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The heart of the system is the super-cooled, solenoid-style electromagnet and the metal plate that causes an asymmetry in the magnetic field.
During the first 100 nanoseconds (billionths of a second) of an electromagnet ramping up, the electromagnet is in a non-steady state that allows it to pulse very rapidly. The key to the system is the solid-state switch that would mediate the electricity being sent from the power supply to the electromagnet.
In the next section, you'll learn where the system draws its power from and how it may send future spacecraft beyond our solar system. What does the word light make you think of: the sun, a lamp, the many colors of the rainbow? Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves composed of alternating electric and magnetic fields. Wavelength is the distance between two equivalent parts of the wave (two troughs or two crests). The electromagnetic spectrum shows increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength as you go from left to right. Visible spectrum: Each color in the visible spectrum a€” red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet a€” has a different frequency.
X-rays: Most people have had experience getting pictures of their bones or teeth taken through the use of X-rays. Department of Energy (DOE) is typically not in the business of developing propulsion systems for NASA, but it is continually working on better superconducting magnets and very rapid, high-power solid-state switches.

What sprang from the DOE research was Goodwin's idea for a space propulsion system that uses super-cooled, superconducting magnets vibrating 400,000 times per second. Goodwin plans to deliberately introduce a metal plate into the magnetic field to enhance the vibrating movement. When the wavelength is short, the frequency is high because more waves pass through a point in one second.
In the mid-1990s, Goodwin chaired a session for NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project, which is working to design propulsion systems that have no propellant, use a very high energy system and can eventually overcome inertia.
If this rapid pulse can be directed in one direction, it could create a very efficient space propulsion system with the ability to achieve speeds on the order of a fraction of 1 percent of the speed of light.
Goodwin describes the electromagnet he is using as a solenoid, which is basically a superconducting magnetic wire wrapped around a metal cylinder. A solid-state switch looks something like an oversized computer chip -- imagine a microprocessor about the size of a hockey puck. Electromagnetic waves form a continuous spectrum of wave energy ranging from very long radiowaves to very short gamma ray waves. Notice the small section that constitutes the small portion that is visible to the human eye.
Electromagnetic waves can travel through a vacuum and, unlike sound waves, they do not need a medium to travel through. On the spectrum, television waves and radar waves come after radiowaves, but before microwaves.

The aluminum and copper plates are better conductors and have a greater effect on the magnetic field.
Its job is to take the steady-state power and convert it to a very rapid, high-power pulse 400,000 times per second at 30 amps and 9,000 volts.
Infrared waves are just to the left of visible spectrum and cana€™t be seen with the human eye.
The wavelength and the frequency of electromagnetic waves vary depending on the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum being investigated. Next come the visible spectrum which contains all the colors of light seen by the human eye.
Then the plate would be drained of electricity in the few microseconds (millionths of a second) before the magnet were allowed to oscillate in the opposite direction. Even if we dona€™t feel light, we can feel its effects (as can be said for all shorter wavelengths a€” they damage living cells). Then come the X-rays, which are used to photograph dense material such as metal welds, bones and some kinds of animal tissues. Also note that the energy transmitted and the probability of damage to living tissue increase as you move to the right on the spectrum.

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