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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Used by repair shops around the world, this replacement screen display for the iPhone 4S is complete with glass, digitizer, & retina display LCD, available in black or white, and backed by our 180-day warranty. Installation Notes: the digitizer cable is delicate and prone to tearing with excessive force. The image will still save to my camera roll or the app’s lightbox, but I get locked out of the screen and have to back out of the app, get back to the home screen, and reopen the app to clear the black screen.
I believe this is only an issue between the apps and the iPhone 4 hardware and not with the iOS 4 itself. So far, I’m experiencing this with GorillaCam, Hipstamatic, Camera Genius, Camera+, ProCamera and a few others.
UPDATE: Developer Jens Daemgen, who created the ProCamera apps which are affected by this bug, is aware of the issue.
We have already started developing an iOS4 version of ProCamera which will utilize the new capabilities the OS provides. I have the same experience with shutter when, but only if it is not enough light and camera flash is used. Colors and exposure in Hipstamatic both are completely unpredictable and different from what it used to be, but I guess it will be fixed when the update for iPhone4 comes out.

After a person tries unsuccessfully to stop an application, it may be necessary to restart the entire phone.
If nothing else seems to be working, a person can connect the phone to a computer and open iTunes. If the iPhone screen is still not responding, it may be necessary to take the phone in for professional repair. The above tips are a few things that a person can try at home when the iPhone touch screen is not responding. Make sure that you have correctly inserted the digitizer cable through the mid-frame before installing the remaining components. If the app has other options showing, such as a lightbox in the viewfinder (as in Camera+), sometimes selecting it will also clear up the screen. The problem seems to be common in camera replacement apps and less so in photo apps that merely access the iPhone’s camera. My OS was a brand new non-hackabillied install fresh from the Apple Store, so I really hope a wipe and restore isn’t what I need to fix the issue.
Hipstamatic will fire flash even if I turn it off both for application and for iPhone camera.
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The device is quite costly from the beginning, so any issues that require repair are met with frustration. Upgrading from my old 2G was amazingly easy and nearly all of my apps play nice with the new phone.
But it is really inconvenient as I can't tell which ones are new and which ones I already downloaded. When it stops working, it may mean that a person’s main line of communication is cut off from the world.
If the phone does not appear in iTunes, it will be necessary to force the device into recovery. However, I’ve been experiencing an issue when using some non-Apple camera apps on the iPhone 4.
To close an application, the home button should be held down until the application stops and the screen once again becomes responsive.

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