that can be pulled out when you want it.
Amzer’s hybrid case not only provides great protection from scratches and drops, but it also has a built-in kickstand to keep it propped up when you aren’t holding it. Have switched to all Apple products, so I have a steep learning curve.so glad I found this site. If anything, I'd bet the emoji culture (and its predecessor, kao-moji emoticons) have more to do with the "kawaii culture" than the "kanji culture" (cf. That didn't happen with other languages at all." Japanese is very, very sensitive in these areas, and the slightest turns of phrase go under the microscope. I'm still not sure where they came from or how exactly they were discovered, but they are definitely loads of fun. In case the recipient don’t have the app, they will see the link to website hosting gif. This is one of the reasons that even most native speakers find letter writing very stressful (see #1 above). In any case, the response from your Japanese friends may have less to do with the peculiarities of Japanese as a language than with the difficulties of communicating in written Japanese compounded by being late to pick up on a "trendy" communication mode, not incidentally intended specifically to overcome the "hard, dry" qualities of electronic, written communication.

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