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With all the hype and buzz about the new Apple iPhone 5 coming out and the new IOS 6 available September 19th I decided to give a very basic rundown of everything you need to know. The speakers have much better quality now, going from three to five magnet transducers, which will result in a clearer, richer sound. You can force your device to restart even if your screen is black or your buttons aren’t responding.
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The iPhone 5 is upgraded with 4-inch display which can offer 44% better color saturation compared to the old Retina display. This iPhone 5 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame is composed of LCD Screen, Digitizer Touch Panel and Frame.
Rounded edge – Provide a very comfortable surface to grip,helps to deflect shock from bumps and drops. Delicate touch – coated on the back with a strong silicon adhesive as to not affect the touch screen sensitivity.
The surface of the tempered glass has a hardness of 9H, three times stronger than a regular screen protector film. The tempered glass screen protector is super clear and maintain your screen’s original touchscreen sensitivity without compromising the high-definition viewing experience. This is a short and sweet version that you can hopefully read rather quickly so you are up to speed with all the news.

Connectivity – As expected, it uses LTE connectivity, so it will be much faster that the current iPhone 4S. Front FaceTime camera They have also made the 720p front camera better with a new backside illuminated sensor.
Audio Apple has also upgraded all the audio: the microphones, the built-in speakers and the earbuds, now called EarPods. These will improve the quality of your voice calls—whoever calls anymore—and sound recordings.
Price and availability They are keeping exactly the same prices as the previous generation.
Siri: The search functionality of Siri has been greatly expanded to fetch sports scores, list movie times and book tables at restaurants. For example, many people states that when they updated their iPhone 6 to iOS 9, the black screen issue occurred. Don’t add or delete any data on your iPhone 6 to prevent the data from overwritten so that you will bot be able to recover the data any more. If you test the product and it doesn't work, please keep it and send it to us within 1 month.
The LCD screen assembly flex cable ribbon is very fragile and is easily damaged, please handle carefully. Even break under extreme pressure, it won’t break into small, sharp pieces, keeping your phone and yourself out of danger. It also has next-generation oleophobic (oil resistant) coating for reduced fingerprints and a smoother feel.

It has cut-outs of important features on your mobile phone, including camera and buttons, etc. They claim they have improved the image stabilization in this version, added face detection (so it will be able to tag people automatically in videos) and, this is good, it will allow you to take full still photos while recording video. It also has face detection and—at last—the operating system will enable FaceTime over cellular. It runs on a pretty high amount of system resources and quickly finishes an encoding job without causing us any difficulties along the way. The iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Touch Panel Assembly is one of the most important component parts of the iPhone 5, and also the best replacement part of your scratched, cracked and damaged screen. Even if you can’t hold it steady, iPhone 5 is smart, using its gyroscope to correct for any variation in motion and make a perfect panorama. And either with the use of a QR code or bluetooth, merchants can collect your payment info and send you on your way.
And as an added bonus, you can update Facebook and Twitter straight from notification center.
The screen protector that’s included can protect the LCD screen from dirt, scrapping and abrasion, and it provides great clarity.
Furthermore, our unique screen wiper can further adds as a tool to clean your phone from grease and finger prints.

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